How To Earn Unlimited Money With Fiverr With Less Efforts

Fiverr is a great platform on which you can earn unlimited with a very less effort and very less work. Freelancers do many work on the fiverr and with a short of task they earn $5. This is a platform where many freelancer do their work, provide service and in return they get $5 for every task they perform.

Many new freelancer who want to start their business with no investment can work on fiverr and earn unlimited. Here you will search many services like link building, seo optimization, keyword ranking, ranking, page views services and many more. You can earn also if you can effectively do some work and provide services effectively more than other person.

How To Earn Unlimited Money With Fiverr
How To Earn Unlimited Money With Fiverr

Today we are going to share some methods for effective earning from Fiverr effectively and easily without doing more work.

How to Outsource Your Services on Fiverr -:

The easy way to earn on fiverr is outsource your services with lots of customers. This is the easy way to earn without doing work. You need to use some mind or doing smart work can give you lots of money on fiverr. While working with many clients, you need to search some clients who can give more than $5. Those clients can be found very easily as there are lots of person who can pay lots of money and don’t know reality and power of fiverr. They just avoid fiverr because they think that on fiverr, services are just given of low quality because they are given by just $5. So you can find them and earn $100 for just a simple task and it will increase your earning. If you got those clients and get their work then you can easily outsource your work on fiverr and can give the payment $5 from them and then deliver this work to your clients.

Today I am going to tell you the process by which you can effectively earn some money through fiverr. It has a way to find clients and then you outsource your work on fiverr but it is divided in two methods by which you can work and earn. In the first method you find your clients on fiverr and outsource on same platform fiverr but in the second method, you can make your own brand and get the client and then outsource it on fiverr.

First Method -:

In this method, you can create your own site and with search engine optimization and ranking you can get many orders which you can give to many fiverr users who are providing services at just $5. But in this method you have to do a proper marketing for your website so that you can get more and more clients.

Second method -:

In the second method you can get many customers from various platforms like facebook, twitter and fiverr itself that are ready to give more and more money for a simple task. So you can find there and then you can transfer that work to fiverr service providers on only at $5 and rest amount will be your profit.

Now I am going to tell you some steps by which you can earn unlimited with fiverr.

  1. Select any topic on which you can get a huge number of clients.
  2. You can make a website on which you can optimize a lot and can increase traffic too (optional).
  3. You can find many clients too from many other sources like facebook, twitter etc.
  4. Now just find some quality service provider who work with honesty at fiverr and transfer your work to them.
  5. Pay them only $5 and you will get profit which is rest after $5.

This all these method by which I get lots of work and make lots of money with blog and fiver both. I get many quality visitors on my website and when I optimize that I get traffic from many sources like social media as well. I get many leads which I transfer leter to my fiverr person and after paying him $5. I got a sufficient amount. You can also earn with fiverr unlimited with these techniques and tips. Enjoy your blogging and earning with Mirchi Blogger.

A Brief History of Google Panda Update

Google Panda – An Introduction And History

Today we are going to share some facts and history of Google Panda update which is known as content update of Google Algorithms. Google Panda update is most important for Bloggers as they have blogs which is full of content and this update checks all the aspects of Content.

Google regularly update its algorithms and protocols and regularly check websites according to those updates and give appreciation if it found good thing and penalize if it found bad things or not according to that update. Google launch many updates like Panda, penguin, Hummingbird, pigeon, local listing update, pirate and many other update which check different-2 aspects of various website and blog. These update is done to make their search engine richer content friendly with user friendly environment.

You can get to know about content marketing strategies.

In the beginning of year 2011, Google launch its panda update which was based on content of the website and it hit various websites. When it launch many websites lost their ranking in search engine and fall down from top to bottom. Many website coming at in top 10 results but after the roll out of first panda update, they are unable to see in first 500 results too.

A brief History Of Google Panda Update
A brief History Of Google Panda Update

If you are handling your blog, it become more important to know the updates which is recently launched and about to launch soon and try to understand which update can hit you. It will helpful for you to understand. But today we are talking about Google Panda Update and tell various other aspect of Google Panda update.

What is Google Panda Update ? Why Google Introduce This Update ?

As I said above, Google panda update is related with content based algorithm which check every aspect of content of the user website and blog which cover their quality like shallow, scraped, thickness, copied, so small article, only keyword mix content and many more.

Google introduce this update in early February 2011 and updating continuously time to time. Goggle introduce it for increase in user experience and fill their search engine with high quality content holder websites and blogs. Google is known as the best search engine in the world as it provides good quality websites and blog with good information. Some people just put some copied content and try to rank but panda update check all the spam and content of that website and penalize them.

A Brief history Of Google Panda Algorithm

Google firstly launch its panda update in 2011 with the name of “Panda 1.0” in the 4th week of February at 24th February. In these days Google Panda 4th series is rolling out.

  1. Google Panda 1.0

In the very first time when Google launch Panda update then named it with “Panda 1.0”. It was release and roll out from 24th February 2011. In the very first age, it was normally known as “Farmer’s Update” because in the very first age it affected and penalizes many content farm companies’ website. It affected many queries of the search engine as per official statement and as per the last news it affect approx. 11.8% queries. In this update a website name which was known as a big website in web 2 also effected.

  1. Google Panda 2.0

Panda update known for content update and penalize those types of content website and blog which don’t have quality content and we think that Google release “Panda 2.0” with this purpose with this purpose which is continues with the recent update. It is release on 11th April 2011. When its official statement releases then it says that this update affect English queries of approx. 2%.

  1. Google Panda 2.1 And 2.2

These update continuously enrolled over websites. When we talk about Panda 2.1, it roll out in 10th may 2011 and works on the rest queries which was remain from Panda 2.0 and affect very small number of queries. Panda 2.2 mainly effect those website which is known as scrapper site and ranking higher than the original content.

  1. Google Panda 2.3

In the month of July in 2011 this Google panda update 2.3 started rolling over website at 26. This update is mainly work for low quality content and the strategies and makes some guideline for measurement of good and quality website content and bad quality website content. This update of Google penalized low quality content website from the ranking and improve the high quality content websites and blogs.

  1. Google Panda 2.4

In the eighth month of 2011 and at the date of 16, this update of Google panda 2.4 start rolling over various ranked websites in search engines. It affects 6 to 9% U.S. English search queries and non-english both which exclude Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Giving proper ranking according to various languages is the main motive of this update.

  1. Panda 2.5 Update

This update doesn’t have official statement but we observed that this update happens and helped a lot to the quality and rich content websites. We are unable to observe how many queries are affected from this update.

  1. Google Panda 3.1

It was the first update comes with the boost of queries effecting approx. 1% comes in the month of November. It starts rolling from 18th November and changed some good queries results in search engine.

