An Interview With Tech Blogger Savita Singh From Computer Geek Blog

Today we are going to interview a personality which dont need any introduction in the female blogging world and established her own space in the blogging world. Today we are seeing there are very less female blogger in the blogging community but the one who is become ideal for many new bie blogger is “Savita Singh”. She is handling two main blogs right now about which we will discuss further in our interview part. I hope our lots of new bie blogger and especially female bloggers can take lots of inspiration from her. I can say this because she is also a good friend of mine too.

Q.1) Hello Savita, First of all I want to welcome you on my Mirchi blogger blog and want to know some about you and your amazing blogs on which you are working regularly and which you want to share with our readers? (Please mention the url too so that I can give you a link too)

Hey Ashwani, i would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity J well I really feel glad to share my blogging journey with your readers and newbie bloggers who get inspired from pro bloggers and wants to learn more and more about blogging.

Well Ashwani, officially I have been doing blogging since from 2013 on one of my favorite blog or you can say my loving and charming baby boy My blog is related about three things as per their domain name “Computer+Geek+Blog” = Computer/Internet, technology/Gadgets, & tips and tricks about Blogging and more. I try so hard to share informative posts for my readers.

Apart from blogging I do freelance content writing, content marketing and online brand advertising for my particular clients.


Q.2) How you start your journey? Which speaker or person you like most? Who is your ideal in blogging who drag you in blogging and motivate you to do further?

I have around 6 years of experience as an Online Marketer so “Blogging” is not a new word for me. But one of my best buddy who encouraged me a lot to learn about blogging and start your own blog, Will disclose his name later on but I am extremely thankful him today. There were hundreds of question running in my mind together when I started to learn about blogging and make money online.

Harsh Aggarwal is the first person I heard the name in the blogging and I started out to follow him and read his blogging journey, blogging tips and more. So in simple words you can say he is my favorite blogger and ideal too.

But you can add one more name in the ideal list, which is Kulwant Nagi. I follow his footprints and learned many new and important things day by day. As I already mentioned that I started my journey from in 2013 and luckily I got best technology blogger award in the year of 2014 from Indiblogger. This is most remarkable moment to encourage me on high level to do something different in blogging journey and earn more than enough money.

Q.3) Is this your first blog? or you have launched some other blog before this ? is that still alive or you left that ?

Computergeekblog is my first and most favorite blog and will never ever stop blogging on it. Apart from this I have few more technology blogs also I have one more fashion blog I want to mention here that Computergeekblog is my passion and fashiondivasonline is my Interest.

Q.4) What are the best thing which you think is best in your blogs ?

Traffic ration that get increased day by day which add some real value to the users and readers of my blog and revenue 

Q.5) Many blogger face some issue about finding the topics like we want to write about tech then how we can find our topics to write. Can you explain something in this regard?

Always keep in touch with trending things this is the key. I know sometime it’s not possible to talk about everything in the same time on your blog. But the most important thing is trends, user’s interest and tutorial tips and tricks. I always ask my users about their problem and will prepare my next post accordingly; I cover up trending technology related news on my other blogs too. Whenever I find difficulty to find topics for my blog I always prefer to write about some kind of tutorial, tips and tricks which must be related to my blog.

Q.6) Can you tell us the best and main revenue source for your blog?

Brand Advertising and Affiliate marketing.

Q.7) What was the reaction of your family when they get to know about your blogging ? And what they feel or say when you show your earning to them?

I started my blogging journey along with my full time job and my family fully supports me to give more and more time to your personal work and get outstanding output. They were extremely happy to know about my decision and a bit shocked to see my monthly blogging earning. They always blessed me with their charming smiles.

Q.8)What is most challenging part of your journey till now which you resolved after lots of efforts and how you overcome from those challenges?

Traffic is the biggest challenge for any blog and website and I suffered from the same things L how to increase traffic on my blog, this is only question I always ask myself and leaned many new tips from pro bloggers and implemented on my blog. After reading many good articles I found my mistakes and get better all those mistakes. I am happy to see my daily visitors on my blog after redesigning, you can see the screen shot of my daily visitors on computergeekblog

Thank you savita, as you share your screenshot with us as it will be really motivational for our new bie blogger. You can let to know some seo basics for beginning.

Q.9) According to you, what is blogging for you? And where you see yourself with these blogs and blogging in next 4-5 years?

Blogging is not about writing and sharing, it’s more than it. I provide content writing and brand advertising services through my blog. So it’s my business platform, I want to enhance my services and grab more clients through my brand name “Computergeekblog”. Well I don’t have any good answer for your next question because I just believe on present only, so I always consider give your best, so you can get good number of output as well. In simple words I can say I believe on “Karma” only. 

Q.10) I have seen lots of people who are doing job too with blogging are you also doing any job with it or some other work too? If yes then how you manage you time for blogging.

Yes I do job as well, L for Delhi based IT company as an online marketing manager. It’s damn difficult for me to manage all things together. But really thankful my team members who managed my work properly, I do blogging in the night only because this is the best time when no one will disturb you. And you can make better plan for blogging.

Q.11) I have seen about my blog that one keyword which was on first page, second day it was on 10th page and third it is again on first page. Do you also seen such things? Can you explain what is the reason behind it?

Well I haven’t seen those things with my blog. But I think it happens due to competition and number of backlinks. Check it out on different browsers and clear you cache.

