How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO

WordPress Images Optimization – For SEO And Unlimited Traffic

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Today you will learn about optimization of wordpress Images. This is very important question which is generally asked that how to optimize wordpress images for Traffic and SEO. Images always give an attractive look to our blog post so that maximum users can attract towards our blog post. Sometime your images perform well in search engine then the text written over your blog and its posts. That’s why a great post always needs a great image. That’s why every blogger use images you can take our example too we include many screenshots in our blog post.

How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO
How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO

Images are as important as our Meta tags like eye-catchy title tag, description tag and others. You can’t deny the importance of Images as it is very important to improve the user experience. Many search engine update are also recommend the website owners or bloggers to use an optimized images in your blog.

Ohhhhhhhh…..what is this word coming from our discussing which is named as “optimization”. You can optimize the website or blog for seo but today you will let to know how to optimize wordpress Images for traffic and seo.

Without wasting our time, we are going to start our article about the optimization of wordpress images for search engine. Here are many concepts which you can do to make your images search engine friendly which I am going to explain you step by step. They are as follows:

  1. Try to Give Related Name Of The Image

Many people upload the image just after download it from the internet. Means if you download any image from the internet, then try to give it a proper name which should be much related to your blog post. Most of the blogger use “image001.jpg” etc name for their images but we should avoid those names because it not looks like professional and related name. A related name will helpful in optimizing wordpress images for traffic and seo.

For example if you are making an image for SEO and paste a girl pic in that image then it should be with the name of seo instead of girl. You also use hyphens instead of blank spaces. Always try to give related name or add related keyword in the name of image as like we add niche keyword in the blog content.

  1. Reduce the file size of the image

This is first point you should do for optimization of the images. You have to reduce the file size of the images as it reduces the speed of your web page and it will be harmful for your reader and SEO. If your page load in less time than it will harm your search engine ranking and reduce the user experience of your website. Page speed and load time make a bad impression among user as no one want to wait for the images to load and if it take too much time then user hit the back button and get out from your website.

Actually when we discuss with the wordpress option and internal working then we come to know that wordpress firstly load the original image then resize it with the defined image size in HTML and CSS which can be large or small. For this any browser have to load large image first and then resize it in small size, so it take a huge time and increase the load time of the page.

Solution -: For solution, you have to optimize the image before placing it in the blog post. It has so many software for compressing the size of the images without compromising it’s quality. If you have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop then you can compress your image with photoshop web option. I use photoshop for compress and editing of our images. File size reduction is very important to know while we are going to understand how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo.

You can use many softwares like “JPEGmini”, “JPEG Image compression”, “ACDsee Photo Manager software” etc. which is available for download on your pc. These softwares is hard to understand in first look but when you start working with these then you will easily handle them. I use jpegmini and ACDsee photo manager too. You can download them and use it offline on your laptop or pc. You also have many options to compress the image online too.

  1. Add proper tags like Alt

When you are going to add any image in your blog post then you have to add all the tags properly on your image. It is most important to add all the tags like alt and title tag when we look for the SEO prospective.

We can recognize any just by seeing it but when we talk about search engine then their way of working is very different. Search engine is a machine and in this age when search engine unable to recognize any image only after reading it then search engines takes help of the tag which they added with the image tag. Most of the search engines are just text based and unable to understand the image. All the tags like “ALT” and “Title” help the search engine bot to identify the image and its name.

Pictures take too much time to load but if they don’t load then it shows the alt tag instead of images. But if the images don’t have all the tag over the image and due to blank spaces, user will not understand what the image all about.

  1. Image Formats Makes An Impact.

If you want to maintain the quality of the image and the website load time then you have taken care of the image format too because a single image become various sizes when it convert its format into various formats. Image format is very important for understanding how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo. We are going to discuss some common formats for uses like

Jpeg – Used when we are working to add a photograph

Png – This format commonly used for some pictures in which you don’t want to show some portion like background. In this format we use banner, logos etc.

Gif – This format is use for banners which have animation etc.

  1. Add A Caption Too

Caption makes more attractive to the images. So try to add a relevant caption to the image. Adding a caption is also a part to know how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo.

Final Words

Now you have properly understood how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo. Many people who wish to make money online from his blog then it will become your key of success because many affiliate networks and even Google Adsense need a fast opening blog and website which has a very fast speed in opening. For a better page speed you need to consider about the optimization of your images so that you can increase your page speed.

If you follow above steps then you will certainly get a very good page speed and get a better user experience. It will increase your blog visibility among user and search engines. If you like our blog then you can share us among your various social networks. Thank you.

Apart from image optimization, I would suggest using of CSS effects instead of images, for shadowing and other visual effects. This would reduce the page content size very much, improve SEO of your website and thus bring more traffic to your website. Also, it would be much better for your WordPress website, if you use WordPress hosting from SEO point of view.

How to Write a Perfect Meta Description That Increases CTR

How To Draft A Meta Description – An Overview

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Do you need more keyword ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo etc. Today we are going to tell you some secrets for Meta descriptions. We are going to share how to write a perfect Meta description which increase CTR of your website and Adsense account.

Many people says that Meta descriptions don’t effect on the ranking but I think that when Google spider read all the description of every page then why what is the need to add so it’s clear that Spiders of every search engines give importance to meta description of your website pages. And if your Meta description is good enough and according to user and search engine then you have more chance to get on top of the search engine. Search engine love those description which have brief information about the article and contain some useful info too for users.

How to Write a Perfect Meta Description That Increases CTR
How to Write a Perfect Meta Description That Increases CTR

Search engine rank those website which has some good information for users. And if your website ranks higher then you will get good and quality traffic from various locations like traffic from united states. Now we don’t go anywhere else we are coming back to our main point of Meta Description.

What is Meta Description

Meta Description is a Meta tag which is used to give a brief info about the web page or post. It is just like a short summary of the web post/page which give the short overview of that post to know what is the that post all about. Search engine read this description too while it crawl over websites to know a brief summary of the blog post.

Many social media sites also use it when you share any link on any of the social media network to get traffic like facebook, reddit, Google+, Linkedin etc. It will show you all the description there for posting. You should do a proper research for keywords and after that write a proper description tag for any post. Before writing your Meta Description you should keep in your mind.

6 Tips To know how to write a perfect Meta Description

  1. Mind Your Words In 150-160

You should mind your words and keep in a limit so that everyone can understand about the post/page. It is common question which is asked by many of our blogger that “what is the word or character limit for meta description” or “How long a description tag will be”.

