Nikhil Saini – A Well Known Name In Blogging World

According to me Nikhil is the name which don’t need any introduction in the blogging world and the talk come about the seo and blogging then their tips become more valuable for all of us. Everyone knows him as a very polite person and try to take some valuable comment over lots of issues they face.

I personally feel them as my big brother in concept of experience and try to take some valuable comments over various projects of mine from him. Nikhil Saini has his own awesome personality with full of knowledge of seo, blogging, social media and many other. So I hope you all will enjoy his interview too.

Q.1) Hello Nikhil, First of all I want to welcome you on my Mirchi blogger blog and want to know some about you and your amazing blogs on which you are working regularly which you want to share with our readers?

Thank you Ashwani, It’s a pleasure to be with you on Mirchi blogger. I am working on right now. Along with it, I have plan to few long term blogs. Myquickidea is my first blog on which I am working with full of dedication and giving it more n more time to make it an authority blog. You can read here many articles related to blogging, seo, social media marketing etc. You will surely love so many new things over our blog.

My Quick Ideas –

Q.2) How you start your journey? Who is your ideal in blogging who drag you in blogging and motivate you to do further?

I started with blogging in 2014, but that time it was not fully into the blogging. I was working in a company, and started my first blog which was on tech niche. In May, 2015 the Myquickidea came into existence. From then I can continually working on it.

It was my personal decision to get into the blogging. No was my inspiration. I learnt things on my own by learning different blogs. You can get inspired every time by seeing other successful people in your industry. You have to lit the lamp of your own passion that comes from inside. Self motivation always helps keeping working with what you like.

Q.3) What is most challenging part of your journey till now which you resolved after lots of efforts and how you overcome from those challenges?

There are many challenges in the blogging. And blogging is not only one field where you will find the obstacles. It applies in each field you want to get succeed. However, the most challenging part was promotion. In beginning, we don’t know how to promote, how to get traffic?

The traffic part was a mystery for me for long time. I still find ways to promote my blog. You can’t get the organic traffic in easy way. Each keyword needs to have a separate strategy.

We need to find the working method. If something is working for me, no guarantee, it will also work for you. No better to find your own path. I overcome those challenges in my way. Your journey is different. So I can’t get an idea what will work for you.

But I would suggest focusing on quality content, keyword research and quality links at the same time.

Q.4) What you think about the personal branding which the big pro blogger like John chow or jitendravaswani doing? Is it really important for blogging or is it opening some new doors for blogging?

Branding is vital when you are working online or offline. Brand is what the people about your product or services. You should always showcase your work. Always talk on the projects you are working on. Do experiments and share the results on your blog and social media sites. It increases your credibility. One more thing I want to add here is that you always share the value with personal branding. Gain the expertise in your industry. It will increase your credibility and people will believe on what you say.

Q.5) Is this your first blog? or you have launched some other blog before this ? is that still alive or you left that ?

Before myquickidea, I worked on 2 more blogs. Yes, they are still live, but I don’t work on them. There was some reason I couldn’t work on them at that time. And now I don’t have much time so I can work on them too.

Q.6) Blogging is field of update like you have recently seen about Yahoo, Nokia etc. was so big brands but their end gone so heart breaking? What you do for your regular update?

Regular update isn’t only required, you have to apply those things. Just knowing about the things never work. Everyday try to improve you and yourself. You need to be master in your field.

Nokia and yahoo were aware of everything happening around their respective industries but they didn’t take the right action at the right time. Improvise yourself each time and apply your knowledge in your working area. It’s necessary to win the race.

Q.7) Can you tell us the best and main revenue source for your blog?

My services are my main source of income. Now I am getting into affiliate marketing and will share the results whatever I get from it. Currently, I am offering, blog migration, content writing, basic seo, and link building.

Q.8) what was the reaction of your family when they get to know about your blogging? And what they feel or say when you show you’re earning to them?

They always react so strange to me. I mean – I don’t get them know about it properly. SO It becomes very difficult to me and for them too. I rarely talk to them about it. And I don’t show them my earnings.

Q.9) I have seen about my blog that one keyword which was on first page, second day it was on 10th page and third it is again on first page. Do you also seen such things? Can you explain what the reason behind it is?

It’s google dance. It happens many times and could be many reasons for it. Maybe you have less backlinks, or say less good backlinks. Mostly the backlinks factor is the real case because it resolves by creating quality links.

Q.10) As we all know traffic is ultimate goal for every blogger, can you tell us some of the methods by which you can generate traffic or take some quality traffic towards your blog? You are completely works naturally like seo?

You can drive traffic with some other methods too which are different than SEO.

  • Social sharing
  • Blog commenting
  • Bookmarking

They help in driving traffic in case you are not able to do seo .

Q.11) Seo strategy performs biggest role in ranking of any project but I want to know whether you make any strategy or plan for any blog or you just follow same strategy using by every blogger.

I don’t follow the same strategy. We should need to make a plan according to your competition. Just analyze properly your competition and decide about content and backlinks and all the on page stuff.

Q.12) According to you, on page seo or off page seo which is better and why?

Both are important to rank in SERPs. So don’t thing if you know one will able to rank. People who are ranking without off page are mostly who work on the low competition or no competition keywords. You can analyze the comp. of those keywords. So learn both and make your own working method.

Q.13) Can you describe us some of the major things which you use in your on page technique ?

  1. Take care of SEO tags
  2. Have keyword in url, headings (h1 and h2)
  3. Have alt text in images
  4. Content should have main and lsi keywords
  5. Interlink the posts.
  6. Have clear navigation
  7. Loading speed should be less
  8. Use only one H1 tag in one post or page
  9. WordPress users install wp seo yoast plugin

Q.16) Are you using some tools for seo like free and paid ? Can you tell some of the tools and their use for seo and strategy planning.

For keyword research:

Long tail pro (paid)

Keyword planner (free) (free)

LSIgraph (free)

For backlinks:

Ahrefs (paid)

Open site explorer (free)

For content:

Grammarly (paid)

Q.17)A major problem which generally faced by lots of blogger and startup are negativity? How you handle this?

The major issue is money. I have a post talking about this issue.

Also read:

Q.18) There are lots of person using affiliate network and sponsor posts for increasing their earning. Are you also working on any affiliate network if yes then which one.

I have just starting working on it. Soon I will share the results at front of you.

Q.19) Is it sometime happen with you that any female blogger or other female person attracted towards you when you show any of your payout from blogging or google AdSense payments.

It never happened to me. Everyone loves money so when you show the earnings report everyone get inspired or jealous or something else or whatever…..

Q.20) Anytips for new bie who has limited resources and knowledge about blogging so that they can enter in blogging world.

Read the blogs and implement them. In beginning learn limited things otherwise you will have to face knowledge overload.

Q.21) Let’s do a rapid fire to which you have to answer in two-three lines

  1. One tip to get success in blogging

Learn and implement and don’t stop.

  1. How much work is needed for getting success in blogging (Ideal in hours)

10,000 hours. 😛

  1. One mistake which normally blogger do in seo?

Expecting money in the first month of blogging.

  1. One quality which we need to have for promoting personal branding

Share value to your audience.

Hi Ashwani,
I knew about Nikhil a little, but through this post of yours, I learned some new things about him. And also you have a very good blog.
Keep doing a good job.

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