Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online Or Making Money Online

Top 10 Ways To Earn Or Making Money Online From Home

I normally said the money is not everything but for everything you need money. It’s a quite essential to spend our life in a good manner. But I feel that everybody earn money but earning smartly will make a difference in your life. Smarter way means in some small effort you earn high amount.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Online Money From Home
Top 10 Ways To Earn Online Money From Home

I have worked in many platforms to generate some money and experience a lot to make some smarter ways by which I can earn a lot. Today we will discuss some of the smarter ways by which you can also earn some amount for your life. Here are top ten ways to earn money online and make money online.

  1. Website Building

I give priority to this work because this work is based on your ability of work which you have learn in some institute. Means website building can be done only after you have learned HTML, PHP, Javascript, flash, dreamweaver etc in some institute means you have full knowledge of website building. And if you have the knowledge of full website creation including the domain name booking and hosting booking then you can start this business. In my opinion it is the best business to earn from home.

  1. Earning with Google Adsense

Google adsense gives you a opportunity to earn online with your well established legal website. You can earn unlimited with Google adsense as they provides you some ads and give you commission on that. You can earn almost 100$ per day. Not even website you can earn by blog too. Google pay you with many schemes like cost per thousand impression, cost per clicks, cost per engagements etc. You can sign up to google Adsense from here. You can get to know 10 Techniques And Methods For Successful Google Adsense, but you have to take care of many precaution before applying with Google Adsense.

  1. E-teaching or tuitions or any Webinars

This is also a good method of earn online. Now a days it’s a huge earning source to teach students and many persons think that it’s a ideal source of earning. You will work as a online tuition teacher and teach online with the help of technology like skype, teamviewer etc. You can teach group of students or individual student according to your comfort and budget. Many teacher who are earning are charging 15$ per hour.

  1. Online Surveys for Earning

Many companies which are working in the field of research also provide many online surveys which give you opportunity to earn. You can fill these surveys from daily or weekly basis it will give you a good amount of money just for filling these surveys.

  1. Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing pays a good amount of money. Affiliate marketing means a good earning by the products ads on our website. It means affiliate marketing network provides a link for your website and blog. You have to add that link on your blog and when the user got engage with those links you will get the commission on that. It’s somehow like the Google Adsense but in this you will get high amount for any purchase of products. Many people have craze about the branded products and also love to purchase these products. So it’s a chance for get high commission. You can get to know some affiliate networks like Buysellads and to know how to apply with Buysellads.

  1. Amazon’s Affiliate Program

As other affiliate network plans you can contact with amazon’s network for their affiliate program. But it’s different from other as it has a wide range of product which can give you a high amount of money. You can earn 1000$ per month too if you choose some product which is popular and highly in demand because user normally attract these type of products. You can some info from here too click

  1. Click Bank and Infolinks

These are those networks which also gives you some ads for your website and blog. You can add that codes and if the user click on them then you will surely get some money. These networks provide ads on the cost per click basis. You can earn a good amount of money from those networks if you have some high traffic over your blog. These will be helpfull to make money online with your website and blog.

  1. Sell over Ebay for online earning

This is also a good method for earning that if you have some products may be a range of second hand or old products you can sell them over some major sites. You can earn a lot by selling those products over many sites. You can visit some of the websites for more terms and conditions like Ebay and many others.

  1. Kindle Stores Earning

If you are the author or having contact with many publishers then you can also place the e-books and marketing can be done over kindle store. If you do such marketing then you can earn a good amount of money too. The main thing in this type of earning that you should choose some unique topics like interesting stories. You should focus over customer interest and you will earn a lot. It will helpful in making money online.

  1. Selling Videos on you-tube and other

If you can make some interesting videos then you can easily sell them. For starting you can create a free video and upload it over you-tube. You can earn money with Youtube. You can promote the video and get some traffic over video then if some company or other organization can contact with you for purchase some videos. You can directly get some video’s individual buyers too which can pay you more than a company. You can get in touch with youtube by click here.