When we talk about the maximum number of words and characters in the description tag then we certainly can say that it is between 150 to 160 characters. When we talk about the exact number then it is approx. 512 pixels which are unable to count by any individual so we generally say that it is between 150 to 160 characters. When we see many website’s description tag then it show 154 characters and some time it is of 159 character but all depend on the 512 pixels so we generally say that it is in between 150-160 characters. If you write your description tag in these word limits then it will be more understandable to know how to write a perfect Meta description that increases CTR of your blog in various earning platforms like Google Adsense, and various other affiliate networks.

  1. Put the Main Keywords In The Tag

While writing the description meta tag, we should also remember this thing that it should be user friendly and rich with keywords. You can use short and long tail keywords both in this. You have putted some niche keywords in the content but when we writing the description tag then it should also rich with the niche keywords or targeted keywords.

As when any user search over the search engine then Google highlight them with bold words which comes in the description of that particular post/pages. If some words match with the words in description then Google show them in bold words. It will make a positive impact over users so it increases the chance to get clicked by him/her. Putting more keywords in description tag will be more helpful to understand how to write a perfect Meta description that increases CTR of your blog in various earning platforms like Google Adsense, and various other affiliate networks.

  1. Take Care of Relevant And Unique Description

Many time I see a basic problem with many bloggers that they write a good content and make a good content strategy with its content marketing but when it comes a name of writing the description, they just take 2 lines of the content and put it as description. This is wrong way to write description. Description shows the short summary of the post or article so we should know the whole article or post or page and write the unique and relevant but should be the short story in the limited words of the post.

You have to write only the unique and relevant description which can explain your whole content. A relevant and unique article description is always helpful to know how to write a perfect Meta description that increases CTR of your blog in various earning platforms like Google Adsense, and various other affiliate networks.

  1. Sometime try to include Call to action words

It is also become a good practice to add some words like “Let’s talk about”, “Learn how to”, “View now”, “learn about”, “Find here”, “view here”, “see here”, “click now”. These words motivate many users and impact a lot to the user to click on the page link in search engine.

So using these words become a good impression and make a positive impact over the information seeker. Never try to use on every page but using them become helpful. It will helpful to know how to write a perfect Meta description that increases CTR of your blog in various earning platforms like Google Adsense, and various other affiliate networks.

  1. Avoid Repeating Words

You have only 150 to 160 words for writing a complete Meta Description which is not only helpful in various steps of your search ranking. So you should avoid the repeating words as these can consume the limit of Meta description.

  1. Avoid Using Stop Words

Stop words are like and, the, or etc. while writing a Meta description of any page, we should avoid these words too because we have limited number of words and character for our description tag.

Note -: If you using any coupon code or promoting any hosting or domain etc. company in your website and blog post then you tell in the description too. It will give you more explorers from the visitors too.

Last Words For You

Now you understand how to write a perfect Meta description that increases CTR of your blog in various earning platforms like Google Adsense, and various other affiliate networks. You will also get a good organic traffic too. Do you also use the description tag in your blog post and unable to make a quality description then these points will be more useful for you.

You can also share some of your strategies to tell how you write your meta description for your blog and what is your strategy to write meta description for your blog page/posts. If you like this post then you can share our blog on your various social media platform like Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Hi Sonam,

I think it is my first visit to your blog. But I am happy for you. You are doing great work by creating quality and detailed article.

Meta description plays an important role in search engine ranking. You have mentioned good points here to write perfect meta description.This post is going to help lots of newbie bloggers.

I want to give an advice to you Sonam please keep your permalink short. Google prefer short permalinks more as compared to long. Use only main keywords.

Keep writing interesting and helpful content!


May 6, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Hello Miss Jyoti,
Thank you for your big advice on the permalink and i will surely work on this.
Its a honor to have you on my blog as you are known one of the big entrepreneur of the blogging and love to see you again on my blog too.
Thank you again.

Great post. Learn some new things here.

Nice post. Very useful information

Meta description plays very important role in SEO as well in CTR. If you have an attracting , meaningful and SEO optimized meta description for articles your CTR will be good even you are not on Top Rank of SERP.

9 Steps To Know How To Increase Website And Page Speed Of WordPress Blog

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While as an owner of a blog or website, you must have your website in a high speed mode means for every purpose of your website like increase number of website traffic, user experience, user interaction, search engine ranking etc you need to increase the speed of your website or blog. There is nothing be a worst if you have a slow website or slow load time of your blog.

If you have fast load time then your user interaction, user experience, website traffic, website search ranking all will improve day by day as all the search engines will like your website.

How To Increase Website And Page Speed Of WordPress Blog
How To Increase Website And Page Speed Of WordPress Blog

So it is very important to increase your website traffic to increment in your user experience and search ranking.

But before taking any step for increasing the website speed, you should check your website speed this time so that you come to know and note it down so that we come to know what changes happen with your process. It has many tools like Google website speed, Gmatrix and many more.

Today we are going to tell you some steps by which you can not only increase your website page load time but also improve your search presence and user experience. There are many factors which you can consider while you want to increase your website speed.

  1. Choose The Hosting Company And Plan Wisely

The first and most important thing after purchase of your cheap domain and choosing a right domain for you is to choose a good and reputed company which can provide you best, cheap but fast hosting services. Choosing a fast and reliable hosting can affect your website speed in many ways. A fast hosting service plan will make your website good in open at every type of internet service. A better hosting company and its plan will be helpful in increase your website and page speed of wordpress blog.

A good and fast plan will not only open your website and blog fastly but also have a less downtime, updated hosting panel, seo optimized tools and many other service. These services become helpful and make your website friendlier in many ways. If you purchases a cheap quality hosting than it will become a reason for losing sales, quality, traffic and various leads and increase in bounce rate. So don’t try to save some dollars and don’t try to compromise quality of your blog and website. If you purchased a cheap quality hosting then from immediate effect leave it and purchase a high quality hosting.

  1. Select Web And Blog Theme Wisely

This is also a big factor to lose its speed that the theme which we choose for our blog and website and applied are actually have very slow speed. In the internet world, there are thousands of wordpress, joomla and various other platform themes are available to use it. Your option can go with free or paid both. I normally use paid themes as it is more effective to reduce the loading time of my blog.

My advice are never told you to use free theme or paid theme but I always recommend you to choose only that theme which can give you high speed and regular updates. So for choosing a good and high speed website theme will be difficult and harder task. A better, responsive and quickly loadable theme will helpful to increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.

Before choosing perfect theme for your blog, you should check many functions like high speed, compatible, responsive, lightweight and functional, various font enabled etc. If you found any theme which has lots of functions with high speed and it’s a paid theme then don’t hesitate to purchase that theme.