  1. Google Panda 3.2

In the 3 updation series, this update comes in the first month of New Year. This update starts rolling from 2012. This update is not for penalization but it rectify the search ranking of the various websites and brought some changes in indexation and give ranking to previous penalized websites.

  1. Google Panda 3.3 & 3.4

Google rolled out two algorithm update in the one month gap only. When you see Google Panda 3.3 then it release on 27th feb and and Panda 3.4 release on 23rd March 2012. It means Google launch two update in only 1 month gap. When we look over panda 3.3 then it focus on refreshing the system of Update whereas the panda 3.4 impact over content 1.6% of search results of English queries.

  1. Google Panda 3.5 and 3.6

These two update are rolled out in the gap of 1 week only and in the month of April, 2012. When we take panda 3.5 algorithm, it impacts a very less website and affect very less number of websites. And when we see the Panda 3.6 update and as per its official announcement its rolling purpose was not clear, and its impact was also very less.

  1. Google Panda 3.7

After the peace of May month, Google start its Panda 3.7 update on June 8, 2012. According to various announcement and reports, it effect 1% queries from U.S. and worldwide. This impact was huge from previous two rollouts.

  1. Google Panda 3.8

This algorithm updates start rolling out at 25th june 2012. This was not official announced but it change in data. This update impacts very less over search engine results.

  1. Google Panda 3.9 Update

After a very long time, Google start rolling out Panda 3.9 on 24th July 2013. It impact a lot in comparison to pervious some updates and affect 1% of queries. It was rolling many days but in 5-6 days it was fluctuated many results but shows no such huge impact.

  1. Major Update Google Panda 4.0

It flows over search results from 19th May 2014. It was a major content update and makes a big voice in the internet marketing. It affected a lot over huge number of website. It thrower many website from search engine and thousands of website has done down-ranked. It affected a huge number of queries as we expected it affect approx. 7.5% English query. It makes a big change in content websites.

  1. Google Panda 4.1

This is also a great update hit approx. 3-5% queries are affected which is officially confirmed and announced too. It release on 25th of September 2014.

These are many updates we seen in the Content based Google Panda Update. You can get to know how to recover from various penalties. Google update many minor update too which we are unable to detect but we face ranking fluctuation in our website traffic. Google update their algorithms time to time to make their search engine more quality. Hope this post will help you a lot. You can share this post too. Please share my this post too.

Useful and Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015

Hello Mirchors !

Till the date I start my blog, I got so many requests for writing some SEO tips for the New Year 2015. So I am writing this for my some active blogger and love to rank their blog post with SEO. Today we are going to introduce you Trending SEO tips of 2015.

What is Useful And Trending SEO

Trending SEO is term used for those SEO methods or news which is working or in news these days like these days SEO news is coming that Mobile friendly websites have lots of potentials that means SEO trending is mobile portable with some hash tags.

Useful And Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015
Useful And Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015

Many blogger take it lightly but it’s not like any game. You need to work hard for getting on top in search engine, just some backlink and some post is not enough for become on top of the search engines. So now we are going to tell you some techniques of trending SEO in the year 2015. Here we are having some following -:

Using Social Media

Social media is one of the major factor about which many person knows that Social signals never dead, but you have to take care while using it. Social sharing means the numbers of sharing by the people if they like them. If you think about me I personally recommend many of my mirchi blogger that they should make a social profile on some big social media network and share your post on regular basis. It will give you tons of traffic and social points.

Some search engines and their bots use some kind of artificial intelligence for the effective and powerful protocols and algorithms. And your blog links and post got some tremendous sharing then bots of search engines get some trust over your blog which will give you a plus point and give you some rank too. You can work on facebook, twitter and many other.

Long-Tail Keyword and Latent Semantic Indexing (LT & LSI)

I think every blogger understand about the Long tail keywords and Latest Semantic Indexing and well aware about how to use them properly for your blog and how to increase blog traffic and ranking in search engines. May be you don’t know all these facts then I will soon do a blog post for all of you about these techniques.

Now coming back to those who know all these facts then you can get your blog and its posts optimize by these techniques of Long-tail Keywords (LT keywords) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Doesn’t do keyword stuffing just add some LT and LSI keywords at the end of your post but just remember one thing that it should be related with the Title of the blog post.

Website should be Mobile Friendly

It is also one of the major factors which I have already told you in meaning of Trending of Seo. It means whenever you make a design or develops your website then you should make it with such feature that it open in every type of interface like mobile, tablet, Desktop computer, laptop and in every type of resolutions.

As every people of the world have phone and one out of 5 people has smartphone and one out of every seventeen people has their own tablet which they use regularly which is increasing regularly. It is clearly indicates that in some future time mobile and tablet will use more and more these devices then your blog should be more user interface portable means it should be open in every mobile and resolutions.

If you made your blog for money earning then it became more important that your website will be friendly for every type of interface. One of the major factor which you will love that Search engines like Google also love those blog which has all interface friendship and you can earning unlimited with your blog which is mobile friendly.

Google recently launched a testing tool which doesn’t have official name but it usually test your website for mobile friendly nature. Check this mobile-friendly tool of Google.

Url Should Be SEO-Friendly

This is also a key factor to become in news from search engines and users. It will make you in trends. It also gets some higher rank in seo and get one extra point from others. When they click on Url of the webpage, You will love it too. You will also see the option in various blogs so that you can customize it as according to the post. Parmalink is also an option for this.

Final Words.

So now I am closing this topic for now. I can suggest you only one thing that you should write for users instead of any bot, spider of search engines. I will also regularly update this post.

Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving ?

Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving – Some Facts and Techniques

Hello Mirchors !

Hey guys, I have generally seen that many person spend lots of time on the blog commenting but their most of the comments don’t get approve. Today we are going to discuss “why your blog comments not approving”.

Blog commenting is known as one of the best way to increase the backlink from niche website. If you comment over United State based blogs then you can also increase united state traffic too. Many people use it for taking a backlink for their own blog as it gives so many backlink without doing so much effort just you need to search a niche blog and comment over it with your blog link. It doesn’t only increase in your backlink but also helpful in improving your traffic.

Blog commenting has its own value so you should not do it only for backlink purpose. When you give a valuable comment on the post then you will surely get some traffic, attention and backlink too. As more attention from various blog reader will give you a surely get a new user to your blog. So ultimately it will increase user engagement, interaction and many more.

Why your blog comments not approving ?
Why your blog comments not approving ?

But this is the major issue that your blog comments are not approving so you should follow some guidelines which will surely give your blog comment approved from the blog owners. Here are some tips which you can get rid of the problem and you will get the answer of question “Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving”.

