How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website And Blog

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking And Search Engine Presence Of Your Website And Blog

Many blogger and non-blogger ask me about which is the best guide or methods by which we can improve our Alexa Ranking quickly, so today I have decided that I should discuss about some techniques by which we can improve Alexa ranking quickly.

Alexa is known as a big factor which is major by the traffic flow on our website. And it decreases according to increase number of visitor on website means alexa ranking is inversely proportion to website traffic and it is just opposite to the Google page rank as Google page rank is known as good when it increases. Google page rank is measured on the basis of quality of the website and it increase on the increasing quality of the website but while on the other side Alexa is based on the traffic and popularity of the blog and website. So sometime it become a major factor for direct advertisement as they (advertiser) loves a low Alexa rank.

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking

How To Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking

Today we are going to discuss how you can quickly increase your Alexa ranking -:

  1. Installing Alexa Toolbar

It is the first method which you can apply which helps you to improve our alexa ranking. Alexa toolbar is generally available for many browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. In my viewpoint and which I feel that if anyone has alexa toolbar installed in their web browser and he open the website then alexa count this. If you also write a post in your website and open your website to see how the post looking and you have installed the toolbar then it will also counted by alexa. So I highly recommend for all the users and website holder who want to improve the ranking in alexa than you can install this toolbar in your browsers. You can download by Going Here.

  1. Claim your Website on alexa.

You can also improve your website ranking just by claiming your website on alexa as it authorizes you that you are the real owner of the website. It will also improve you ranking. It increases the trust factor and genuine factor towords your website and it will help in improving the ranking. You can claim your site by Going Here.

  1. Regular Updation is a key

It is generally known that regular updating on the blog improve the search ranking and it will also improve the alexa ranking too. Regulary doesn’t mean that you have to post daily on your blog but it means that you have to post on a regular time interval means if you are posting a post on 2 day interval then it should be constantly a 2 day gap in between 2 posts. You should write 2-3 post in a week at least for improving the ranking in alexa.

  1. Don’t ignore the power of Social Media

You should not ignore the power of social network as it is only method which can give you instant traffic to your blog and website. Whenever you publish your article on your blog you should try to post a quick short note of this post on the social network and to the related persons then it will helpful to give instant traffic. And after the post you can give website address (URL) it will generate some instant traffic to your website and helpful for improving the alexa ranking.

  1. Increase In commenting Backlinks

Commenting on the oldest blog will increase the backlinks of your blog which gives you traffic and it will helpful for the improving alexa ranking. But one of main thing you should know that you should increase your blog links only on related blogs.

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