  1. Use Content Delivery Network for reducing the page loading time

You can also use a content delivery network (CDN). It helps you to route your content, javascripts, css and images from various locations from the earth. A perfect CDN always help to serve your blog content to the user from its nearer location so that the content can be served very quickly to the user.

There are many platform of CDNs are available currently in the market which is available in paid and free both. If you think that you have enough traffic on your website then you can opt a premium service too. If you are going for premium then you can use MaxCDN but if you are starting then you can use some free platform too like IMO, CloudFlare etc. This technique is very useful and you can use it for more speed loading of your website and blog page. A better Content delivery network is always helpful in increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.

  1. Homepage Optimization to Increase Website and Page Speed

Homepage optimization is a next step too which will make a good presence to your web user. When your home page open in fast speed from other page then you will able to make a good impression among your users. You can follow these steps to optimize your home page -:

  1. Don’t try to show full post content over the home page, just show only a quick summary of your post which should be without summary. It will help to load the content faster which will helpful to optimization of homepage. It will become an advantage to increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.
  2. Try to reduce the number of posts which is showing on the homepage so that it will helpful to load faster. You can use pagination and show only 5 to 6 posts only on the homepage. Less post on the Homepage will helpful in reduce page speed. Less number of post on homepage become a plus point so that we can increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.
  3. Don’t try to use too many widgets on the homepage. It means if you think that some widget don’t have work on the home page then you should try to hide it from home just like recent posts. Recent post widgets don’t have work on home page because recent posts are already showing there in descending orders.
  1. Reduce the Plugins for reducing the page loading time

WordPress plugin are easy to use and try to help you in blogging and optimization but as everyone says that exceeding of anything can cause problem same as this way excess number of plugins can make your blog slower.

Every plugin is not necessary for your blog. You should have to choose smartly for any plugin, you can choose multitask plugin instead of selecting various plugins. Go through your activated plugins and you will surely get plugins which is not necessary for you so you can leave them.

One more thing you should remember about the plugins that if you are using some plugin then don’t forget to update them regularly. Less number of plugin in your blog will increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.

  1. Use Caching Plugins Too for reducing the page loading time

Caching is a process which is use for making your blog faster. Some internal files are such files which load every time when any one opens your blog. But in this process, there is no need to load these files every time as caching retail these files in it and load your blog faster. Caching Plugin is as important in the SEO of your wordpress blog.

Caching retain files and whenever you open the file, it open the previous saved files with some new one and it helps to open the blog faster. In any wordpress blog, you can enable the cache too with the help of a plugin named W3 Total Cache. Caching plugin will helpful in increasing website and page speed of wordpress blog.

  1. Optimize the Images to reduce the page load time

It is the most important task which you have to do that whenever you are using the writing your blog post and adding a media file like images then you have to properly optimize those images.

As everyone knows those images are essential parts for any blog post. You have to add the image which is properly optimized with size and dimension etc. If you properly optimized your image then it will help you to increase the page speed of your blog post and website.

If you are using wordpress then for properly optimization you can use WP But before using this plugin, you should have to properly read its terms and condition and how to use it. You can use many online services like TinyPNG, TinyJPEG etc. You can use any offline software like “Jpegmini” etc. you can optimize the images which is helpful to increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.

  1. Keep The WordPress Updated

It is also a good method as day by day there are lots of changes happening in the internet world so you should also make updates in your wordpress blog. It is not only helpful in SEO of wordpress blog but also helpful in fast loading of the blog.

  1. Optimize the database of WordPress to reduce the page load time

Every word-press website works on the database so if your database is properly optimize then you will never fail in the speed of word-press. Database is the place where you store all the comment, images, settings, theme, plugins, post, pages etc. so if you have optimized database then you website will be surely got a good traffic and better search ranking. It is also helpful in rank higher or you can say SEO without backlink.

Database is the only place in the wordpress blog which is read every time when your blog is loaded. So it will reduce the page and web speed if it is filled with lots of useless information. Try to delete spam comments and trash comments from the wordpress blogs every time as they reduce the page and website speed of your blog. You can also use a plugin named Wp-DBManager which is used to properly optimize the database of your blog.

Final Words -:

Now you are able to understand what the page speed is and how you can optimize it for better page and website speed. You can now know all the steps to increase website and page speed of wordpress blog.

I explain those facts which I personally using for increasing my website and page speed of wordpress blog. You can personally practical these tools on your blog and website for increasing the website and page speed. Please tell us also which method you use for increase in page speed of your website and wordpress blog.

You have mentioned very nice tips and these are genuinely helpful for increasing website speed. But, here I would like to add one more point that is also very important– choosing the proper hosting location. It means that you must choose the location of web hosting server in the specific location where your target audience is located. For ex. – get a server in India, if your target audience are Indians.

Very nice informative article. Loading time is very important now a days for every website

How To Analysis Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy For Beating Them In SERP

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There are many tools in the industry by which you can analysis competitor’s methods, techniques in the market because there are lots of competitive markets so lots of tools evaluating day by day. Today you will let to know how to analysis your competitors SEO strategy to beat them in search engine results (SER). You always work for competition to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Your competitors are from same market and same mindset so if they can rank then why you can’t rank higher.

how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp
how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp

If you follow the same strategy then you can also rank your website in various search engines. So today I will tell you how you can get to know their strategy so that you can also follow the strategy which they are following so that you can take advantage too.

You can also check SEO without Backlink too.

Now without wasting more time, we are going to discuss how you can check their strategy and how you can see those websites with your expert SEO eyes.

Be an expert while looking at the user website

I put this first because I think it is very important to become and feel like an expert while you are going to look at your competitor’s website because without analysis of your competitor’s website you can’t make a strategy of your own blog and website. You can see these points -:

  1. Bold words

This is the first key which I am going to tell you that you firstly seeing the post consider bold words in the blog post. Blogger usually bold the words for user quick action and for the search engines. The search engines give preference those words which are in the bold of your blog post. In the old age of seo, it is used by many of the website owners and bloggers for ranking but now a days, search engine is enough smart and easily recognize all these.

But when you try to understand the competitor analysis then you should analysis all the bold words of the blog post. It will become you strategy to know how your competitor’s strategy.

  1. Look for those word for which affiliate ads running

You can also look for the words for which the affiliate marketing ads are running in your competitors’ website. If the ads are appearing over your competitor’s website then it highlight some words like underlined, anchor text etc. If you found some words like this then it will definitely those words for which the words are mainly focused by those blog owners. So try to hold those keywords or long tail keywords for your website.