Final Words -:

If you follow these top ten methods for making money online then you will surely earn more and more money daily. Go a head and keep enjoy your blogging life. You can ask any question with us. Mirchi Blogger will always try to answer you.

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website And Blog

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking And Search Engine Presence Of Your Website And Blog

Many blogger and non-blogger ask me about which is the best guide or methods by which we can improve our Alexa Ranking quickly, so today I have decided that I should discuss about some techniques by which we can improve Alexa ranking quickly.

Alexa is known as a big factor which is major by the traffic flow on our website. And it decreases according to increase number of visitor on website means alexa ranking is inversely proportion to website traffic and it is just opposite to the Google page rank as Google page rank is known as good when it increases. Google page rank is measured on the basis of quality of the website and it increase on the increasing quality of the website but while on the other side Alexa is based on the traffic and popularity of the blog and website. So sometime it become a major factor for direct advertisement as they (advertiser) loves a low Alexa rank.

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking
How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking

Today we are going to discuss how you can quickly increase your Alexa ranking -:

  1. Installing Alexa Toolbar

It is the first method which you can apply which helps you to improve our alexa ranking. Alexa toolbar is generally available for many browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. In my viewpoint and which I feel that if anyone has alexa toolbar installed in their web browser and he open the website then alexa count this. If you also write a post in your website and open your website to see how the post looking and you have installed the toolbar then it will also counted by alexa. So I highly recommend for all the users and website holder who want to improve the ranking in alexa than you can install this toolbar in your browsers. You can download by Going Here.

  1. Claim your Website on alexa.

You can also improve your website ranking just by claiming your website on alexa as it authorizes you that you are the real owner of the website. It will also improve you ranking. It increases the trust factor and genuine factor towords your website and it will help in improving the ranking. You can claim your site by Going Here.

  1. Regular Updation is a key

It is generally known that regular updating on the blog improve the search ranking and it will also improve the alexa ranking too. Regulary doesn’t mean that you have to post daily on your blog but it means that you have to post on a regular time interval means if you are posting a post on 2 day interval then it should be constantly a 2 day gap in between 2 posts. You should write 2-3 post in a week at least for improving the ranking in alexa.

  1. Don’t ignore the power of Social Media

You should not ignore the power of social network as it is only method which can give you instant traffic to your blog and website. Whenever you publish your article on your blog you should try to post a quick short note of this post on the social network and to the related persons then it will helpful to give instant traffic. And after the post you can give website address (URL) it will generate some instant traffic to your website and helpful for improving the alexa ranking.

  1. Increase In commenting Backlinks

Commenting on the oldest blog will increase the backlinks of your blog which gives you traffic and it will helpful for the improving alexa ranking. But one of main thing you should know that you should increase your blog links only on related blogs.

How To Find Or Search The Right Niche For Your Blog

How to find the related topics for your website or how to find niche for your blog

At the time passes, blogging become very popular among all the internet surfers now-a-days. You can select many niches for your website and blogs. But for becoming a best blogger you need to choose a best and unique niche for your blog. One of the main things you must understand that you should choose such topic for your blog about which you can write over the year and have some audience who loves to read the concept and article, you writing. If you blog which you writing is easily available over many blog or people easily get that then it will not be an easy task for you to be popular among users.

How To Find The Related Topics For Your Website And Blog
How To Find The Related Topics For Your Website And Blog

Today I will tell you how to find you’re related and niche for your blog -:

In the first stage, there are many choices for your blog writing and ways to choose the niche blog. So you need to search out the right and unique niche for your blog in first stage. I think when people started their blogs they have various intention in their mind like getting more audience or website traffic, become popular, enhancing sales through various affiliates and earning money online and commission.

