An Interview With Pritam Datta – Made His Own Brand In Very Less Time And Well Known Over Social Media

Hello Friends and readers of mirchi blogger, today we are sharing a big interview from a branding expert Pritam Datta sir who has earned his name in a very small period of time. They are awesome because of having big fan following and expert in lots of field of blogging who is focusing on the personal branding. So we decided to take their interview for sharing some of the very big knowledge from them which will helpful for new bie bloggers.

You will surely like these information shares by them so now I will not waste lots more time just directly come on our main interview.

1) Hello Pritam bro, First of all I want to welcome you on Mirchi blogger. We want to know your amazing blogs on which you are working regularly and which you want to share with our readers?

Ans: – Thank you very much for inviting me for an interview on your awesome Blog. I am Pritam Datta from BlogMean. I started BlogMean on 2015 & from 2015 I am working on BlogMean regularly.

Blog Mean Url – Http://

Q.2) Is this your first blog? Or you have launched some other blog before this? Is that still alive or you left that?

Ans: – No, This is not my first blog. Till now I have created many blogs on different blogging platforms & on different niches. But due to some lack of knowledge of Keyword research & SEO all the blogs are not running till now. After researching best blogging platform & after reading & learning Keyword research, SEO from some great blogs around the world, I have launched BlogMean in the year 2015 & by god grace it is working well now.

Q.3) What are the best thing which you think is best in your blogs?

Ans:- I started BlogMean after gathering many information on WordPress, SEO, Online Marketing & Social Marketing. Now I am sharing all my good & bad experience with all the new bloggers & Internet Marketers who wants to succeed in online Marketing & wants to take blogging as full time career. I think that is the best thing in my blog cause all the newcomers can read the actual experience from BlogMean.

Q.4) How you start your journey? Who is your ideal in blogging who drag you in blogging and motivate you to do further?

Ans: – If you want to know my journey then I can say before 2 years I don’t know anything about blogging but I am very much passionate about Earn Money Online. One day I am searching in Google How to earn Money Online, I found an awesome article from ShoutMeLoud. I read the whole article & came to know about blogging & freelancing. After reading some more articles, I found uniqueness in blogging & also it’s awesome that anyone can start blog & earn Money online. So, I started my first blog.

Q.5) According to you, what is blogging for you? And where you see yourself with this blog and blogging in next 4-5 years?

Ans:- According to me Blogging is something that can be done only if you love blogging. Blogging is something which you can take as a full time career. Blogging is soo good & by doing blogging you can change your lifestyle as per your dream lifestyle.

As I think I am very much passionate about blogging & love blogging from my heart then I can say that BlogMean will be in a place where you can mention BlogMean as a Blogging Brand.

If you ask me about future of blogging in next 4-5 years then I can say just hold your seat belt tightly. Something big going to happen in blogging industry. Where many low quality bloggers will lose their rank as well as many good bloggers will get chance to rank high.

Q.6) Blogging is field of updating like you have recently seen about Yahoo, nokia etc. was so big brands but their end gone so heart breaking? What you do for your regular updation?

Ans:- In my blogging journey I learnt one thing which I can say universal truth. If you want to stand up with modern trends then you must follow modern attitudes. You can not last long with your old habituate rules. So, I always try to show my past experience in a modern way in my blog & that is helping me to stand up with the modern trends.

Q.7) Many blogger face some issue about finding the topics like we want to write about tech then how we can find our topics to write. Can you explain something in this matter?

Ans:- Yes this is a big issue with some bloggers & many bloggers ask me the same question. In that case I can suggest you that what is your blog about. It may be WordPress, SEO, Technology, and Cooking or may be anything. But before starting a blog make sure you have enough knowledge on your blog topic. In case you don’t have enough abilities on the blog subject then you don’t have so much to share along with your readers. So, I would like to suggest, write only those things on which you have enough to share with your readers. Example wise you can take Mr.Amit from Labnol. He only writes about technology & he is the one of the great Indian techblogger among all of us.

Q.8) As we all know traffic is ultimate goal for every blogger, can you tell us some of the methods by which you can generate traffic or take some quality traffic towards your blog? Are you completely working naturally like SEO?

Ans:- Yes traffic is like oxygen for bloggers. We all hate traffic in our personal life But in blogging life we love traffic so much because without traffic blogger cannot be successful blogger. Yes I am completely work on natural SEO. For traffic in my blog I just do some basic things which I am going to list here.

1. Write good, well descriptive, genuine article for my readers.

2. Do some SEO, Keyword research before start writing any article & try maintaining proper keyword density in every article.

3. I always try to make good relationship with great bloggers as well as with my readers.

Q.9) SEO strategy performs biggest role in ranking of any project but I want to know whether you make any strategy or plan for any blog or you just follow same strategy using by every blogger.

Ans:- Yes, you are right that SEO performs main role in ranking articles in search engines & I am also trying to do SEO for my blog BlogMean but SEO can be done in many different ways. To understand what strategy & tools are used by successful bloggers to achieve SEO goal, I have created a RoundUp blogpost on SEO strategy. This roundup reveals all types SEO methods how to do SEO properly & rank your website in major search engines like Google.

Q.10) According to you, “on page seo or off page seo” which is better and why?

Ans:- If you wants to do SEO in a good manner then you have focus on both On Page & Off Page SEO for your all types of blog. Because we all know search engines like Google continuously updating their algorithm & only show those blogs in search result which maintain good on page & off page SEO.

Q.11) Can you describe us some of the major things which you use in your on page technique?

Ans:- For on page SEO you should focus on is “Keyword,” Bloggers should do proper keyword research before writing an article. I see many bloggers are stuck at it. They’re writing anything or targeting the keywords that are way tough to rank. And, it results in “NO TRAFFIC.”