  1. Try to spy in various sector of blog

Just take a separate sheet and copy some main points like Title, URL, anchor texts and content repetition. Look for a word which is repeating in these all again and again with synonyms. These words will definitely will be those words for which the competitor working in the blog post. Normally a blogger who have knowledge of seo include their keywords in these.

  1. Spy on Source Code

Now check out the source code of the blog post by just pressing the Ctrl + U and it will open in the separate tab of your web browser. Now open search bar with CTRL+F just check some few tags of the source code and you will definitely able to check all to see all the keywords.

  • Keyword tag

In the keyword tag which can be seen be seen by writing keyword in search bar. It will show you meta tag of keyword and it will show you on which keyword the blogger focusing and working in the blog post. Just check the keywords writing in keyword tag as these are definitely those words on which the blog owner working continuously.

  • Description Tag

In the description tag, you will let to know a short brief description of your blog post. You should properly check this tag as you will find the targeted keyword in this tag too so that you can also write that keyword for further process and you will effectively let to know on which keywords your competitor is working. You will come to know how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in SERP.

  • H1 Tag

You should also take care of the H1 tag of the blog post for which you are analysis your competitor’s strategy of SEO. An effective H1 tag which is full of keywords can be the better source of to know that what your competitor’s strategy is. It will make your blog an inspiration for you to analysis better the strategy. Sometime h1 tag automatically gets on eye-catchy title tag by default.

  • Content

Now it’s a turn of the page content then for checking the density and other factors, you can copy the whole words in the any text editor tools and check the content. If you found some words are repeating many time in the content with the ratio of 2% from all the content (You can count the words for knowing the ratio). Then you can make sure that Google is giving the priority to that word or words. And if you follow this trick of keyword density and put your niche keywords in your blog post then surely you will get good ranking.

  • Alt Tags

You can also look the alt tag of the embedded images. These words are those words for which the various search engines are search engines are working. For alt tag you can see the source code of that particular page and search for alt tag.

If you are unable to find the alt tag then for knowing the alt tag you can turn off the image loading in your browser. And then open that blog page and it will show you all the alt tag instead of image loading.

Last Words -:

Now you are able to understand how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp. You can use them for on-page seo and make it better in the eyes of search engines and users. If you effectively work in competitor’s analysis then you will never fail in the ranking of search engines.

You can effectively work on your analysis by these methods which I just told you in this blog post. You can not only make your blog post effective but also get more and more attention to your blog post. You can effectively able to understand how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp.

Top Tips To Know How To Do Effective Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging System – An Overview

Today we are discussing some great tips for effective guest blogging mechanism. Guest blogging is very good technique for building a value in the eyes of blog reader. You can post a guest blog post on any other’s blog in return he will give you one or two backlink from his blog. Nothing can be good more than this that you are getting a good quality blog and website from a niche blog. With guest blogging you can get a large number of traffic which can give you more and more money. If you get lots of traffic then you can monetize your blog and earn with many plateform like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing earning etc.

Effective Tips for Guest Blogging

As I above said that guest blogging is very effective at every point of view while you are seeing for backlink, content marketing relevancy, blogging prospective, SEO and anything which make you blog popular for that.

How To DO Effective Guest Blogging
How To DO Effective Guest Blogging

It is very effective technique which is used by many blog owners or blogger who is passionately working regularly over blog and continuously working from many years. Not only blog owners, many companies are also inviting guest blogging for many reasons which are also looking valid reasons. Many bloggers started it for testing purpose and some are doing it from a long time. I think guest blogging is just like SEO without backlink which work naturally.

What is Guest Blogging?

There are many question like “what is guest blogging” and “why should I write a quality post on other blogs?” and so on but somehow they are important as well because for guest blogging you have to write a blog post on other blog in which you will get a backlink in return.

Now coming back to our question “what is guest blogging” for answer we can say that “Guest blogging is just a strategy to make a strong appearance in the form of blog post on other’s blog who have same niche as we have.”

Strong appearance works only with the help of quality blog post because if you write quality blog post then it will automatically work effective and your link on the blog post will get more and more visibility from users.

What are the benefits of Guest Blogging?

There are many benefits of guest blogging which will make it your blog in popularity. You will love to know many facts about Guest Blogging. You will get some benefits like -:

  1. Guest blogging will increase the credibility of your blog among your blog readers.
  2. It will make you able to give ranking of your blog naturally because quality content is the king and if you make your blog content friendly.
  3. Guest blogging give your more and more friends which is also prominent and fellow blogger like you. You will love to make such blogger and friends.
  4. You will get more and more blog subscriber if you do guest blogging properly.
  5. It is very effective to give you more visibility and more quality traffic to your blog.
  6. You will get a quality backlink from the blog on which you are going to publish your quality article.

So now I think you better understand what guest blogging is and what the benefit of guest blogging is. Now we are going to discuss some guest blogging frequently asked questions which is also some thinking by many of the blogger who are writing for many blogs as guest. For knowing about how to do effective guest blogging you need to understand some frequently asked question.

Question One -: Quantity guest blog post matter instead of Quality.

Answer -: This is good question which is generally thought by many blogger as quantity matter rather than quality guest post. But it is misconception among blogger and they write guest post on many blogs without maintaining its quality. They submit their blog post to many blogs and don’t maintain the quality. It will harm your blog and will make a negative impression on you by that blog owner who caught your blog post copied or not quality. It is bad practice and you should avoid this type of work.

Question 2 -: Is the guest blogging used for link building only.

Answer -: This is big myth among many blogger who do guest blogging only because you get a backlink but we should not only focus on the backlink in return of your blog post. Blog owner also think if you are giving him a quality blog post then he give you 1 or 2 quality backlink in return. But you should never work for backlink only. Truth should be this that you should focus on the quality of your blog post not only on the backlink.

Question 3 -: Blog should have a good PR for your Guest Post.

It is not necessary that the blog on which you are going to submit your guest post should have a high PR quality. You should not think that they must be more then 6 or 7 PR blog. You can submit your blog post to 3 or 4 PR too. You should not also become hesitate to do a guest post when your blog rank is 0. You can submit your blog on any blog has an active and good reputation and you should not only focus on page rank only.

Question 4 -: Is so much time taking process is worthy for a single backlink or for other’s blog

Many people ask me that is this worthy for a single backlink to do so much effort for other’s blog. Many blogger and owners ask me for wasting of their time due to writing a quality article for other’s blog but I also want to suggest all of them that because it’s true that you will not get instant result but you will get surely results. It is only effective when you focus on the long term prospective.

