Privacy Policies Of Mirchi Blogger

Information Collected By Us

We collect much information for better performance of our website and for advertisement purpose only. We collect information from subscription of our website, filling the forms, login on our website, comments etc. and asked some information like email, name, website URL, comments etc. for better performance of the website and blog.

Google normally works on cookies for better serving the ads on our website. And works according to available cookies and serve you better for the information you need and you want.

Use Of Your Information -:

We normally use your information for our website promotion only. We never sell it to any third party or any network which will use them for any commercial purpose. We work according to collected information but never junk to anyone.

Privacy Policy Of Mirchi Blogger

Privacy Policy Of Mirchi Blogger

How We Use Your Information -:

We use those information in several ways some of those are as follows -:

  1. We use them for evaluating our own performance like how we are going and how our blog performing.
  2. For improvement in feedbacks of our readers and give you a better experience.
  3. To betterment of our blog and give you every answer of your question before asking.
  4. To send you regular updating of our blog and news this is related to you.

Your Information safety is our Priority

We always prefer the user safety for our blog by any means we collect the information but the safety of that information is our priority. We implement a very high security check for securing that information when you share any of your personal info with us.

What is cookies and is we use them?

Cookies is that small file which send by any website or server to your local computer system and store some info in it and when someone use them then they provide that information to them.

Yes we also use them to understand what you really need and understand all the info. stored there. We use them only for serving you what is best related to you. We never share any information of your cookies to any other third party. We may give it to other third party for understanding those information but never sell those to anyone.

Third Party Links

For better understanding, we use third party links in our post like Google policy pages links or any other third party policy links. These links can be related with many products, services, policies, information about any events or many other things which is relevant to our blog post. We don’t own those sites so we can’t take the responsibility of that site whether and how they are collecting the information. There are many other sources which are also related to third party website so we are not concerned with those so giving the information to those site will not become our responsibility.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

No, and in future it will remain no too because we only ask for any information for the purpose of our use only. We never disclose them to any third party neither disclose nor sell them but it exclude only those who are helping us to understand those info in better way so that we can serve you better.

We Work Only On Online Policy

These policies cover only the online policy of our website. These policies cover only that information which is collected from online sources of our website. We separate it from those information which we cover offline and manually get together with the customers.

Terms And Conditions

We have separate terms and conditions too which you can read separately and can read it separately.

Your reading of our blog is our consent to agree our privacy policy.

You can also read About Us.

Change To Our Privacy Policies Of Mirchi Blogger

We have all the right of change in privacy policy and have all the right of take decision regarding the change or any dispute. We can also change it from the prior effect.

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