Q.12) As we all know traffic is ultimate goal for every blogger, can you tell us some of the methods by which you can generate traffic or take some quality traffic towards your blog? You are completely work naturally like seo?

Traffic is the most important for any website and blog, well I manage SEO properly for my individual blog posts and try to create some good quality backlinks as well. Apart from this social sharing is the best way to get more shares and comments on your post. There are few things that should be in a good format when you write a post

1. Title must be an informative & clickable

2. SEO optimized and rich quality post

3. Choose right keyword and do the proper keyword’s placement.

4. Always write content as a first person.

5. Must have knowledge about analytic to grab more traffic from old content.

I do not create spam links for my blog. Mostly I have organic and social traffic, you can see my recent screen shot in the below.

Q.13)Seo strategy performs biggest role in ranking of any project but I want to know whether you make any strategy or plan for any blog or you just follow same strategy using by every blogger.

Yeah, SEO optimized post will give you good output instead of non-seo optimized post. What I am thinking that marketing strategy is getting changed day by day so you have to get aware about new things as well. You must learn new thing and always implement on your site to see the output, sometimes you get an amazing ideas and unbelievable results. I follow my previous strategy but always try to learn something different for my new posts.

Q.14) According to you, on page seo or off page seo which is better and why?

As professional experience I will say they both are important but personally I do not much work on off page seo. I just work on “on page SEO” and tried to find good quality keyword to grab good number of visitors on my blog. There are many posts which are showing on first page but I didn’t create a single backlink for them, see below

Keyword – VOIP Apps

Monthly Searches – 1900

Competition Level – High

Ranking – 3rd Number

Few more keywords which are ranking on first page

mythemeshop review 2016, Review ABBYY TextGrabber, benchmark vs getresponse

Note For Users -: This is really informative for our readers that you can check how much on page is better than any other strategy in seo. So if your post is giving good quality to the users then you will surely get very good results. It may take time but you will surely get very good results.

Q.15) Can you describe us some of the major things which you use in your on page technique

There are many other things but I focused only those things.

1. Meta title, Description must have targeted keywords,

2. Pages must have H1 tags

3. Alt image tags

4. Internal linking

Q.16) Throw some light over your seo strategy of backlink ? Please explain it with step by step?

SEO strategy remains the same for every person. You can read about SEO in deep through my post on computergeekblog, Backlink Strategy On Computer Geek Blog Hope it will work for you and you will get some new ideas as well.

Q.17) What is your favourite link building technique?

It seems like you totally focused on link building only. Hmm Feeling tired, well I do not much work on link building. I just work on social media optimization, branding, keyword optimisation and On page SEO only. There are few chosen things that I follow to create back links, Question and answers sites and same niche forums.

Q.18) Are you using some tools for seo like free and paid ? Can you tell some of the tools and their use for seo and strategy planning.

I use SEO yoast to improve on page SEO of individual post and SEMrush to find out new backlinks and build a new strategy accordingly.

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Q.19) There are lots of person using affiliate network and sponsor posts for increasing their earning and producing lots of affiliate marketing sales. Are you also working on any affiliate network if yes then which one.

Yeap, I connected with many affiliates because Affiliate marketing and adsense is the main source of my blogging income. Grammerlly and CMJunction is one of them.

Q.20) I also have a question regarding sponsor post that how you approach with the advertiser and how you impress them to give you sponsor post. Is there any special work you do for them.

Sorry to say but I don’t approach any advertiser for sponsored post specially. And if some advertiser approached me, then I just simply replied him. I don’t think so is there any formula even it’s up to you how you can manipulate them. You know Marketing and sales strategy.

Q.21) Is it sometime happen with you that any male blogger or other male person attracted towards you when you show any of your payout from blogging or google Adsense payments.

Hahaha..This is the funniest question you have asked me. Well people asked me about my earning and they always appreciate me, nothing else.

Q.22) Anytips for new bie who have limited resources and knowledge so that they can also enter in blogging world.

Do not think about dollars, Dollars will come to you once you will setup your blog properly and know the definition of monetization. I just say keep learning in deep about a single point which is related to blogging. Learning and implementation is the key of successful blogging.

Q.23) Let’s do a rapid fire to which you have to answer in two-three lines

1. One tip to get success in blogging

Learning and implementation.

2. How much work is needed for getting success in blogging (Ideal in hours)

Quality will matter, for initial days of blogging I spent 10 to 12 hours for blogging.

3. One mistake which normally blogger do in seo?

Wrong keyword choice and placement

4. One quality which we need to have for promoting personal branding

Confidence and preparation

5. One mistake of your seo strategy which you normally do

Hmm I am still thinking.. please tell me if you find any mistake on posts 😛

Q.24) At last I want to ask you some of the tips for the mirchiblogger ? Do you like this and can you give me some suggestion for this blog.

Yeah I like your blog, You are doing good thingsJ keep it up in same way. Good luck….

Digvijay singh
September 16, 2016 at 8:24 pm

Once again a great interview from ur side sir..

Pradip Singha
March 15, 2017 at 10:25 am

Hello Ashwani,
Nice interview. And your blog design looks great. which theme bro ?

One more thing try to highlight the questions with bigger fonts.

Pradip Singha

I think technology has changed our life and tech blogger like savita singh increasing our knowledge upto the enhance level. Thank you for this interview.

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