Some Tips for approval of Guest Post

  1. Before writing the guest blog post for their blog, you should read some of their posts so that you get the idea which type of articles blogger likes for their blog.
  2. Try to provide a completely unique article with your full of experience.
  3. Only work with your polite approach so that you may be able to impress the blog owner for whom you are going to write.
  4. Try to write an article with your unique viewpoint.
  5. Also try to write a beautiful and attractive bio so that whenever visitor read your bio, he attract towards you and your blog.
  6. Try to give such points in your post so that user and reader of the website engage in your post and don’t leave it till he read full post.

Final Words -:

I love guest blogging not because it give a backlink but it is not only a honest white hat SEO Technique but also give you countless traffic and if you prepared your blog to make money online then you will able to earn unlimited money too. Guest blogging is a method which can’t be beaten by any publicizing method over whole internet. You can able to get together with various minds too. Now you understand how to do effective guest blogging.

Now it’s your turn to speak and tell me which method you use for effective guest blogging. You can also like and share our blog post to your facebook and Google + too.

May 7, 2015 at 3:49 pm

It’s a disappointed me that you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate
to this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking
and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I lok forward to fresh updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook
group. Chat soon!

Gaurav Saxena
June 16, 2015 at 8:08 pm

I have done many time guest blogging on various blogs but not get good results but now i can do some high quality and effective guest blogging for some blog and get some very good backlinks too.
Thank you so much for the info discussed! I understand you have actually put a great deal of initiative right info into this and tell us more guest blogging tips so that we improve our skills too. There need to be much more blog sites similar to this on the net! I will absolutely subscribe and also bookmark to your outstanding web site! Hope you produced much more outstanding things in the near future as well as I will certainly come back as well as read it…

How And When To Apply On Page Techniques For SEO

On Page Seo – How To Do And When To Do 

Search engine optimization or SEO means optimize website in various search engines. It is a method or technique by which you can rank your website and blog in various search engines like yahoo, google, Bing, duckduckgo, yandex etc.

This technique basically depend on two factor of optimization which I known as on-page SEO technique and off page SEO technique. On page is work on the own website which we want to rank in search engine but off page basically work on the third party websites and to generate some quality traffic and value to our website from them. It may include social media networks, social bookmarking, directory submission, press release, blog commenting etc.

On Page Techniques For SEO
On Page Techniques For SEO

Today we are going to discuss with some ways so that you get to know how and when to do on-page seo. First of all we will understand what on-page SEO is.

What is on page SEO -:

First of all we will understand the meaning of on-page seo. This is major question before discussing any point that what is on page seo. So on page seo is a type of seo which is performed over our own website which we want to process for seo, it refers to all the techniques and methods which is used to rank our website in SERPS. It includes Meta tags, permalinks, sitemaps, keyword density, links, internal linking, image optimization and many more.

On-page seo plays an important role as on page techniques are limited to our own website only. In on page technique, you are limited to your own website. Every work is in your own website and blog and remains in your own hand which you can change as and whenever you want. It is less time consuming.

Importance of On Page SEO

On page seo can be evaluating on this basis that if you have thousands of backlinks for your website and blog but you have not corrected your on-page then you will not rank anymore in any search engine. That’s why every seo expert prepares for on-page before off-page technique.

On page is so much important as you can rank your website without off-page activities like seo without backlink in search engine on the basic of it but you can’t rank it only on the basis of off page seo. That’s why you should firstly learn about the on-page seo and then off page seo.

How To Work In On Page SEO

While making a perfect website which is on page optimize should care some of the major points which will help them to rank higher in search engine. These are some of the basic thing which you need to know and continue till the blog post published over your blog.

Today I am here to mention some points in front of you all Mirchors………!!!!

  1. Keyword Density

On page SEO starts from adding niche keywords in the blog post and it starts with keyword density as any search engine like Google need keywords in your website and blog. Any search engine will not able to give you rank if you don’t have keywords in your website or page content. So adding keywords and long tail keywords is very important. But the question is arise that what will be their density.

Keyword density refers to the percentage of keywords in the main content of the blog post or page. The ideal keyword density is 2% to 3%. So you should maintain the percentage of keywords in your web content so that you can higher your web ranking in search engines. But you should also remember if you don’t maintain the keyword density in on page technique means you increase it from 2% to 5% then you can be penalize by the search engines like Google too. So maintain it carefully because if you are penalize by any algorithm (Google Panda Update or Penguin or various others updates).

You can read how to recover from Google Penalties

If you are working with any open source like wordpress which has a good connectivity with database and have good maintenance of database can have some better options for on page seo. You can use plugins in these systems means in wordpress for seo you can use all in one seo pack and seo by yoast for better SEO of your website or blog. You just need to add keyword in title tag and everywhere to make it eye-catchy and seo friendly.

If you are using blogger and other free tools then you should have to add it manually and you can should write eye-catchy keyword friendly title tag and add a keyword in first paragraph and add it in last paragraph with adding in H1 and H2 tag in your blog post content. A proper keyword density comes in a good on page techniques for seo.

  1. Permalinks

Permalinks are the links which plays an important while you want to improve your page rank and improve your search ranking in search engines. Search engines normally read them and if they are keyword friendly then you get a good ranking in search engines. You just need to make them short and try to limit in 50 to 60 characters only because more than that Google don’t show them.

Making a permalink is also a good responsibility while you are doing an on page technique. Making an effective and keyword friendly permalink is always making our on-page strategy effective in the eyes of search engines.

  1. Images Optimization

While working on the techniques of on page optimization, you should take care of every image as they play a major role in on page SEO of any page. You should fill all the details of any image of any post. Two things are most important for image optimization which is alt and title tag. These two tags must be fully filled while you are doing image optimization in on page activity.

These two must be keyword friendly and you should also put your main keyword in the alt tag of the blog post.

  1. Meta Tags of the Blog Post

It is most important and first part which you should have to write for doing on page seo of the blog post. This plays a most happening factor to which Google and other search engine check firstly while they go to any site. In these tag, description tag is also comes while your blog post rank in the search engine like Google.

You have to write Meta tags like Meta descriptions (which should contain a short description of the post), Meta title (Contains title of the blog post), Meta keywords (contains keywords of the post but this tag is normally ignored by Google but other can read), Language tag (It describe the language of your website and post) and some other too.

  1. Internal Linking

I should not explain this topic as I have already made many blog posts over it like

  1. Meaning and Benefit of Internal Linking
  2. How to do effective Internal linking and more

You should also focus on that every internal link must have a do-follow link instead of no-follow link so that link juice must be flow in your blog and its various post. You can read about no follow click here.

