Hello Mirchors!

Welcome to my blog named as Mirchi Blogger – I generally call my readers as “Mirchors”. Hows the name suggest me too.

I create this community blog named as Mirchi Blogger where you will get to know many blogging aspects like search engine optimization (seo), social media optimization (smo), blogging, make money online, developing platforms like wordpress, html etc and developing language like php etc, Technology and many others.

Mirchi Blogger was born at 1st Jan 2015 officially having a very long prospective in the market of blogging. We have our prospective to connect with many blogger having any doubt in internet marketing, designing and developing their blogs and to become successful. We have a vision to develop a high blogging aspects among bloggers who want to start their own blog and having unlimited knowledge.

We develop our Mirchi Blogger for those who have a passion among blogging and love to work for the blogger. We are starting our blog for the blogger who want to earn by their website and blog.

In Mirchi Blogger, I just want to teach everything which I experience in my blogging career.

About The Authors

First telling you about the first Partner in Mirchi Blogger is Ashwani jain studied software and website designer but loves a lot to do blogging so he decided to come in the field of online earning and blogging. As per his words he hates to say “yes sir” “no sir” “sir I need holiday for my sister marriage” and all other so he decided to do my own blogging and to be my own boss.

Ashwani Jain Partner At Mirchi Blogger
Ashwani Jain Partner At Mirchi Blogger

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Second owner which is Sonam (Soma jain) is studied website designing and learn technique of making professional blog by search engine optimization and social media optimization.As per her words – Website designing is my passion till 2009 but when I learn about blogging, I become a huge fan of blogging. I was very hurt when in feb 2013 some of my blogs was ban by Google adsense. I was shocked because i has not done any thing wrong and those all was according to policies of Google Adsense. But never mind after a big hope and great support of Ashwani I am back with Mirchi Blogger.

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Soma Jain Partner At Mirchi Blogger
Soma Jain Partner At Mirchi Blogger

About Mirchi Blogger

We can’t promise you for your unlimited earning over the night but we can promise you that we will give you a path for earn unlimited. This is the path which you can follow and earn a handsome amount of money. If you are passionate about blogging and love to write the articles about then you can become richer soon. Mirchi Blogger will become a big earning teacher for all of you. It will not only start your earning journey but also help you to become independent.

Mirchi Blogger – All Solutions Of Your Blogging Need

Mirchi Blogger is not a magic stick which rotate and give you instant money but we always try to give you many earning platforms which will helpful in earning more and more money.

“Mirchi Blogger – All solutions of your blogging need” starts from the Blogging, making money online, Search engine optimization, Social media optimization, Affiliate marketing, Web 2.0, Internet marketing Tools, Seo tools, Blogging Tools, Open Sources and many other. We are completely focused on to make you completely independent.

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