But in my opinion I think that the most common desire for all blogger to become popular as it gives more audience and more money. People always love to get knowledge about the new topic and methods so if you are unable to give that information to users then he will not come to your blog again. And if the user likes your blog then he will come again to your blog directly.

For example, if you want to write about any T-20 cricket world cup then you can also write more blogs about the world cup according to customer needs and likes. People want to read about the various topics of cricket world cup like champions of previous world cup, match’s interesting facts and any mis-clashes between various players as it is most common among any tournament. Then you can choose from the various topics which are normally liked by the most of the peoples and will remain increase in the traffic and decrease the alexa ranking.

I think that you should be very passionate about the your niche blog because if you select any topic you can’t include so much topic in this means if you are writing about the finance or loans of the banks then you can’t include any Google Adsense related concept like success full techniques of adsense. As it will mislead the users and search engines and you should also have the good or excellent knowledge about the topic you choose. Otherwise you will not able to write required information about such topic and if the customer or user of website feels that you are not giving him the full information then he/she will definitely leave your blog and will increase the bounce rate of your blog which is not a good sign for search engines.

Another matter which you should consider about the choosing the right and unique niche that your topics must have a power where people generally stay and shows their intention. As there are many topics which don’t have so much audience and users don’t like those topics much then your blog will be unusable for everyone as it don’t have so much audience after a week. So, for finding a right and unique blog you need to research a very deep so that you get to know the trend of your audience whether they like the concept and it have a long age too. And if you find that your topic doesn’t have much power of stay then you should avoid that niche of your blog. It will become enable you to find niche blog.

Your topic should have some quality like

  1. It should not be regional.
  2. It should not be in a local language.
  3. It should not about any local topics.
  4. It should not be about any community.

As these topic will restrict your audience. And you should choose a topic or niche which gives more and more audience and your should also include niche keywords in your blog.

I hope this article will help you in finding the right and unique niche. If it really helps you than you can share us on Facebook, twitter etc.

Top 10 precautions before applying with Google Adsense

Top 10 things you must remember before applying to Google Adsense

Many person who have website and want to earn with it then they have start with Google Adsense. They have only one name in their mind that they can earn with only Google Adsense. If you want to earn with Google Adsense then you should be very careful because Google has some very strict policies to which they can never sacrifice. If you want to get Google Adsense account with in 3 to 4 days then you can read this post very carefully and if you apply those entire thing then you will surely get your fully approved Google Adsense account. Many people tried so many times but they are disappointed as above said that Google has so many restrictions or protocols and check these entire protocols before approving your website and blog.

You should know all the basic need before applying with Adsense. Many times I have seen that whether you have website, traffic and rank over that website or blog, it’s not necessary that Google will approve your blog. Here we are with top 10 things to do before applying with Google Adsense.

Before applying you make sure that these points must be followed as every point which I have written here are totally base on my experience and I feels that these things matter a lot. Every single things plays an important role in approve account of Google Adsense.

Top 10 Precautions Before Applying With Google Adsense
Top 10 Precautions Before Applying With Google Adsense

So we are starting how you can get a Google Adsense easily with the following of their terms and condition. Here we are -:

Google Analytics Code In The Website Pages

I think this is important because it doesn’t only track your website but also tell you how your website performing and which page is performing well in the search engine. You can sign up in the Gmail and get a code when you add your website in the analytics website of Google. This is the code which is most important for tracking; you should have to add this code in your website header and every-page should have this code in header section. This code will track your website in the Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Code In The Website Pages

It is most important too because when we apply for Google Adsense, I feel and analysis that they also check this factor. It also verifies your ownership towards the website. Before these factors many people apply for any anonymous website which is very popular. Google verify that account because that website is so popular and well-known brand and it is counted as a fraud. That’s why they check the webmaster code in the website for which you have applied.

