Q.1) Hello Sreenath, First of all I want to welcome you on my Mirchi blogger blog and want to know some about you and your amazing blogs on which you are working regularly and which you want to share with our readers?

Hi Ashwani jain, myself Sreenath Mukundan from Kerala, India. I am a part time blogger and full-time student. Now a days, doing my B-tech in computer science engineering at Jyothi engineering college. My primary blog is techintor.com and currently managing techieuncle.com and some other niche blogs also.

Techintor – http://www.techintor.com

Techieuncle – http://www.techieuncle.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Techintor

Q.2) What are the best thing which you think is best in your blogs so that users can take advantage?

I always provide latest tech tricks and tips on my blog techintor.com and regularly updating each article with the latest info. I would try the specific trick / tool personally before publishing on my blog so that users get some valuable information.

Q.3) How you start your journey? Which speaker or person you like most? Who is your ideal in blogging who drag you in blogging and motivate you to do further?

I started my blogging career when I am studying 8th standard. I was participated in many web page designing competitions that time and finally knew about blogging. That time I referred only one website shoutmeloud.com since most of the blog related keywords ranked for this specific blog by Harsh Agrawal sir. Occasionally I get connected with some other bloggers from my location. It is only one person who supported me for blogging and to do further things that’s only one person, My MOTHER.

Q.4) Many blogger face some issue about finding the topics like we want to write about tech then how we can find our topics to write. Can you explain something in this matter?

At the beginning, I referred my competitor’s blogs for making new articles. But this is not much effective. Currently, I use quora, google news, google trends and other forums to find topics. Also, some social networking websites and groups help me to find new topics.

Q.5) What is blogging according to you? And where you see yourself with these blogs and blogging in next 4-5 years?

I started blogging only for just making pocket money. But now I realized that blogging and this web world is my life. As I said before, I am currently doing my b-tech. After that, I have a plan to start a web development and solutions Company. Also, I want to take techintor.com to the next level.

Q.6) I have seen lots of people who are doing job too with blogging are you also doing any job with it or some other work too? if yes then how you manage you time for blogging?

I am a full-time student now. Managing time is one of the difficult parts of my blogging journey till now. I didn’t get much time for blogging at exams time. Anyway, on normal days I do blogging at night. Yeah I love late night works 😉

Q.7) I have seen about my blog that one keyword which was on first page, second day it was on 10th page and third it is again on first page. Do you also see such things? Can you explain what the reason behind it is?

This happens because of many reasons. I will explain one of the main reason from that, For example, for a keyword XYZ you ranked first with white hat SEO [normally] and someone do black hat techniques [like backlink spamming] for ranking the same keyword, so now they ranked first for XYZ keyword. It takes some time for google to identify these spam links [or black hat techniques].So after that, google removes the blog from SERP and again you will get your original rank.

This is just one reason.

Q.8) As we all know traffic is ultimate goal for every blogger, can you tell us some of the methods by which you generate traffic or take some quality traffic towards your blog? Are you completely working naturally like seo?

Yeah, I work on SEO. I follow only white hat techniques to get traffic. My 80% traffic in techintor website is organic [from search engine]. And the other 20% is from both direct and social network channels. For some specific posts, I am getting some targeted visitors from Quora also. I share my new articles on my facebook, twitter, and other social networks. Also, some months before, I started a WhatsApp broadcast for techintor.com and the results are awesome. Getting very good response from WhatsApp broadcast.

Except event blogs, I suggest every blogger to follow white hat techniques. Yeah for event blogs I too followed many black hat techniques.

Q.9)Seo strategy performs the biggest role in ranking of any project but I want to know whether you make any strategy or plan for any blog or you just follow same strategy using by every blogger?

SEO strategies, I follow the same basic seo strategies. But I do some changes accordingly.

Q.10) According to you, on page or off page which is better and why?

On Page SEO. On-page SEO refers to the site content and after last google’s panda update it gets more significant role in Search engine ranking. Yeah, Now ‘Content is the KING’ so it is better to concentrate on on-page SEO than off page SEO [which refers to the overall authority of site].

Q.11) Can you describe us some of the major things which you use in your on page technique ?