Final Words

Some Other Methods are also there which you can check in on page SEO technique but these topics are most important while for ranking in search engine and doing an effective on page strategies for SEO. You will definitely notice more traffic and ranking. You can use these on page techniques for SEO and be a professional blogger with Mirchi Blogger.

Hi Ashwani, Thanks for this informative post. I want to suggest you that please update your blog post because in current SEO trends Social engagement is more and more advantage for boosting authority/trust apart from your all listed point. Review ones…

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog – An Overview

Bounce Rate – An Overview and how to reduce it

Hello Mirchors…….!!!!!

Bounce rate becoming a big problem because Google change many concept in bounce rate as now you need to have such an audience who continuously engage over your website pages and do any activity over it. In the previous age, we all know just about exit rate and many blogger think that bounce rate is a good example of previous exist exit rate but it is completely a misconception. You can properly analysis your bounce rate in the analytics account, and can get to know about bounce rate which is always showing in the front page of Analytics account and you can also analysis by Alexa ranking too. Now before starting how you can improve your bounce rate, we are going to tell you what bounce rate is and what to analysis in bounce rate.

How to reduce bounce rate of your blog
How to reduce bounce rate of your blog

What is Bounce Rate of any blog or website ?

Bounce rate is basically a rate calculated on the basis of visitor come to your website and exit from that without doing any proper engagement. It can be by any means like dislike your blog design, dislike the content and dislike your page speed and many other factors. If after opening of your blog and website and without engaging in the blog, he exit from the website or blog then it will increase your bounce rate.

Different-2 niche websites has different-2 bounce rates. When we talk about informative website or blog then your blog’s bounce rate must be below 40%. If you are making service giving website then it must be 60% to 70%. But on an average it should be 60 to 70 for normal websites.

How to reduce Bounce rate of Our Blog and website – Some Quick Tips

  1. Try to ask any question for visitor in the last of the blog post like if you are writing about How To Create Google Adsense Account then after writing you complete blog post you can ask a question like you can ask that which method you use for approving the Google Adsense account.
  2. Your blog must be written and explained in very simple language. Your blog language can be of any language may be can be English, hindi or any local language.
  3. You should properly use all the error pages and those all must have all of your popular posts.
  4. You can also use related post widget in your blog so that when a visitor come to any niche like SEO post then he will also able to see all the related post which is related with SEO.
  5. You can request to your visitor that leave a comment also whether you like our post or not. but before making comment box you should give comment giving option with you.
  6. You Blog design must be a professional design.
  7. Update your blog post regularly with the latest updates of Google Algorithm and penalties like Google Panda, Google Penguin etc so that it rank higher and give more strength to your post.
  8. You should write an explained and deep analysis of any topic but it should not be monotonous. So you should write to the point of that topic. Don’t try to write long stories.
  9. You can do a promise to give a reward to your reader so that they attract towards your blog and website.
  10. You should use an eye-catchy title tag of your blog post.
  11. Try to optimize your images which should be opened quickly so that your page load time gives a good user experience.
  12. You must use breadcrumbs structure and a user friendly navigation or menu bar.

Some Essential Tips to do to which you get to know how to reduce bounce rate of your blog

  1. Don’t try to use any pop-ups, automatically clicked ads and automated clickable and opened Urls because it can give a negative signal to your users. I suggest you to use only banner ads for your website and try to make ads free to your home page.
  2. Try to use calls to action.
  3. Try to add niche keyword in blog post but don’t try to stuffing and make your blog post interesting with beautiful and eye-catchy work.
  4. Try to give a tag name “target=_blank” so that your every link will open in new tab only. It will improve your bounce rate and increase page views too and give you boost your page rank too.
  5. Always give a content related with your title means if you are giving a title named “Techniques and methods of Google Adsense” then your content should not be about “Content marketing strategy”. It must be related as user loves related content only.
  6. Try to link related post to your older posts.

Final Words -:

I think today you learn a lot which will helpful in working with your blog and blogger. You will now able to improve and you are now know how to reduce bounce rate of your blog easily. If you want to ask any questions more question regarding bounce rate then you can ask in comment box.

How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engines

How To Rank Your Website In Search Engines

Today we are going to tell you how you can improve keyword ranking or how to rank our website in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is most asking question among blogger and not even in blogger but all website owner ask this that “how to improve the search engine ranking?”

Every blogger need to improve their search ranking in the search engine. Blog owner also feels motivated with higher ranking in the search engine. With the help of this post, I am going to describe some tips and tricks which are helpful in improve keyword ranking. Before starting these tips, I have a suggestion for your blog that you should check your keyword position before starting to implement these techniques to improve keyword ranking in search engines. You can check it manually or by many tools.

How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engine
How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engine

So before wasting more time, we are coming to our topic which is how to improve the keyword ranking in search engine.

How To Increase Your Website Ranking in Search Results

As the question is very big to answer that how to improve your website ranking in search results. I have decided to answer this question in two parts in which one part will helpful improving your website internally it is known as On-page SEO Techniques and second part will boost your website externally which is known as Off-page SEO Techniques.

In the first part, we will discuss about On-Page SEO techniques -:

Tip 1st -: Add niche Keyword to Your Blog Post and Media

As I earlier post about this topic that how you can add niche keywords to your blog post, so it is very important to improve the search ranking of our post. You should not add your keywords in such a way that it look as a keyword stuffing for user and search engine. Today again I want to tell you that you can add related keywords too in your blog post as it increase the search value of your blog post and you will get more and more traffic from search engines but remember one thing that search engine is very smart these days and can identify your cheap keyword stuffing so you should avoid stuffing of your keywords.

Suggestion From the owners :

1. As I personally think that you should maintain a 2% to 3% of your keyword placement in the content of your website. It include all the related keywords too as we can’t under-estimate the power of search engine.

2. When placing your keyword try to put it in first paragraph and last paragraph both.

3. You should also try to put a image in the content and when you writing the alt tag of that image then you can place your keyword in the alt tag and name of the image too. Generally when a picture capture then it is by default with some number like image001, DCIM0011 etc. but you should rename it with keyword friendly name.

Recommend :- You can check our post which is about how to place the keyword in the blog post.

Tip 2nd -: Internal Linking

I have done many posts which describe many things about internal linking like meaning and benefits, effective internal linking etc. But when we talk about search engine ranking improvement then it became more effective when you work with internal linking and do it effectively. It is the only source which can give you a safest backlink for your blog and website as you know very well how your website is working and how it is performing day by day in search engine. You can also check many benefits of internal linking on our previous posts.

