Top 10 precautions before applying with Google Adsense

Top 10 things you must remember before applying to Google Adsense

Many person who have website and want to earn with it then they have start with Google Adsense. They have only one name in their mind that they can earn with only Google Adsense. If you want to earn with Google Adsense then you should be very careful because Google has some very strict policies to which they can never sacrifice. If you want to get Google Adsense account with in 3 to 4 days then you can read this post very carefully and if you apply those entire thing then you will surely get your fully approved Google Adsense account. Many people tried so many times but they are disappointed as above said that Google has so many restrictions or protocols and check these entire protocols before approving your website and blog.

You should know all the basic need before applying with Adsense. Many times I have seen that whether you have website, traffic and rank over that website or blog, it’s not necessary that Google will approve your blog. Here we are with top 10 things to do before applying with Google Adsense.

Before applying you make sure that these points must be followed as every point which I have written here are totally base on my experience and I feels that these things matter a lot. Every single things plays an important role in approve account of Google Adsense.

Top 10 Precautions Before Applying With Google Adsense

Top 10 Precautions Before Applying With Google Adsense

So we are starting how you can get a Google Adsense easily with the following of their terms and condition. Here we are -:

Google Analytics Code In The Website Pages

I think this is important because it doesn’t only track your website but also tell you how your website performing and which page is performing well in the search engine. You can sign up in the Gmail and get a code when you add your website in the analytics website of Google. This is the code which is most important for tracking; you should have to add this code in your website header and every-page should have this code in header section. This code will track your website in the Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Code In The Website Pages

It is most important too because when we apply for Google Adsense, I feel and analysis that they also check this factor. It also verifies your ownership towards the website. Before these factors many people apply for any anonymous website which is very popular. Google verify that account because that website is so popular and well-known brand and it is counted as a fraud. That’s why they check the webmaster code in the website for which you have applied.

Bing Webmaster Code In The website page

I think this is also important because it will also verify your website ownership and makes a good impression over Google to accept your account. Bing webmaster code tool is also similar as Google Webmaster tools. You can just login your account in the Bing webmaster tool and add your website in the tool same as Google Webmaster tool. It will generate your code and you have to paste it in your website home Page. You have added site map too with your website adding.

Alexa Ranking

Many people denied mine this fact but I must say Alexa ranking of any website or blog matters a lot while Google Adsense approve your website as they want to know how many users are coming on website. Although Google Adsense team has many tools to check all the factors but yes, Alexa is also a factor which we can improve before applying with Google Adsense. It must be less than 400K.

Minimum Post / Pages And Articles

When I start my work and mine first request was disapprove by Adsense, I realize how much big factor is this that you should have minimum numbers of Article / Pages or Post in your article. It is known as must condition of the Adsense approval and everyone knows that. It very according to many factor means Google Search Engine just wants to check whether are you serious with your blog and website or not. Are you coming on blog or website just for earning or you want to give some quality service to user or not.
Actually if you want to apply for any wordpress blog then you should have at least 50 quality posts which are equal to 50 posts but the most importantly you should take care of quality of those blog posts. But in the other hand you are writing you blog or website in Joomla or Html and CSS then you should write 35 quality posts. If you follow this rule then you will surely get your Adsense account.

Creation Of Robots.txt

It is most important for all bloggers and website owners that they have to create robots.txt file in their blogger and website as when the Google check your website it surely check this file. Robots.txt file is so much important as when the crawler comes to your website, it firstly check robots.txt file. Robots.txt file is a file which contains all the information about your website that which page should be crawled and which page will not. Crawlers of various search engines read this file in priority basis. So for approval of your account in Google Adsense you should add this file into your website.

Creation of Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.html

These two file contain the all URL of your website which you want to index by Google. This is the file which you create manually for your website and blog. Sitemap.html is a file made for user prospective that he easily understands how many pages you have in your website. But sitemap.xml is made for Google and other search engines prospective as they understand and easily can crawl your website if he found all the links of your website as a single location.

Domain Age

You domain age must be at-least 6 month back registered as Google always love those domain which is booked at-least 6 month back and register for a long time so they always consider the age of domain.

Good Decent and Quality traffic

It is also important that you should have a good and quality traffic for your blog and website and they should be visited to your website. Your website should have those traffic with at-least 70% or above from search engines or organic traffic.

Add Some Additional Pages

At last we want to say you that your website and blog should have some additional pages which is at follows like Privacy Policy, terms And Conditions, Disclaimer Page, Contact us and About Us, terms of Use, Payment Policy etc.


  • Last but not least you should apply your Adsense with your professional id like It will increase your chances to approve your adsense.
  • Never be in so hurry and a good professional blog should follow these instructions which I have told in up said points.

These are the methods or techniques which you can use while applying for Google Adsense. You should use these and I am sure that if you follow all these than surely you will get Adsense account. You can like our facebook and google + page and you can directly message me through these.

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