I always try to write long articles. I put both long tail keywords and main keywords with the focus keyword. And using proper meta data, article title, and headings tags also increase the chance to rank. Also, I do interlinking between my blog posts this helps me to decrease the bounce rate and ultimately good ranking.

When comes to the blog performance, I use fast loading user-friendly templates.

Q.12) Throw some light over your SEO strategy of backlink ? Please explain it with step by step?

Actually, on my primary blog techintor.com, I don’t follow any back linking methods. But I do answering on Quora and other forums questions with my blog links.

In the case of event blogs, I use blog commenting and other blog bookmarking methods to build backlinks.

Q.13) Are you using some tools for seo like free and paid? Can you tell some of the tools and their use for seo and strategy planning?

Yeah, Mostly I use google AdWords keyword planner tool for doing keyword research and planning. Since it is free and easy to use, I suggest this for all newbies. I also use SEMRUSH for keyword research.

Other than these tools, I use Quora, google news and forums to find good targeted keywords.

Q.14) There are lots of person using affiliate network and sponsor posts for increasing their earning. Are you also working on any affiliate network if yes then which one?

Yeah. I use Cuelinks for affiliate marketing. Since cuelinks is an Indian product it is best in my case. When comes to sponsored posts, I only accept sponsored posts which are closely related to my blog niche.

Q.15) Some of the blogger have their own team do you think team is important? What difference you think in your mind with respect to working alone and in a team?

It depends. In techintor.com I work alone. Almost all articles written by me and I know everything about my blog and articles published there. so I can easily do the further things there and no need to discuss with anyone before doing something. and I can maintain the structure of my blog articles and pattern of my blog.

But in techieuncle.com, have a team. Me and my friend jack johny together working on it from July 2016. Also in some event blogs, i work with a team. While working with a team, we can split the works and able to the speed up the process.

Q.16) Some blogger have some bad habit too do you think you have that too by which you want to get rid of?

In my case, I waste lots of time before making a decision. You can take decision as fast as you can after complete analysis.

Q.17) Is it sometime happen with you that any female blogger or other female person attracted towards you when you show any of your payout from blogging or google Adsense payments?

Hehehe…..No such experience. I didn’t show my payments to any other people, except my mother. But many of my friends and relatives know I am getting money. They call it as making money from computer & Internet, LOL.

Q.18) Anytips for new bie bloggers who has limited resources and knowledge so that they can also enter in blogging world?

Limited resource!!! That’s a wrong statement. Everything is in the WEB. Just need the interest and work smartly. No one gets the results instantly, need good patience. For newbie bloggers I suggest, don’t give up and there is no any traffic boosting formula. Follow the SEO strategies and makes a unique way of blogging your own.

Q.19) Let’s do a rapid fire to in which you can answer in 1-2 lines only.

  1. One tip to get success in blogging

Do smart work and make your own way of blogging.

  1. How much work is needed for getting success in blogging (Ideal in hours)

It depends on you. There is no formula defined for this. 🙂 Anyway I always follow the quote ‘ SMART WORK GREATER THAN HARD WORK’

  1. One mistake which normally blogger do in seo?

I seen many new bloggers spam the content and Meta data with keywords. They are making some irrelevant backlinks. Google can easily identify this and may affect negatively to your blog seo.

  1. One quality which we need to have for promoting personal branding?

Be friendly and open-minded.

Q.20) At last I want to ask you some of the tips for the Mirchi Blogger? Do you like this and can you give me some suggestion for this blog.

Your blog is really awesome. There are lot of useful stuff for both new and pro bloggers. And also the way of your content managing is really impressive.

In my point of view, your blog template not looks professional. I think it does not suit your niche. It loads fastly and the layout also really good. But as per my suggestion, it is better to convert to a black and white combination. And i can see that mirchiblogger getting good traffic and rankings but your social networks are not well active. I suggest you to make mirchi blogger social network more active and also promote your social pages in mirchi blogger blog wisely.

Last Word From me

Brother, thank you for your time and effort for teaching some of your valuable knowledge with us. I want to wish you for your bigger dream and hope you achieve it very soon for opening a company of web development and solutions which you said above. Thank you again.

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