Avoid Niche Keywords in Name Field

Blog owners always love such type of comment which is real in nature like given by real people and actually express the feeling after reading the post. But many people while commenting on any other’s blog use such a name which doesn’t represent a real person. I personally have seen many person giving name like “blogging tips”, “Seo tips”, “precaution with google adsense” “duplicate content”, “Weight loss” etc. It is quite obvious that this name can’t be the name of any real person.

As per my opinion and on my blog, when I see the keywords as a name, I rarely read that comments which has a keyword in name. And not even me, many blogger do this that’s why you should avoid keyword in name field.

Solution -: You should not use keywords on name field. Many people use their blog name after @MirchiBlogger means Soma@mirchiblogger but I don’t think it is a good practice for commenting. Some blog owners don’t allow this type of name or keyword too.

Anchor Text In Comments

It may be possible that you comment on the post which is quite similar to your blog post. So you should not give the link of that post link on the web blog on which you are commenting. If you are regular commenter then only you can give that related post link otherwise you should avoid to give anchor text in your blog post.

Many blog owner delete that type of comments which contain anchor text even without reading as most of the blog owner don’t like those type of comment which contain anchor text. If you are a regular comment giver on any blog or you have a good connection with blog owner then you can put a link in comment but don’t make it your habbit.

Avoid One Line Comments

I really experience that a lot that many blogger don’t allow one line comments as many of my comments disapprove due to one line. So when you are commenting on any blog we should avoid one line comment too. Many blog comments which is quite common are generally not accepted by many of the blogger like

“You’re awesome”

“I recommend this blog to my brother”

“Great post. Thanks for sharing”

“Thanks for the Post” etc.

Generally many blogger don’t like these comments as this type of comments decrease in the quality of the blog post.

Solution -: If you want to comment on any blog you should try to write 2 to 3 lines. I think it is not a bad comment that you write “Thanks for sharing, great post” but we thought it is very common among any comments so blog owner generally think that it is robot produce comment.

Offensive and Illegal Comments

It is also giving a negative impact to the moderator or owner of blog, when s/he saw an offensive and illegal comment over her/his blog post.

But on the other side it is not bad thing when you disagree with any post like. When I see about myself I also like to know that which of my blog post you don’t like. And I appreciate it too. It is not means that I allow any abusive or any slag words or any personal attacks and when I see this type of attacks from any person, I just simply delete his all comments without reading them too.

Solution -: When you give any negative comment over any blog then don’t be so rude you can be polite and with a strong reason, you can say it to him.

Comments without a Gravatar

Many blog owners don’t delete comments when it doesn’t show any Gravatar but when a plugin name Akismet run over blog, it mark some valuable comments as spam which don’t have Gravatar.

It goes less chance to approve when your comment goes to spam as many blog owners look at the spam with a bird eye-view. So it reduces your chance to approve in comment.

Solution -: You can set a gravatar as it increase your chance to approve and adding a Gravatar is just a 2-3 minutes work so you can do it easily. It will not only build a brand and relationship but also increase traffic.

Final Words

If you are following many techniques and making your comment over any blog then your comment will surely get approval. I will suggest you that you can read comment policy of any particular blog if your comment is not approving even if you follow my all techniques and tips.

You can also advise us some suggestions by which we can understand why your blog comments not approving. Your valuable comments are always welcome to our blog.

April 6, 2015 at 5:29 am

I think one should read the article first before commenting & if your wish is just to comment for getting a link at least read the main points like Heading, Sub Heads etc to comment accordingly. This make your chances very high to get your comment(s) approved.

I think genuine content is also matter a lot for most of the times. But i must say that you given a very correct approach. Thank you so much for such awesome post.

How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months – Google PR Secrets Revealed

Hello Mirchors !

Today I am going to reveal a secret to know “how to boost page rank” in only 3 month of hard work with some techniques and methods. As everybody knows for any website or blog, it becomes a dream to increase the page rank in very quick period of time.

It is most required factor for every blogger to rank their website and blog in this Google page rank. Page rank check many factor of any website and work accordingly like site and its pages authority, traffic, site reputation, internal linking, website performance, demand, any type of penalties by google, Backlink from reputed websites etc.

What is Page Rank ?

According to my thinking page rank is rank of overall performance of any website in the particular search engine means how a website perform and earn reputation in search engine become its Page Rank. It can be decided by voting too.

Today I will tell you how to boose Pagerank within 3 months of time and how it is possible for blog and how to implement these methods and process on our blog.

how to boost the google page rank
how to boost the google page rank

How to Boost PageRank within 3 Months:

You should follow all the techniques and methods on your blog so that you can get maximum page rank on your blog. Today we are going to tell you some secrets which is also known as some guideline by which you can improve you page rank within 3 months.

High Quality And Unique Content

This is the first and last thing actually because for a website, quality content with uniqueness is like a king. It became so much important because many site will give you backlinks too when you provide high quality content and information. It means people link to your blog and website and let everyone to know about your quality work. Good and eye catchy title is also important with your quality content. you can make content strategies too.

You can get to know about content marketing click here.

You will be wondering to know which factor is responsible for this. But yes this is fact as if you really have good content in your website, people love to give you some backlink too and the SEO juice will flow to your website. It will never be make any difference whether you have any short content or long content.

After writing the content, you should also check your content whether it is duplicate or not, whether you written a good content or not.

Blog Commenting

If you want to get good page rank and have your blog in wordpress then your wish can be completed in very less effort. You can just search some niche blog and comment on them frequently. It is more useful to explore your blog among the other blog readers. You should not mind whether you are getting do follow or no follow. But any type of content will be more useful for you to get some better explore. It is also helpful in getting some high quality backlink too so don’t miss this chance and boost the page rank in 3 months only.

Using High PR Sites

If you has any website which is of the high page rank then you can get a backlink. A high Page rank website can give a high quality backlink with some passing link juice. It will become more helpful for your website and blog because the link juice from the high PR website will give more strength for your website but you should take care about only one thing that the backlink from the site should be from the niche website only. It means when you taking the backlink from any website then you should take care that it should be from a related or niche website only otherwise it will become useless for you.

High Quality Directory Submission

This is also a good part which has many questions in the blogger’s mind which is unanswered yet. Today we are going to discuss this part too because it is also helpful in increase page rank. Many people ask is submission in high Pagerank (PR) directory helpful or not, is do-follow directory helpful or high PR directory helpful. In my point of view and experience, I feel high pr directory does a lot for getting a high link juice and drive a good quality traffic and backlink both.

You should search a good quality and trusted directory and then only submit your blog in the list of that directory. It become a difficult task to search a trusted and high quality directory. You can submit your blog in atleast 20 to 25 directories and you should also focus whether your blog are getting spammy link or taking quality link. I think you can also submit in some tusted directory like yahoo directory and dmoz etc.