Bing Webmaster Code In The website page

I think this is also important because it will also verify your website ownership and makes a good impression over Google to accept your account. Bing webmaster code tool is also similar as Google Webmaster tools. You can just login your account in the Bing webmaster tool and add your website in the tool same as Google Webmaster tool. It will generate your code and you have to paste it in your website home Page. You have added site map too with your website adding.

Alexa Ranking

Many people denied mine this fact but I must say Alexa ranking of any website or blog matters a lot while Google Adsense approve your website as they want to know how many users are coming on website. Although Google Adsense team has many tools to check all the factors but yes, Alexa is also a factor which we can improve before applying with Google Adsense. It must be less than 400K.

Minimum Post / Pages And Articles

When I start my work and mine first request was disapprove by Adsense, I realize how much big factor is this that you should have minimum numbers of Article / Pages or Post in your article. It is known as must condition of the Adsense approval and everyone knows that. It very according to many factor means Google Search Engine just wants to check whether are you serious with your blog and website or not. Are you coming on blog or website just for earning or you want to give some quality service to user or not.
Actually if you want to apply for any wordpress blog then you should have at least 50 quality posts which are equal to 50 posts but the most importantly you should take care of quality of those blog posts. But in the other hand you are writing you blog or website in Joomla or Html and CSS then you should write 35 quality posts. If you follow this rule then you will surely get your Adsense account.

Creation Of Robots.txt

It is most important for all bloggers and website owners that they have to create robots.txt file in their blogger and website as when the Google check your website it surely check this file. Robots.txt file is so much important as when the crawler comes to your website, it firstly check robots.txt file. Robots.txt file is a file which contains all the information about your website that which page should be crawled and which page will not. Crawlers of various search engines read this file in priority basis. So for approval of your account in Google Adsense you should add this file into your website.

Creation of Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.html

These two file contain the all URL of your website which you want to index by Google. This is the file which you create manually for your website and blog. Sitemap.html is a file made for user prospective that he easily understands how many pages you have in your website. But sitemap.xml is made for Google and other search engines prospective as they understand and easily can crawl your website if he found all the links of your website as a single location.

Domain Age

You domain age must be at-least 6 month back registered as Google always love those domain which is booked at-least 6 month back and register for a long time so they always consider the age of domain.

Good Decent and Quality traffic

It is also important that you should have a good and quality traffic for your blog and website and they should be visited to your website. Your website should have those traffic with at-least 70% or above from search engines or organic traffic.

Add Some Additional Pages

At last we want to say you that your website and blog should have some additional pages which is at follows like Privacy Policy, terms And Conditions, Disclaimer Page, Contact us and About Us, terms of Use, Payment Policy etc.


  • Last but not least you should apply your Adsense with your professional id like It will increase your chances to approve your adsense.
  • Never be in so hurry and a good professional blog should follow these instructions which I have told in up said points.

These are the methods or techniques which you can use while applying for Google Adsense. You should use these and I am sure that if you follow all these than surely you will get Adsense account. You can like our facebook and google + page and you can directly message me through these.

Top 5 Websites For Purchasing Best And Cheap Domain

Top 5 Best Domain Reseller company for buying Cheap Domain

In the world of internet an idea is thing which can be said as the base of your huge earning. But in this internet world every idea need to perform over web in the form of website. A good website can be made over a good domain. In the starting age of you’re starting in this world, when you are starting I always think that everyone faces financial problem. And I think not only starter but a well-established person also look for some cheaper as they know that every idea need a top level domain (TLD).

Top 5 cheap domain reseller website

Many people talked about many cheap and best domain name registrar but when they explain I generally found that all promote their own websites. I think that when you are providing some information to user then we should not promote our own websites and blogs. But choosing a domain for your own website which will become a platform for your ideas is quite a difficult task for any blogger.

