5 Tips for Writing a Trending And Eye-Catchy Title Tag

5 Tips To Know How To Write a Trending, Attractive And Eye-Catchy Title Tag Or Heading

How To Write Attractive Title Tag And Heading

How To Write Attractive Title Tag And Heading

We have many time discuss this that you should write an attractive and eye-catchy titles of any post but we never discuss how to write all these. Today we are going to discuss some tips for writing a trending, attractive and eye-catchy title of any post. It’s not only helpful in SEO but also helpful in the user point of view.

If you are able to write an attractive article which has lots of potential to get huge traffic but it doesn’t have a good title then it became worst. Can u imagine such article which doesn’t have sufficient content goes viral? I think no it’s can’t be viral but it can be if you has given it a good and eye-catchy title. I think due to daily algorithm changes and updates in search engines, there is no back door of success these days. In this post I am going to share some top secret which I follow too for making attractive blog post.

Readers Attention is major factor which every blogger need for their blog and its post as it’s not easy as everyone think about. But the secret which I will tell you today will make a big difference for your blog and you will get some very quality traffic. Title Tag or headline of the post matter a lot for your blog.

So now we are going to start some secrets for a successful blogging through a great blog post.

1. Use Numeric Values

This is good technique to get user attention and a great secret of adding some numeric values like numbers, roman values etc. As in this post, i can also use “five” but “5” has its own importance and it will give an eye-catchy effect too.
There is a science behind this fact too that a perfect number like 10, 20 or 30 etc. are works a lots but you can also use 13, 23 and 28 etc. You will not believe but you can use any random number it become greater for you.

2. Using Adjectives

Adjectives are those words which are more appropriate and eye-friendly which you can use in your title line. Adjective are those words which is not only use for attractive purpose but also works a lot to give a lot of traffic. These words are like effortless, free, free online, fun, crucial, Absolutely, Automatically, Incredible, Strange etc. Adjective will give you a idea so that you get to know how to write a title tag.

3. Use Different Rationale

While writing your title or headline of your blog post, you can also use some different-2 rationale. These are the words which gives a professional impact on the mind of user means if your blog post is read by any professional person like professional blogger then these words makes a positive impact on their mind.
These are some words like principals, facts, Ways, Understanding, Ideas, Thinking, lessons, facts, Reasons, Effectiveness, Thoughts and Mindset etc.

4. Use Mind Trigger Words

In this section you should use some mind trigger words which generally hit to every type or every class of user like How to do it? When to do it? These are the word like how and when which generally hit the mind of the user as they also face same type of questions in their blogging life.
If you need good traffic with great user interaction then you can use any words like what, how, when, who or which.

5. Make a Promise too with the Readers

Yes this is one of the most famous techniques among blogger that they promise a lot and fulfill it till the end of the post. So it will make those users to engage people in the post till the end. User scrolls the page till the blog post till he found the answer of their question. For better engagement in your blog post will increase your search ranking in search engines like Bing and Google
You can also make a promise to your reader for the next blog post. It will increase your returning customer in your blog. Its also a important factor to know how to write a trending, attractive and eye-catchy title tag or heading.


Today in this title tag optimization techniques I am going to tell you one major and golden rule that you should write for users not for search engine. If User follow you then search engine automatically follow you.

But when we talk about writing Good and optimized with user friendly Title or headings then use a formula

Good Title = Numeric Term + Trigger Word + Some Adjective + Keyword + promise

You can promise in first line or in the headline of the blog but try to give it in title tag or headline of the post. We can make some titles like

Final Words.

You will love this article for writing an attractive title of your blog post which is also loved by your blogger readers.

March 3, 2015 at 5:24 am

Writing an eye catching title is really important to grab attention among from the crowd of hundreds of the bloggers.

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