Guest Blog Post/ Article

This is also form a very important role because when you get to know how to boost your page rank, you should take care many factors. It is also an important factor that you write a blog post for a high PR website and blog and link your blog post with it. But with writing a guest post and giving link to your own blog try to look a factor that you should link that post with the niche post of your blog. It means if you writing about precaution and methods of google adsense then you should only link it with tips for success in google adsense which is quite related with the guest post.

Some of the blog owners change the links of guest post from do-follow to no-follow. It is against the rules of guest blogging and when we talk about ethics we should know that these type of activities are against the ethics of Google Guest Posts.

Balance Your Do-follow And No-follow Attribute

This is a very important part which is normally not known by many blogger and website owners. In many google updates, it is comes in the eyes of many experts that you should balance your links quantity and type like you should maintain a proper ration between do-follow and no-follow which should be properly implemented between lots of quality internal linking. You can also give do-follow link to your internal links which is related to the niche blog post in which you are linking. When we talk about the no-follow links then don’t try to give any backlink to any spammy site just try to get from link from some reputed site which may be no-follow.

Now comes on main point which we are discussing that we should maintain the link ratio of the blog which you are taking from many website means you have to maintain a ratio in do-follow and no-follow. I generally feel when we talk about ideal ratio between do-follow and no-follow is like 70:30 among all links.

Good Server And Top Level Domain

Make sure that your server and domain is good enough to get boost your page rank within 3 months. You domain should be a top level domain and it doesn’t matter from which domain seller you have purchase or whether you purchase cheap or not but your domain must be TLD. Same as domain, your hosting must also good and it provider have a value. I personally experience, if your server provider is not good or spam hosting provider then your website will never grow and get page rank authority this is my promise to you.

Try to remove google penalties

You should also take that which google update is rolling out in the present age and whether your website is effecting or not. When you checking about whether your website is effecting with any penalties or not then you should check deeply and if you found that you are penalize with any Google algorithms like panda and penguin then you should try to recover from the google penalties.

Last Words

Today we discuss many factors which are helpful in boost the page rank in 3 month. You should take care of these facts and techniques and if you follow then you will surely get a quick improve in page rank in a very small period of time. You can also share our blog to your near and dear ones who loves blogging with Mirchi Blogger.

April 6, 2015 at 2:36 am

Very excellent article hope it really works. But how can we know when pr will be updates??

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes Quickly In 2015

Hello Mirchors…..!!!!

This is very attractive and mostly asked question about social media that how to increase likes on facebook quickly in 2015. Many of the blogger suggest many ways for increasing the likes and follower of your business and private pages. In which many methods are fake and some methods are very time taking but some time we need to start our blog and want to add more value to it so we need more likes on our page so that we add more value to our blog through that page.

how to increase facebook page likes
how to increase facebook page likes

Increasing in the Facebook like makes a very good impact over the readers of your blog and they takes interest in your blog. It will helpful in gaining a very good traffic to your page and it will increase more readers. It will also helpful for you that you can also get more and more reader over your blog. It also helpful in boost your blog traffic and helpful in gaining ranking too. So today we are going to tell how to increase Facebook likes quickly in 2015.

Some Tips how to increase likes on Facebook in 2015

Today we are going to share many methods, tricks, techniques by which you can increase Facebook page likes so that you can attract many of your users to you. If you follow all the techniques, you will get some massive likes on your Facebook page. So now I don’t want to take more time and come back to the techniques to increase facebook likes quickly in 2015.

Paid Methods how to increase likes on Facebook Quickly In 2015

Facebook Paid Marketing

This is one of the best methods but have a little cost because you have to pay for these likes. This method or technique is known as the one the trusted technique as you make a campaign for you Facebook page and promote it for likes. People see your campaign and if they like your page then they like it. Once they like it then only you have to pay to Facebook. In our previous post you also read facebook marketing and its strategies.

When any user likes any page then he gets some suggestion from Facebook which is known as recommended by Facebook. It will see only when the page owners or webmasters paid for that. This is good paid method for increase facebook likes.

Buying The Facebook Likes

This is the method which also comes in paid marketing but in this method we make campaign in third party website from where we pay for the likes. There are many third party online marketing services which offer many low cost likes for our page. One of my favorite website which I recommend to many people or blogger who asked that is These websites offer like at a low cost price.

Free Methods How to increase likes on Facebook Quickly In 2015

Updation is a Key Of All increasing

In these type of methods, it is best method I think because if your page updated then you will surely get many likes automatically because every blogger or is from niche of your field need updated content. Your updated content will give them more and more exposure among readers or those who like your facebook page or profile. Update profile and page will helpful to know how to increase likes on facebook in 2015.

There is one more benefit for regular and updated content will attract more customers or readers because when you update any content, it will automatically post on liker’s wall and if they share and like that then their friends also get the information.

Share Your Facebook Page In Various Niche Groups

You can share your Facebook page in many different Facebook Groups too which is helpful to increase your thousands of likes on your page. But remember only one thing, that you should only share your blog’s page url in the niche group otherwise it will not helpful for your page.

Installing Facebook Likes Widget

If you handling a blog having good traffic then you can also increase Facebook likes. It have some secret too which normally many of the blogger don’t know. If you have a blog having good traffic then you can use it for increasing your facebook likes. There are many embed code which you can use in your blog posts and sidebars.

When you paste a code for your page in your blog it will show some boxes and like button on your blog. If your reader see this and find more helpful then surely they like the like button and it automatically like your facebook page in their profile. There is no matter to open the page at that time in seprate or same window, they can like your page without opening it.

You can find facebook like box, facebook pop up box and facebook thumb box like and many more. There is secret too, it means if you use facebook pop up box on your website then you can compel your reader to like your page first before entering your website. So it will increase your like at a high speed. But generally I don’t like this method of compelling because it reduce the user experience.

Invite More And More Facebook Friends

This is also a good method by which you can increase your Facebook likes quickly in 2015. When using this technique you should go your facebook page of your blog and in the left hand side you will see an invite your friend option in which you see your friends to which you can invite to like your page. When you click all the friends of the first fold it will show more friends of yours. You can send as many as you can. More and more friends will love to like your page and will get the answer of how to increase likes on facebook.

Use Tools Like Add Me Fast

You can use many tools too which is helpful for the increasing the facebook likes immediately and quickly. But remember only one thing that these likes are only done for earning points on that particular tool like Add me fast so you will never get benefit from these peoples. This is best method for increase Facebook likes very quickly.

It is for sure that you can increase your facebook like quickly in 2015 by hundreds or thousands of times. You just register on these websites and you have to earn points on different page likes and many others. Then you can spend these points for your own campaign. Tools will get to know how to increase likes on facebook.