Today we are giving the information about some top websites which provides a very cheap range of domain. We have a list of 5 cheap and best domain seller sites which you can choose for your idea to get execute into a website. There are many domain registrar companies who provides cheap domain to user but short-listed only 5. Some best and cheap domain name registrars are -:


Godaddy cheap domain reseller company on mirchi blogger

Godaddy is one of the cheapest domain seller companies which provide the cheaper from the market rate which is beneficial for user and it comes in the reach of normal user too. I think that they want to say that it is the daddy of all domain seller or registrar. But in the internet world this is the company which has maximum controversy in the world. After the big failure of the company in 2012, it is recovered and put a slap on its critics. Over 2-3 years it makes a huge customer base by offering many special discounts and offers. Now a day a domain cost of Rs.99 is quite popular. But be aware of these offers as they recover the costs next years. Godaddy comes at number first in the series of Top 5 Websites For Purchasing Best And Cheap Domains.

Big Rock

cheap domain reseller company big roack

Big rock is coming in the market with many attractive offers which is making them a popular in the customers. Rs.99 domains making this company a big brand as they are giving a good competition to their rivals like godaddy. But when we compare with godaddy they are given good customer support but as per the advertisement and endorsement of the brand name it’s too far from them. Big rock is rarely seen on digital media as compare to other, but bigrock has a good support and user friendly cpanel.

Namecheap domain reseller company on mirchi blogger

Namecheap is another website which provides an every type of domain like .com, .net, .in, .org, .net, etc. Namecheap is according to its name as they provide their domain name with a quality C-Panel too. Namecheap are best in other as they provide good feature and best benefits from others. Its service and support are very good in comparison to other rivals. Namecheap provide domain name security with your domain free of cost, free Url forward feature which is with without ads, dynamic feature of DNS and many other feature included in the domain cost. If you are not satisfied with your service provider then you can switch with Name Cheap. Some experts think Namecheap is the best alternate of the Godaddy.


Hotgator inexpensive domain reseller company on mirchi blogger

Hostgator is also known as good domain seller but this company generally rank as best hosting company in the Internet world. But you can purchase a domain from HostGator too. When you purchase from this website, first check what the price is going on as I generally realizes that its price is too high as comparison to other competitors. HostGator has one of the draw back too that it provide only some domain like .com, .us, .org, .me, .net, .info, .biz, .co only. Now a day its .com domain is going on 12.95$ per year while other are competing on only 2$ year. We can suggest you that you can evaluate your budget before going with HostGator.

Name.Com domain reseller company on mirchi blogger is another name of domain Registrar Company in the internet market of domain sellers. They provide a good service and provide a cheap domain with approx. 10$ per year. Their support team has a good ability to resolve your problems in a very effective manner. Cheap registration, many year experiences in the field of domain registrar will give you best services. is not so cheap but they have very flexible price and plans which you will surely like while searching a Best domain reselling company in market. Their one of the service which is known as “Domain Nabber” is very good as in this service they grab expired domains for you which can be relevant for your own business and for client and for personal use.

 Remark :-

If you are using any other domain company which you think a good and bad then you can tell us in comments and tell some about you and your feedback about this article. Please share some of the comments and thoughts. You can like us on Facebook and Google Plus.

Top 5 Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning

Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning

We are going to tell you best and top 5 cost per click(CPC) and pay per click(PPC) which is known as india’s top 5 ad network for online earning with click base program over internet.

Best Pay per Click and cost per click (PPC/CPC) Networks :-

While over internet many person ask me about the best PPC and CPC Networks over the internet which pays higher. In the internet world many person have fear with their previous experience and they want some genuine company which actually pays.

Today we will study some PPC/CPC networks which not only pays higher amount but also highest payout in the digital world. CPC refers to cost per click and PPC refers to pay per click. If you have any blog or website then you can apply for these networks. After a review over your website and blog, they approve you for their account. Website owners can earn a lot from these networks if they follow their guideline and protocols on their website. Now a day Pay per click (PPC) and cost per click (CPC) are very effective as direct advertisement is very difficult to get from the companies.