Suggestion From the Mirchi Bloggers :

1. While making internal linking take care of the related post linking only. It means if you are linking one post to another then those two posts must be related with each other. Don’t try to make irrelevant contents. You should not link the post about adsense with your travel related content.

2. Do not include only new posts means if you are writing a post then you should add some links of new posts and some links of old posts in the blog. Try to use some different-2 anchor texts.

3. Don’t include so much internal linking suddenly in any post which is ranking or vice versa means don’t link the page suddenly which is losing its rank in search engine. It can harm your website and it can lose the ranking.

Tips 3# Write an Eye-catchy title tag

I have written a complete post which told you how to write an eye-catchy title tag and which precautions you can take while writing an eye-catchy title tag. But now I am going to tell you a quick review about title tag.

Suggestion And Tips From Us :

1. Try to make a keyword friendly title tag and add some targeted keywords only. It means if you want to target “Make money online with your blog” then try to write full text as title tag instead of “make money online” only.

2. You can use some psychological and actionable words like updated, step by step guide, content e-book etc for more ranking. These words are preferred by search engine most.

3. You should keep your title tag in upto 57 character many person says to me that this limit is upto 60 words but I personally think that it is upto 57 words so you should keep your title tag in between 57 character including your domain. In the search engine it shows in 512 pixel but many time it decrease in 57 words only. So you should try to limit your title tag in 57 characters.

Now we are going to read some Off page Techniques for improving Keyword position or website ranking in search engines.

Off Page SEO Techniques For Website Ranking

Tip 4# Share In Social Media Networks

Everyone know the power of social media networks, that how they can perform and how they can make or destroy any brand in this world. But it is always a controversy in the issue that search engine rank those websites of not which have good social sharing or not. You surely can improve your ranking in SERP through social media. You can get maximum related traffic from the search engine which can give you more domain authority and helpful in social shares. Crazy thing is this that you can freely promote your website and blog over social media.

Valuable Tips For You -:

1. There is many tools in the market which can automatically share your blog post among all the search engine when you published them. I never used any but many of my friends who are on very top of the blogging are regularly using them. You can use them too.

2. You should also use social shares post with your every blog post, it allow visitors to share your content. If it look bad for your blog to use all the networks buttons then you can use main 5-6 networks only like facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, Pinterest etc.

3. You can also share with many social bookmarking sites which can give more and more re-shares and referral traffic too. You can use Triberr for building some relationships. I generally think and hear that if you want good position in SERP then you need good link backup.

Tip 5# Commenting Over various Niche Blog Through Blog Commenting

This is a wonderful part which many blogger love to do as this is wonderful to make comment over various niche blogs. You can also find some blogs which is already enabled Keywordluv and Commentluv which can enable you to put a link too. Before comment you should also read some guideline too of the blog. If your blog comment is not approving then you can follow some techniques too by which your comment will approve soon just click here for approving your blog comments. If you comment on various niche blog for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

Some Techniques From Owners -:

1. Don’t try to put any spammy or irrelevant comment over any blog. You should put a niche blog post so that it can improve search ranking of your blog.

2. Try to give indexed with Google as faster by Blog commenting. It is secret which you can know only on our blog. After publish your any blog post, try to check same keyword which you want to target in search engine. If you post is not showing it means your blog-post is not indexed, then you can do work for indexing.

Then you can search for top 5 blogs and check whether their post content is relevant for your post or not. You can also check whether other commenting on that post or not and is that website enable the Commentluv and Keywordluv enables blog. Then you can give comment over it and you should also give your latest blog-post link only instead of home page. But you just take care to know which type of backlink you found means whether you getting no-follow or do-follow link.

Tip 6# Guest Blog Posting

Guest blogging is good technique for taking a quality backlink. Some people say that it is going dead but it is misconception as guest blogging never goes die. But from the year 2014 it is reducing over blogs. But you should read guest post guidelines before posting any content on any website or blog because every blog has a different guideline for guest posting. Guest blogging is very useful for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

Tip 7# Make A Proper Content

When you create any content over any other website for making any backlink or for any work of off-page technique then you should give it a new look. Do you ever seen Shinchan or Zoo-zoo cartoon. They wear same costume in every cartoon serial. What you realize from these cartoon, they present different in every cartoon serial. So you also do same thing with your content which you create over any third party website. Presenting content is very necessary for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

You should a proper content strategy for your backlinks technique which will be helpful in making your blog a quality blog among users.

Advice for your Content Marketing Strategy For A Different Process -:

1. For making a better content strategy, you can convert you post into a attractive and eye-catchy video which you can upload at Youtube and give a link to your blog post. It will attract lots of users towards your website. You can also earn with Youtube.

2. You can also make a power point presentation too which should contain very few slides. It will give you more and more customers attention. You can upload it at slideshare and lots of customer will approach you through slideshare.

With these tactics, you can also use many other factors for improve keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines. These tips are not necessary every time but when you want to improve your keyword positioning in search engines then these methods become more necessary.

1. Mobile Friendly Website

2. Increase the page speed of your website

3. Updated Posts

4. Follow Link Building Strategies

5. Try to target Long Tail keywords

6. Try to write easy language but should be correct in grammar and spelling.

Final Words -:

Following these tips and techniques make you to improve keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines. You can follow all these and it will give a boost in ranking.

Rahul Joshi
May 6, 2015 at 3:02 am

Wow i like your blog and its post about how to improve keyword ranking in search engines like google and yahoo. It actually helped me to know more deep about keywords and helpful to know more and more about the ranking factors of keywords with these info. Actually i am looking these information over many sites but feeling disappoint. Appreciate it and i will bookmark you blog too.

How to Choose Long Tail Keywords for Your Blog

Long Tail Keywords Meaning

Long tail keywords are not an authorized term but among many of the SEO experts it is known as a term for keywords which have bunch of words. It means when you say “Content Marketing” then it will be a keyword but when you say “strategies for content marketing work” then it will be a long tail keyword means a phrase which is combination of more than 3 words is known as Long Tail Keywords. It is known as a much longer in length and bigger than any broad keyword.

Long tail keywords are very helpful in targeting more and more traffic which is also from your niche. It is not easy to target some high competitive but makes easy to target low competitive and get some traffic for a starter. With an improved searching of competition and traffic on a particular keyword can give you more and more quality traffic which become easier with Long Tail keywords. So now a question arises that how you can find long tail keywords which are also related with your business and blog.

How To Choose Long Tail Keywords For Your Blog
How To Choose Long Tail Keywords For Your Blog

Now coming back to our original question which is to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website?