Last Words -:

You can also share your views and methods which you follow to increase the Facebook fan page likes instantly and quickly of your blog page. We hope our blog post is always helpful for you. You can also comment us for which part you have followed too earlier. But this is the request if you like this post then can you please share it various plateform like google+, Facebook and many others. Thank You for reading Mirchors.

How To Apply With BuySellAds (BSA) – Precautions And Methods

How To Apply With BuySellAds (BSA) – A complete guide

Buy sell ads don’t need any introduction as in a very small period of time, it got its highest peak. To be a successful publisher of buysellads, many blogger and webmasters do a toughest job but after their so much effort, they are unable to get the account from them. BSA moderators rarely approve the account as they got thousands of requests daily.

Let me very clear that it is not an easy task to get the account from them as they always give their account after a proper checking of the website quality and performance. Buysellads has very restricted policy which must be following by all the publishers before getting approval from the moderators as they check it properly and deeply analysis that website. These are the same reasons due to which many of the blogger and publishers who have a very quality blog left the blogging and moved to many of other alternatives. As the competition is going hard and harder day by day so it’s becoming harder for taking an approved account.

Today we are going to discuss some methods and precaution which you should take in mind before apply for buysellads and get approval.

What is BuySellAds?

Buysellads don’t need any introduction in the field of advertisement or affiliate marketing because in a very small period of time, it becomes so much popular. It is founded in the year of 2008 and gains a huge fan following till 2013 and now its most demanding platform among blogger and website owners. As other ads agencies, it also performs a big role between publishers and advertisers and earns commission. But advertiser and publishers love this network as both of them have completely freedom for ads showing with high profit. As a publisher, you must have a professional and good quality content website as their needs for a blog is very high. They have their own quality standard and never break them.

Minimum requirement to apply with BuySellAds(BSA)

According to many blogger and publisher, who is observing BuySellAds(BSA) from a long time told us many requirement for applying to this network but as per my opinion, I short list some basic requirement which I observed too. Today we are going to tell you some basic or minimum requirements which you should follow before applying to their ads.

  1. You Blog must be at TLD (Top Level Domain) as they don’t accept .blogspot or free domain like .tk or any subdomains. You can purchase cheap domain from here too.
  2. When you want to get approval from BuySellAds, you need to have 50,000 page impressions means these impression must be on the all pages of the particular website or blog. It means you have to get a high number of website traffic on your website and blog. you can also increase traffic from united state.
  3. Third requirement is on the base of uniqueness of the visitor of your blog. When you are finding the right way for how to apply with then you must have such blog which must have at least 1000 unique visitors and it should not less than these number every day.
  4. A professional design template need lots more attention so you should be ready for your design and developed your website well. They need some awesome designed template.
  5. Don’t make your blog a house of ads because they not only decrease the speed of loading time the blog but also decrease the impression in the eyes of moderators.
  6. Your blog must not have any illegal or banned or porn type content, video, images etc.
  7. You blog and website does not have any error or any loading issue like poor loading time, internal error or any error in internal linking structure etc.
  8. You should also check your website for unique content too. You can check duplicate content in your website and then replace them with the original content.

Steps of Apply With BuySellAds

Now we have seen the minimum requirement of Buysellads, which you must have in your blog and website before sending application to BuySellAds. Now I have shortlisted some of the steps which you can follow while filling the application form of BuySellAds. Let me tell you how to apply with buysellads(BSA).

Step Ist -: Ensure To Fulfill Their Basic Criteria

Ensure that your blog fulfill all the basic requirement for BuySellAds because it is our prior task to ensure while we are going to know how to apply with BuySellAds(BSA). Due to very strict policies of BSA, they never compromise with any blog who don’t fulfill their criteria.

Step 2nd -: Apply and register Your Free Account

In this second step, you have to apply for a free account on the website by just clicking on sign-up button. Remember only one thing while you are filling the details in the form that you should try to fill all the detail correctly like your First and last name, Email address etc.

BuySellAds Free Account
BuySellAds Free Account

Now just click on “I Agree” check box and complete your registration. It will agree all the terms of the BuySellAds but I recommend you to read all the terms carefully which is helpful to you to understand about their basic principles. And press “Create An Account” Button. It will send you a verification mail on your mail box.

Step 3rd -:Apply The BuySellAds Publisher Account

After completion the BSA account registration, you have to apply for your publisher account by entering the email address and password. You have to select the small publisher and process the next step where you have to fill the all the details about our website. You should take care some precaution while you are filling information for publisher account. It is very important in the whole when you getting to know how to apply with BuySellAds.

BuySellAds Free Publisher Account
BuySellAds Free Publisher Account

There precautions are as follows -:

  1. Website Title -:

    This field is very important as you have to fill only 27 characters. You have to fill your full and informative title in this field. In this small small limit of character, I generally recommend that you write your title without spaces means when you write “Mirchi Blogger” write only “mirchiblogger” it will save 1 character.

  2. Website URL -:

    This is the field which is for the url of the home page of your website. You should not include http:// or https:// with your domain name.

  3. Website Description -:

    This is the description of the website and without a limit means you can write as many character as you want in description tag. I was reading a survey of BuySellAds over internet and it says that there are 20% applications rejected due to description tag so make your website a good and attractive and unique description of the web page of this tag. I recommend everyone to write a full professionally as it is important factor for the approval which must be related to niche of your blog.

  4. Selection of proper Channel -:

    Most of the blogger feel laziness while they are selecting the channel of the blog niche. When we see its working effect, then I think that it’s a most powerful selection as I feel that moderator check it specially and they make their most of the mind after seeing this. So you should carefully select this option. You can select business and marketing option if your blog niche is all about teaching of make money online or adsense earning etc. and you should go for technology channel when your blog is all about devices and mobiles or laptops.

  5. Average Monthly Impressions -:

    It is also an important point as I have already told you about that they need 50,000 monthly searches before approval. So your website will have more than that.

Now it’s a turn from BuysellAds Moderators who will check your website and the application which you submitted but I can assure you that if you write all the things professionally then I am sure you will surely get approval. But if you are rejected then don’t feel bad, you have another chance in next six to eight month after your rejection.

Do you have 2 more minutes

Hello Mirchor! It have no doubt about that BuySellAds is very big network and establish their own identity in network marketing. But your earning can never stop from rejection of their application. You can also choose Google Adsense, Affiliate networks and many other methods of making money online.

If you like this post, than you can share it on various social media plateform. It will helpful for us to give information to all the other publishers.

How to Fix Site Does Not Comply With Google Adsense Policies

How to Fix: “Site Does Not Comply With AdSense Policies…”

I remember those days when we apply our blogs just by adding some pics and Google easily approve those blogs. But in the modern age of Google and us, when there are lakhs of blogs have been created and hundreds of blog creating daily and everyone want Adsense approval and want to earn huge money but it’s become too hard to approve as they reject many applications daily.