How your blog looks & how fast it loads has a great importance in your blogging success. Also you should always maintain SEO friendly URL, placement of keywords, HTags, Meta Description, Image optimization, interlinking the relevant posts.

Q.12) Throw some light over your seo strategy of backlink? Please explain it with step by step?

Ans: – Backlinks are very important to get high rank in search results, so I always follow some link building technics to achieve SEO goal.

1. I follow blog commenting method to increase backlinks for my blog but we all know that only do follow backlinks are passes the link juice which increases the chance to rank high in search engine results.

2. I always prefer to create high quality backlinks through High PR profile creation sites & through high PR social bookmarking sites, PDF submission & photo sharing sites.

3. Guest Posting is also a good source of getting Do follow backlinks. I am starting guest posting to get min 2 do follow backlinks for my blog.

4. I started process of getting backlinks from Wikipedia through broken link building.

5. Also I started giving testimonials to others in return I get Do Follow backlinks from their websites.

Q.13) What is your favorite link building technique?

Ans:- My favorite link building technique is guest posting in high authority blogs & also like high authority Forums as well.

Q.14) Are you using some tools for SEO like free and paid? Can you tell some of the tools and their use for SEO and strategy planning?

Ans:- From 1st day of my blogging I use Google Keyword planner for keyword research which is absolutely free & recently started using SEMRush as a SEO tool which is a premium tool.

Q.15) According to you what should be the three qualities a person has a part from dedication for making him successful in their life of blogging or any other too and why?

Ans: – 1) Patience: – In any career you will not get success overnight. So, you should have enough patience to get success & always do not lose hope.

2) Do not stop learning new things: – If you stop learning new things from your life then you will be same as dead. Learning new things actually helps you to take correct decisions in your every step of your life.

3) Learn how to take risk safely: – If you wants to do something extraordinary with your life then you have to take risk as well as you have learn how you can take risk safely. Because by chance if you fail then you should have enough power to standup again & try other things in your life.

Q.16) Can you share your some habit which makes you more and more productive when you doing any blog of your own?

Ans:- Before start writing any article I always research well about the topic of the article & gain full knowledge on the topic & try to cover all things related with that topic in my single blogpost.

Q.17) What was the reaction of your family when they get to know about your blogging? And what they feel or say when you show your earning to them?

Ans:- I am very thankful to my family cause they always supports me what I wants to do. When I told them about blogging – they told me it is good thing that I choose blogging & suggest me to do something for my own but also suggest not quitting my job right now.

Q.18) What you think about the personal branding which the big pro blogger like John chow or jitendra vaswani doing? Is it really important for blogging or is it opening some new doors for blogging?

Ans:- As I told you earlier that personal branding is the thing which really helps you to reach your goal. Anyone can easily trust you if you have good personal branding.

Q.19) Let’s do a rapid fire to which you have to answer in two-three lines

1. One tip to get success in blogging:- Never give up on your dreams.

2. How much work is needed for getting success in blogging  – Entrepreneurship cannot measure by hours, it’s measured by your own dedication.

3. One mistake which normally blogger do in SEO? – Not maintain proper density of keywords in every article.

4. One quality which we need to have for promoting personal branding- Always try to resolve others problem & be active in social media.

5. One mistake of your SEO strategy which you normally do. – I always try to make no mistake in my SEO strategy.

Q.20) Can you describe some tips for new bie who has limited resources and knowledge. It can make him to come in blogging world.

Ans:- Anyone can enter in the blogging world. Before entering in this amazing world gain enough knowledge about this industry then start blogging.

Q.21) At last I want to ask you some of the tips for the mirchi blogger? Do you like this and can you give me some suggestion for this blog. Which type of backlink strategy will suit me now?

Ans:- I know about Mirchi blogger since last 3 to 4 months. It’s really amazing blog. I want to suggest Mirchi blogger to update content frequently & be active in all social media platform to make personal branding. Guest posting & forum posting will help any blog to get authority backlinks.

Thats all from our side and we want to thank you to Pritam datta sir for their valuable time which they given for sharing their knowledge. A bigger thank you from all Mirchi blogger team.

Questions asked by admin are Brilliant ! Thanks . but i want to figure out very 2nd question you asked and Pritam sir replied – He Failed due to lack of knowledge and SEO in other niches ?
My question is simple, sir you Running a Phenomenal Awesome SEO, WORDPRESS blog then how a Pro Blogger were fail How while doing other niches projects? well, you’re more smarter than me.. you know better what i mean to ask here 🙂

August 28, 2016 at 6:08 pm

Hi Mukesh,
Thanks for sharing your views in the article. Actually when I start my first blog that time I have not gain any knowledge about SEO, Keyword Research & Link Building. So, The Initial blogs are failed but as time passes I learn SEO, Keyword research & link building. This strategies can be applied in any niche sites. If you want to rank then you need to learn 1) SEO, 2) Keyword research 3) Link building.

By only this strategies any one can rank much better in search engines.
Hope its clear to you. If you wants to know any thing else then do share your questions here. 🙂

well, true SEO is the weapon of target ing audience.
thanks for clearing all this on the behalf of Mirchibloggers !

September 8, 2016 at 12:53 pm

Thank you bro its our ambition to clear all the doubts of the blogger and make our industry in the boom.

I want you to elaborate on this: “I always prefer to create high quality backlinks through High PR profile creation sites & through high PR social bookmarking sites, PDF submission & photo sharing sites.”

Also include samples of where to go to do this, please. I am interested in knowing this.

And which forums, too.

Thanks! I look forward to your response!

August 28, 2016 at 6:11 pm

Thanks Mam,

For sharing your views with us. Here I am linking some article which will be help full to you.
Free High PR Do follow social bookmarking list

PDF Submission Sites List

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