  1. Check Google Webmaster Of Your Website

This is the one of the best tools which is used to evaluate the performance of our website in a particular search engine means if you are checking in Google webmaster tools then it will tell you the performance of your website in Google search engine. One more very interesting factor you can know that this is absolutely free of cost lifetime. You can add your website and blog to Google webmaster tools and verify your blog. After adding you have to wait for some days and then you can go to left hand side check on “search traffic” then go to “search queries”. In the search queries, you will able to see those terms by which your website is searching and receiving impression. You will get an idea by reading them thoroughly and get to know by which keywords your website is coming in search engines. By which you can focus on those keywords and target them again too.It is very helpful so that you get to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website.

  1. Use Google Autocomplete Feature

This is also one of the good methods which are used by many peoples. You will love this method as Google gives many suggestions to those who search on their search engine. These suggestion are comes from the millions of searches made over the Google search engine and working on real time. Google automatically gives some suggestion to the user who start typing any word over the box of search engine. You can also ask any question to Google and see how the search engine suggest you many suggestion related to your search. This can be a wonderful tool for choosing long tail keyword for your blog. These keywords will give you lots of traffic too for your blog which is also helpful in making money online with your blog.

  1. Try to know customers mind

This is also a wonderful technique which you can consider as the customer or user of our website is the only those to whom we are maintaining the blog. You can add the frequently asked questions too in your website and blog. You can add those questions which you think that every user asking about them. If you hear them from many of the users then it will create a good chance that many people come to you for some good answer. Finding some good questions technique can be good way and helpful in choosing long tail keywords for your blog and website. You can make your content marketing strategy and target them for your users.

  1. Brand yourself in the mind of Users

In the real world, if someone asks then I would say that this will be technique which will make you to choose long tail keyword to your blog. You should make your website and blog according to user and then you will see a magic that they will automatically tell you which keyword is in their mind and what they are looking for. They will automatically make you aware that you should write about this type of topic and it will helpful to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website.

  1. Search Term Running is beneficial

This is method which needs a cost by finding many search terms or long tail keywords. In this method search campaigns run in Google Adwords (a paid product which run in search engine and shows paid results over the organic results). It is run over many search engines like Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Google etc. you can find a bulk of keywords by which your website is showing among users. It will give you an idea for which you can target your website among many users which is effectively work as long tail keywords. You can choose these long tail keywords for your blog and website. You come to know the Google Adword Support Guide to know more about how to choose long tail keywords.

Final Words -:

You will get those long tail keywords by many of the above said process and you will love your blog when you choose long tail keywords for your blog and website and target them among your content. Your target may be a good technique for making your blog traffic from various search engines friendly and give you big traffic from even United states too. This can’t be conclusion but will give you a good start for choosing the keyword. As in the starting of our post I told you that this is not a term which describe in internet marketing but it is evaluated by many seo experts.

I can only say this if you target long tail keywords in your blog then you can rank in seo without any backlink. And after following this post you can also get lots of ranking in search engine. Enjoy Blogging and be a professional blogger.

Great post!! For any website, we need to know certain tips and you have shared tips on it.Thank you very much for discussing sharing interesting’s very helpful to me .
thank u

No-Follow Links – Meaning, How And When To Use

No – Follow Links – An Overview

Meaning And Type Of Links – Nofollow And Dofollow

Links is the only method by which we can link 2 content or pages with each other. It may be defined as a relation with two page or two content words.

According to Type wise we can separate in two sections which are known as do-follow and no-follow. No-follow and do-follow both links are working same to connect with each other but when we talk about passing a link juice then no-follow doesn’t pass any link juice and do-follow link pass the link-juice. Do-follow and No-follow is not anything but an instruction for Google bot and spider that follow those links and pass link juice in do follow and don’t follow the link in no-follow.

No-follow Link Meaning and How and When to Use
No-follow Link Meaning and How and When to Use

No-follow and do-follow is known as a basic term and important term in search engine optimization (SEO) point of view. We have to properly use both the properties in our website and blog other Google can penalize our blog and website and then you have to recover from those penalties. I mean if you add any advertisement link with do-follow attribute and pass your link juice to his blog then Google will identify this as paid link and can penalize your blog permanently or temporary basis.

When To Add No-Follow Tag And What Is The Need To Add No-Follow Tag

It is very good and basic question which arise a lot in the mind of blogger and website owner that what is the need to add no-follow tag and when to add the no-follow tag to a link. Many people think that to give a no-follow tag to every link is good ideas which help in preventing passing the link juice. But I recommend don’t use of these no-follow tag in many links or so often as it’s a misconception to add no-follow over links everywhere. Do-follow link is not as bad when it is given to relevant content.

Today we are going to discuss when to add No-follow on your link -:

  1. Widget or Infographics -:

If you are using any widget or any type of infographics which contain keyword friendly external links then you should take care of using no-follow links with those anchor texts.

  1. Spammy Sites -:

If your sites links pointing such type of website which is spammy by nature then you should take care of adding a no-follow tag in such type of links.

  1. Affiliate or Ads links -:

If you are monetizing your website and adding any banner or text ads of any affiliate product then you should consider that those all links should be no-follow by nature. Many person using cloak affiliate linking techniques, you can also use that techniques.

  1. Paid Links -:

Many search engines like google penalize websites which buy or sell paid links, so when you are giving someone a paid link then always remember to give him with no-follow tag. In various penguin and panda update of Google, I have seen many website which is selling do-follow paid links. Even if you are selling any banner ads with external link, you should also take care that those all will be no-follow attribute.

  1. Other Methods -:

If you are using any other website link where you don’t want to pass the link juice of your website then you can add no-follow attribute with those links.

How to add No-follow Attribute to any website link

It is an easy task to add no-follow attribute with any external or internal links.

Normally Anchor text

Mirchi Blogger

But With No-follow Tag

Mirchi Blogger

It is simply clear that when you want to give no-follow attribute then you can use rel=”nofollow” with the anchor text.

Here you can have two methods to add no-follow in wordpress blog.

1. In the WordPress blog, you can add the no-follow attribute with going in text mode like below picture.

How to add no-follow in text tag of WordPress

2. If you are lazier like me then you can use a wordpress plugin too named as Ultimate no-follow, as it is good plugin and give an option to add no-follow or do-follow to any specific link.

How to add no-follow by link button and plugin of WordPress

Note -: It is strongly recommend that you should not use no-follow attribute with internal linking.

Final Words -:

Hope today you understand with internal linking and all about the attribute of no-follow and do-follow. You are now able to understand how to use linking and their attribute. If you still have any question then you can ask me in your comments. You can also like us on Facebook.