How To Fix Site Does Not Comply With Google Adsense Policies
How To Fix Site Does Not Comply With Google Adsense Policies

Today we are going to discuss such an e-mail which generally sanded by Google when Google reject the application of site owners for approval of Google Adsense and says “Site Does Not Comply With Adsense Policies”. Today we are going to discuss some matters which should be resolve before apply with Adsense otherwise they can send you this mail as the e-mail doesn’t mention the exact problem they see in your website.

You will find a mail like this :-

Issues: Site does not comply with Google policies
Further detail: Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because we feel that your site does not comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill these criteria.

This message does not mentioned any problem about which we can improve in our website so it’s very hard to know that what exactly the problem with our website they feel for approving our website for Adsense.

Today we are going to discuss which can be helpful for you to understand about the issue which Google team see in our website and send this type of messages to us.

 How to Fix : Site Does Not Comply With AdSense Policies…?

  • Structure Of Your Blog

In my opinion, blog structure is most important when blog structure is good it’s become so much helpful for getting good traffic and even it will be helpful for boost so much in search ranking. When you apply for account of Google Adsense then their bots crawl to your website and blog and check their theme and template and if it found any error or any broken or poorly performing then Team of Google Adsense can reject your approval request.

Solution -: to solve this issue, you should use a lighter theme which has high page speed. If you are using any templates then you should minimize the all type of scripts like java, jquery and css for just improvement of the speed of the website and pages. You can also use some widgets for recent posts and popular post etc. it will be more helpful for getting maximum information about the blog. You should also work for internal linking too because effectiveness of internal linking makes a big difference over the ranking in search engines.

  • Your Blog’s Traffic Source

Many persons claiming that they can approve your Adsense account even if you don’t have traffic on your website. But I think that if you don’t have atleast 100 page-views on your website, you should not apply for adsense as if you don’t have enough traffic then what is the use of Adsense. Google Adsense promote the sponsored ads so they need some sales, clicks and impression which can increase in the sales of the advertiser company.

Solution -: I think you should promote your website over various plateform like social media and various other so that you can get some traffic which also helpful in getting approval.

  • Content Type

After experience lots of years in blogging, I feel that content is always a king for every website and blog. You should write some unique and different content for your website so that everyone able to find some new and unique concept in your website. It will bound users to come on your website again and again, he will keep visiting your website time to time in supposed to get some new updates. You should write some unique and new content which is supported by Adsense policies.

Solution -: Write Adsense supportive language only on your blog and website. It will be unique, genuine and the most important it would not be about any copyrighted. You must write according to guideline of Google Adsense like you should not write content that advocates against any group or individual or organization, adult content, Drug, tobacco related or alcohol related content, Hacking tips, hacking tricks, cracking tricks etc, Weapon related, Violent type contents and other illegal content. You can get some information just click here.

You can check some tools for 5 duplicate content checker tools.

  • Blog Niche

According to the approval of Google Adsense, many people feel that blog niche is not so important but I feel that this assumption is not right and it also matter that blog niche is as equal important as the design and content of blog as we feel that advertiser loves those blogs which has same type of content to which their ads are related. You can check blog niche too.

Solution -: It’s a very easy to get approve those blog which is related to consumers like if you have two blog one is personal talking sharing blog and second one is technology blog then it’s a very big chance to get approval faster on technology blog instead of Personal blog. And it is also important to add niche keyword in the blog.

  • Policy Updates

Google is very strict about their policies like security, user information, tracking with all other works which is related to user directly or indirectly. You should also take care of these policies. In my blogging seminars, i generally recommend all the bloggers to add private policy page in your website before applying to Google Adsense. You can also prepare it or generate it online too. You can go here Online Adsense Privacy Policy Generator.

Solution -: If you want to apply for Adsense then you should add a privacy policy page in your website and then you can apply. It will increase the chance of getting approval.

  • Link Building

Most of the blogger which is beginner or expert don’t even know that backlinks plays an important role for approval or rejection of the blog to google adsense. You will love to know that your backlinks and links of the blog plays a major role of acceptance and rejection by the team of Google.

Solutions -: Try to make good and quality links of the website. You should focus on the links quality not quantity. It should not be spammy and abusive.

  • Abusive Google Products

Last year I was promoting software which allow download videos from Youtube and I applied for Google Adsense but I got the message “Publishers aren’t allowed to place ads on sites that abuse Google products”. It’s clearly means that Adsense team and policies don’t want any abuses Google Products like Youtube, Gmail, Drives, Picasa etc. So you should avoid any Google product abuse before applying with Google Adsense.

You can also check some reasons for which you can be banned in google adsense and how you can recover.

Conclusion -:

I try to mention some points which i try many times during my practice of approval to Google Adsense. I mentioned some points but expect some points which all of you observes. You can discuss with me too in comment box. I love feedback from you.

Think you’ve touched all the necessary precautions and steps to take to have a Hosted Adsense Account approved

I need to share this with fellow bloggers seeking to get their approved Adsense now


September 5, 2015 at 1:11 pm

Hello admin,
This is my site and I can’t able to approve in google.. I passed first step but I can’t able to pass second step review.. Google always telling your site does not comply with google policies.. Can you help me to find the way to get approval by adsense.. Btw can you review our site and tell me what is the problem violating google policies.. I did everything but if you help me then I will be glad to know every tips from you..

October 4, 2015 at 6:53 am

Thanks for such a useful content. Here is my blog link and i need your suggestion to make it comply with adsense.

October 8, 2015 at 2:30 am

i open your domain and it’s look was have google ads. I got notice rejected from google SITE DOES NOT COMPLY WITH GOOGLE POLICIES.

Please review my blog and what do you think problems about google policies ?

January 8, 2016 at 12:40 pm

I also get this issues, I hope this article can help me to get approval from adsense.


I am also facing the same issue, please help me bro how I approve my adsense account.

March 8, 2017 at 2:25 pm

i get daliy 50 visitors on my website and i have all the required pages om my website to be required for Adsense Approval. So Please have a look into my website.
it will be much appreciated if you could.


May 28, 2017 at 10:06 am

I get more than 300 visitors a day and my blog is 1 year old but i didnt get AdSense approval till now im getting this error Site Does Not Comply With Google Adsense Policies

Bro first check have you added mandatory pages too like privacy policy etc too

My adsense recently banned because of invalid clicks, please help me.

How can i help….you cant recover your adsense buddy as they have zero tolerance in this case.

Hi Guys,
I have second time disapproved from google adsense. don’t know exactly why? can help someone to short out this issue.
Website topwider[dot]com
1. No copyrighted or plagiarized content used. All the contents are written by my content writer.
2. All the used images are giving proper credits.