Top 5 Best Ppc And Cpc Ads Network For Online Earning
Top 5 Best Ppc And Cpc Ads Network For Online Earning

You can apply for those online earning networks if you have some good amount of traffic with some good quality traffic. Now without wasting more time, i am going to tell you best networks of CPC and PPC.

Best Pay per click and Cost per click (PPC/CPC) Networks

Here are some of the Top 5 Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning mentioned you can check it :-

  1. Google Adsense:-

Google Adsense is one of the best and high paying CPC/PPC network in the world. Blogger generally loves to apply and get approve from Google Adsense. If your website has some quality and organic traffic with some good quality posts then you can apply for Google Adsense. Google adsense has many advertisers who pay regularly to the Google. You can also take care of some precaution before apply to the account in google adsense.

You have to write unique content and avoid copying any content from any website over internet. You can check the duplicate content of your website too.

After deducting a certain percentage of revenue, they pay us the rest of the amount. Google is a bid based network which pays us according to CPC and RPM networks. Google shows the ads according to the content of the website. It has display and search network which shows ads according to website and advertiser. You can visit for some tips of success in Adsense.

Google Terms as per their policies-

  1. Minimum 6 months age of the domain
  2. Should not be ad friendly website.
  3. Good and quality content
  4. Should not be insufficient content.

About Google Adsense –

  1. Highest CPC rates as compare to other
  2. Display and search network
  3. Shows ads as per content of website
  4. User friendly interface
  5. Minimum 100$ payout
  6. Responsive ads
  7. Payment via check, Pay pal, Wire transfer


According to me, is one of the best CPC and PPC network and known as a wonderful Google ad program alternative. is also known as highest paying ad network and comes under the top 10 highest paying website in CPC/PPC. Media Ads is a contextual ads service which provide you search ads and only in text format. is combined venture of Yahoo and Bing. In my personal view, I always prefer you as I thing that it is wonderful and great competitor of Google Adsense ads program. There is some Restriction for applying this account which have to keep in mind for starting the earning with Media.Net which is as follows -:

  1. Blog and Website should be 6 Month old.
  2. No display Ads
  3. Blog and Website must have U.S. traffic.
  4. Necessary traffic will be high traffic.
  5. Good Quality Content.

Advantage of

  1. Best alternative of Google Adsense
  2. Less inquiry then Media.Net
  3. Net and Google Adsense can be run on same website.
  4. Show only well targeted
  5. 250$ is minimum payout.
  1. Infolinks

Now a day’s Infolinks is known as the best alternative which we can choose for CPC/PPC earnings. This is the platform which provides you earning on the basis of pay per click (PPC). When you apply for Infolinks they manually check your website and after review they provide you a account details on your registered mail id. They show their ads on the content which you given on your website and display them as a link. They put the link on the content of the website content and when user click over the link made by Infolinks then he will redirect to link page. They normally check the content of your website and approve you approx. maximum 24 hours.

They give you a code which you can place in your website and when your site will be live it will start earning. You can add these tags into your body tag and it will show ads on the page of your website.

Important Information about Infolinks

  1. Average account approval restriction.
  2. If you have a content base website then you easily get that.
  3. You get many tag cloud which you can add in your site.
  4. Minimum Payout Is approx. 50$.
  5. You can give your pay pal id and wire transfer.
  1. Bidvertiser -:

According to me if when we talk about the age then I think that bidvertiser is very old company which is paying a very high CPC and PPC. When you are disappoint with and google adsense then you can apply for Bid-vertiser as it can easily provide you an account and pays you a high amount. But we can tell you as Bid-vertiser don’t have so many advertisers like and google adsense so it doesn’t pay like Google and yahoo but after that it pays a good amount. Its CPC can go approx. 0.02$ to 2$.