Google Adsense Disapprove message:
Please fix the issues we found so we can proceed with connecting your site.
We found some policy violations on your site, topwider[dot]com. We can’t serve ads on your site until you fix these issues below. View our Content Policies or visit our Help Centre for more information.
How would you like to fix this?
1. I confirm that I’ve resolved the policy issues on topwider[.]com
2. I would like to use a different site for AdSense

Thanks in advance.

April 8, 2018 at 8:13 pm

Hello! My AdSense account got disapproved twice because of this reason, though I don’t get it? I don’t use copyrighted material and my blog theme looks functional to me, can you please suggest me the actions I should take now before reapplying? Thank you.

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties

Top 12 Reasons How to recover from the Google penalties like panda and penguin

Google regularly launch many updates from over many protocol and algorithms like Google panda and Penguins etc. These updates work on various aspects of any website and their backlinks as well. Google checks all these aspects like spamming etc. and immediately penalize them if they found any wrong thing on and with any website. These penalize can be high according to illegal activities of the website and blog.

On any major algorithm change, Google announce the query impact like 2.3%, 4.2% in US-Search queries, which comes with the big costly for many users when they penalize by search engines. Today we will let you know how to recover from the Google Penalties like Panda and Penguin and get to know why you are not recovering from Google Penalties.

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties Like Panda And Penguin
Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties Like Panda And Penguin

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From Google Penalties

I found many web blogs and website owners who have stopped their articles posting on their blog and websites. And it is understandable that they are running their blog and it is penalize by search engines, you can also see their blog post quality. But without wasting any time, we are going to discuss our main point for which I have started this post. Today we are going to discuss that we why many people don’t recover from Google Penalties and how to recover from them.

Before discussing the main point try to understand which is the main problem comes in the way which create problem in recovering from goggle penalties. According to me there are many issues which you can see like internal link as inbound and outbound link except traffic and page views.

Let us consider (I am sorry firstly) that your blog or website has been penalized by any of the update or algorithm of search engines. Now what is the first thing what will u check and will you stop the writing any further articles, and search a lot over the internet for better recovery option.

But according to me, this is the bad idea for recovering from any penalty and you should continue your post to posting over website. If you stop posting then you can loose your regular reader who are reading your blog for updated news. This is the first thing you should consider that your regular reader comes to your blog only for some new and unique content but when you stopped the content posting, they will not come again and avoid your blog.

Many blogger and blog owner invite content or pay for unique contents from different-2 publishers. So if you want to recover your blog from and Google algorithms and penalties. So you should always give your work to some professionals.

Now coming back to the some main point you should follow for recovering your blog from Google penalties.

  1. Paid Link -:

Many blogger are smart while doing the work as they keep all the paid link record in a excel worksheet and regularly or on a time period check them manually. They keep record for their period of work means they also record the time of the period for which time they purchase. It means when you record the time of the post, you should also record the time of the link means you purchase for 1 year or life time.

So when your site is panelized then you can check these links whether you posted your link on any website which is panelize so you can easily detect that weak point of your blog in respect to backlink.

  1. Manual Cleaning

Most of us don’t understand the importance of manual cleaning of the backlinks which comes automatically. We can use the disavow tool of the Google webmaster tool.

As we all know webmaster tool of Google is very important according to check our web presence and we disavow tool is very good tool in the webmaster. You can make a list of links which is bad links of the website or those links which can harm our website and submit that in the webmaster. I personally seen that it is not so quick to clean our bad links, it takes approx. 4 to 12 month to clean all the spammy links.

You can work on

  1. Google Reconsideration Request -:

If your site is panelized then you can go with the Google reconsideration request for its own. When your site is panelized and you get a warning from Google that your site is panelized for unnatural link then you can give a manual request to Google which is known as reconsideration request.

Before giving this request, you should take care of this that your website is penalized by unnatural link otherwise before knowing the fact, submission of this type of request may cause a double penalty over your blog and website.

  1. Avoid General And Irrelevant Guest Post

You should avoid the irrelevant blog post because these will not give you ranking and can harm you. When any (Google and other search engine) roll over your website and blog, they always loves to crawl related guest post, but when they found irrelevant blog post search engine may confuse about the niche of your blog. It may decrease the ranking of your blog.

Check Out Some Stuff Regarding Adsense Earning.

  1. Disavow all the bad links or related link

You should also check your backlink from different website. If you have any bad link from any website which is not related with your website then you should disavow that link. Firstly you should check all the links which is detected by many of the platforms like Backlinkwatch or google webmaster then you should consider whather that website or link is related with your website or not.

If your link is related with your website then you can leave it but if you found that your that link is not related with your blog then you should surely disavow that link. You can made some backlink too on high authority website for this you can also spend some money. It will not only increase your website capability but also increase ranking in various search engines.

  1. Submission

Don’t make too much backlinks as sometime we become so smart and make our blog life in danger. Many time we just put our blog links in some of the bad directories and some other website which is in blacklist of the search engine. It make us also backlisted among all search engine.

Due to these entire things we can get panelized by search engine so we have to do proper investigation about the blog and website to which we are going put our article. It should be proper optimized, high ranked, properly maintained etc.

  1. Footer And Blogrolls Links -:

If you taking link from any site like in the footer many website designer companies give their link of their website. Google generally hates these type of links as they are lack of relevancy and give a negative user experience too. Google and other search engine normally don’t like these types of links but if you have to give these links then you should mention them as a “no-follow” link.

Check Out Our Latest Post – : Top 7 Things To Do For Blogging 

  1. Bad and insufficient content

There was a time when search engines don’t check the content too much but in this time it is very hard to give a quality and unique content to which search engine like. As the search engine is very smart now a days and check each and every aspect of website and its content. Search engines hate bad and insufficient content of your website and they can panelize website pages and whole of website. You will be loved by search engine and social networks if you write quality and good content.

  1. Avoid Spam Commenting

For a better blogging experience, you should avoid the spam comments of your website which is arriving and arrived already. You should delete all the comments which is looking spam and not related with your blog post.

You can also get benefit from comment marketing too. Many blogger also using this method smartly and working regularly on these techniques. But you should avoid the spamming of comments as search engine hates the comment spamming and give your blog name in black list. We give some techniques on the comment marketing like

  1. Try to engage the user in the blog and give multiple comment on single blog post.
  2. Give multiple comments.
  3. You can also insert links in comment.
  4. You can engage in some long conversion which may be useful or not.
  5. Comment which is done for backlink. Don’t try to approve them.

These are some tips which don’t give you any harm from Google and can tell you how to recover from Google penalties.