Here is some information about Bidvertiser

Easily approval

You can apply if you are disappointed with And Google Adsense

Less restriction

Good pay out

Payout at only 10$ via check and paypal

  1. Chitika -:

I think it is one the most popular website in CPC and PPC as it’s also pays a good amount of money and it can be a best alternative of It also provides contextual text ads. When you apply for a account and they approve you then they give you a code which you can put in your website and then the ads will display automatically.

Tips for Chitika Ads

  1. Very less restriction likes bidvertiser and pays higher amount with it.
  2. You can add your code with Adsense and code on same website.
  3. Its payout is less then Google but after that it’s a competing with all major ad networks.
  4. Minimum Payout is 10$ too as per bidvertiser.

I have mentioned some ad networks here which you can use for monetize your blog. You can opt them according to you. I am mentioning some others too

  1. Clicksor

  2. Exit Junction

  3. Tribal Fusion

  4. Sitescout

Top Best 5 Tools For Checking Duplicate Content

Top 5 Content Duplicacy Checking Tools

Best Content Checking Tools

It will be very hard to except that when you done very hard work on website content and some one copy that content. It can also affect your seo ranking factors in search engines. In the internet world, this is the major issue that how you prevent your data from theft. Many persons who have content writer of his own also want to check their own data whether it is duplicate or not.

As you all know that in a website content is the soul of content is the king in a website. A person who is in the world of internet or having any website related work knows the importance of the content. You also know that Google algorithm also target that website which doesn’t have good content. You should have a good and quality content if you want to run in long run or in short run. Panda and penguin updates of Google always penalize those websites. You can get to know how to recover from Google Penalties too.

We are now going to tell you top 5 tools for checking duplicate content. There are many duplicate content checker tools which is available in the internet world which is not only finding the duplicate content but also evaluate many criteria about the content. There are many paid and free too. You should also focus on content strategies.

Top Best 5 Content Duplicate Checking Tools -:

  1. PlugSpotter -:

This is one of the Best duplicate Content Checking Tool in the internet world. Anyone can check their duplicate content in this website. Just put your website url in the website and it will check your url’s data for duplicate data. If there is no data is duplicate the it will show “0% of matched content” and shows a thump sign too.

  1. Copyscape -:

This tool is same as PlugSpotter and known as Best duplicate content checking tool till now. As like plugspotter, it also allows anyone to check duplicate content of the Url which you have feed in the website. Its free version allows only limited number of urls per month to check the content of your website. You can purchase a premium account for longer time and another urls. You have to pay approx. 5 cents per searched Url. But in the internet world it is more reliable for searching the duplicate content.

  1. Dupli Checker

This is the tool or online free software for duplicate content checking. It provides a box for checking duplicate content where you can add your content and search for duplicity. If it finds not any duplicate content then it will show a green bar indicating “No Plagiarism Detected!”. You can also add text file or you can also select a text or docs file for time saving which have your content and it will tell you about the duplicate content. You can also search “Free Download Plagiarism Detection Software”.

  1. Plagiarism

It is a very simple checking tool. I think it has a most unique features, one of them is it support approx. 190 different languages which refine our search too. You can enter your url or you can enter your text in the text box or you can also add your text file here for checking your duplicate content. You can take advantage of this website if you want to target multiple country and you want to check your website and blog in multiple language speakers. For Avoiding Content duplicate, you need to make a proper content marketing strategies and try to understand all the benefits of the these.

  1. Plagium

As we discussed earlier plagiarism comes with many features and this checking tool has some different aspect and quality work. This Plagium is online duplicate checking tools and also a free version is available. You can paste your text here and it will tell you about the duplicate content in that text. This website provide you a special feature too for content checking that you can choose the category of content like News, web, Social network Etc. You can also get many advance features which you can check according to like relevancy, pages in option, language and many more. You can also check by Url and Files but you have sign up for these features.

May 28, 2015 at 10:58 am

I didn’t know about Dupli Checker and PlugSpotter. I will research more!
But anyway, isn’t suppose to disappear the duplicate content issue long time ago?