You can also check -: How To Do SEO Without Backlinks

  1. No Links of High Quality

If your blog is not getting quality links (do-follow and no-follow) then search engine will not give such importance to your blog. If your blog and website is penalized then you should make some high quality backlinks for your blog as it will be helpful for your blog for recovery. This is known as one the best tools you can use for recover from the Google penalties.

  1. Bad Neighborhood

If your site is linked with dangerous site or bad or illegal site or banned site then you will never supposed to recover from the Google penalties. Many times I have seen that many blogs are connected with many spam forums and blogs which are giving links to website and give so many links which become spam when they penalize. So if the Google detect our website in such linking then it will not permissible from that site.

  1. No Social Engagement

Social media not penalize so easily to any website or any links. So you can do many activities over social media and if your website and blog is not linked with social media then it is always consider that your website is low authority according to Google. You should have big influence over different social media network for your website and blog.

So when you website and blog is penalize by Google algorithms then you can increase your social influence and can get ranking back. You can easily recover from Google penalties.

Final Word Of Two Words -:

Don’t worries about the loss occur on the traffic and ranking after Google penalties you will get that back soon? If you follow these steps which is really helps you a lot from comeback recover from the google penalties. Internal link and other working techniques will help you a lot. And now please share this post over your various social networks and feel free to ask any thing which comes in your mind in the comment box.

August 2, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Hiii Blogger, Really nice and useful Information. Every blogger should consider this things to get good rank in google.

August 7, 2015 at 11:47 am

Well, First of all, it’s not an easy task to get to know, whether our blog is penalized or not, unless, we are experience. I faced the same problem, when i started my career, that time, one of my blog got penalized due to low quality content, but I continued working on it, without knowing that it was penalized, but with experience, I recovered that blog perfect and it started ranking well on Google after the recent Panda Refresh. But, One thing I should say, recovering from Panda or Penguin can take some time, considering how much low quality content we have on our site, so it took few months for me. So, I will advice to all those who are looking recover their blog Google penalty, work smartly and keep patience. It’s the best way to do so. Btw, a very well written Post. Cheers.

bro i have bought a domain ( can you please help in checking that it is penalized or not.. because it is not getting indexed in google.

October 21, 2016 at 3:58 am

its very bad to get into penalty of google. it cracks all your efforts into a shit. i also experienced it with one of the best domain i had.

November 8, 2017 at 8:38 am

Its a bod news for everyone when google add plenty to you. After reading this post Now I am able to get out of google penalties. Keep posting this types of article I really love it.

How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo

Hello Mirchors (Mirchi Readers), Today I am going to discuss with you a most important topic which is the mostly asked questions among bloggers that “how to add niche keywords in your blog post for better search engine optimization(SEO)”.

Today we are going to discuss niche keyword placement in our post because it is most important for any post to rank in search engines. If your blog post is rich with keywords then your post will rank higher and it will get huge amount of traffic which will be completely organic. When you have written a blog post then what is the use for this post if it is not getting targeted and huge traffic. So for getting some quality and getting organic traffic, you must write the blog and add niche keyword in your blog post.

How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo
How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo

Today I am going to give you some techniques by which you can write seo optimized article for search engines and add niche keyword in your blog post and tell you where you should add the keyword in your blog post.

Title Of Your Blog Post

This is the one of the most important place which Google see at first when it come to your blog and gives a value if it is effectively written. So it becomes important to give your keyword in the title of the blog post. As I experience search engines loves the effective title of the blog and give preference too. So it is most important to write effective title tag of the blog post and adding niche keywords in blog post. It will give you huge traffic from the search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing Etc.

Put The Keywords In Beginning And Ending

It is also make a difference when you add niche keywords in blog post for better SEO in beginning and ending of the main content blog. You can add keywords in starting and ending paragraph too. This is the two sections which you should always remember while writing your blog post first is first paragraph and second is last paragraph where you have to add your niche keywords. Better optimized blog post gives you increase traffic and high page ranking both.

You can add more targeted words in the first and last paragraph of the blog. But remember one thing that those keywords must not look like a crowded means a reader who comes on the post should not feel monotonous by your blog post.

Check Our Content Strategy Too.

Rich Keyword Friendly Image Alt Tag, Title And Name Attribute

It is also become more important if you have image in your blog post then you can add your niche keywords in the blog post. As every blogger knows that image makes your blog post more attractive and eye-catchy so when you add the image in your post then you can add keywords in the Alt, Title tag and name attribute of that image. One more thing you should focus that your image name must not have white spaces. You can use hyphen(-) instead of white space. First write a keyword rich name of that image, then upload in the blog post and give an attractive and keyword friendly alt tag and title tag.

Add Keyword in Post’s URL or Permalink

Permalink becomes the URL of that particular blog post so you should write your keywords in the permalink of the post. This is known as the killed location to add niche keyword in your blog post as if you want to fully optimize your blog post then you have to add your keywords in the permalinks. If you added your keywords in the blog permalinks then you will get full advantage from that post. It’s good to add niche keyword in blog post URL or permalink.

You can set it as default then it will automatically make the URL of that blog post from your post title. For setting up you can go in setting option of your wordpress blog and choose the permalink option and click Ok. Now it will automatically generate permalink of the blog post.

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Add Niche Keywords in Blog Post Labels

You can use blog post labels or tags for two main purpose first one is categorization of your blog post and second one is for optimization and giving keywords in the blog-post. You can get full benefit of labels if you use them for fully. You can rename them if you are not getting full benefit from them. You can add niche keyword in blog post labels too.

Post Comment Must Have Keywords

Every blogger has opened comment section for commenting from users. So you should try to add keywords in the comment which is rich by keywords so that it can increase the visibility of your blog post in the search engine. Many people comment in response of the user questions but they don’t know how to use those comments effectively for your post. Some people think that they always get the benefit from leaving their blog link but they can use these comments effectively too. I also noticed that on Mirchi Blogger many people comment like great post ! I like it, thanks for sharing information or my brother like it I will recommend him etc. but these posts has no effective and can affect your blog too.

Blog Post Links

You can insert the link in you blog post but those all links should be relevant to that blog post as user love those post and click on the relevant posts for knowing more about that. You will love the user engagements too while you feel that all users are clicking on the relevant link on your blog post. If readers miss any bog post then he will get to know by your blog post and he can get back to that post.

You Can Do Effective Seo Without Backlinks Too

Final Words From Me

I hope these tips for adding keywords in your blog post will help you a lot while working on optimization of your blog. You can not only get organic traffic but also can improve the ranking of your website and blog. So follow the tips of how to add niche keywords in blog post for effective seo and get traffic and ranking. You can also give your feedback in comment box. Like Us On Facebook.

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June 19, 2015 at 7:58 pm

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