Super Backlink Strategy For Getting A Quick Ranking in SERP

Super Backlink Strategy For Getting A Quick Ranking In Serp

Super Backlink Strategy For Getting A Quick Ranking In Serp

Today, in this article you will know about what should be the backlink strategy for getting a quick ranking in SERP, What should be keyword density in your content marketing, How to diversify your links, What are the software which will quick your ranking and monitor your site too. We will talk about Google indexing process, tier 1 backlinks, tier 2 backlinks and tier3 backlinks.

Backlink Strategy for Ranking in SERP

Let’s start with types of backlinks:-

  1. Do-Follow Backlink

Do-Follow backlinks are those backlinks which are followed by search engine crawler. These backlinks provide you traffic as well as help in increasing your rank in SERP. It will increase your trust factor too. You need to be attentive while creating dofollow backlinks because if Google finds anything spam against your website, then ready for the penalty.

  1. No-Follow Backlink:-

Nofollow backlink is basically a link that will not provide benefits in your ranking. They can make your profile look natural. If search engine crawls all link as do-follow then Google will suspect that you are doing it for SEO purpose and thereby creating doubts can lead to Google penalty.

In these days, Juice page links are do follow links, index able and high PR links and best link sources are contextual links (with in article according to content).

  1. High Page Rank (PR) do-follow article directories and Web 2.0 properties
  2. Do-Follow Forums
  3. Top Do-Follow Social Bookmarks
  4. High PR Do-Follow Guest Blogs

While indexing your site or making backlinks, you need to monitor your backlinks because you have to properly target the right places to build those links. You can use Monitor Backlinks as it is the easiest way to check your bad links and your competitor’s good link.

Now let’s know about tier backlinks. Do you know about Tier1, Tier2 and Tier 3 Backlinks?

The “tier” terminology isn’t used in SEO circle I hang out in, but my understanding is that the sites that directly or indirectly links to your site. You can check out the images for example of tier 1, tier 2 backlinks.

Tier 1 Link Building:-

It refers to establish the links between various website and your money site that you wants to optimize for search engine ranking. This is most common people used for creating backlinks. Tier 1 content must be super high quality of 500 Plus words per 1% keyword density.

Example: Website A > SEO Target Website (Your Money Site)

Tier 2 link Building:-

It refers to establish the links between various website whose quality is not so good and then we use this link as backlink of tier 1 website and then it directs to your money site which you wants to optimize for search engine ranking. Tier 2 can be spun content but not less than 300 words. You can use kontent machine as its good for best spinner. Other recommended site for spinning the content is spinner chief free version.

Example: Website B > Website A > SEO target Website

Tier 3 Link Building:-

This type of links is not having good quality so we use it to optimize tier 2 backlinks which further leads in optimization of Tier 1 backlinks and finally of your seo target website. Tier 3 content can be spun of 150 words (blog comments) and 300 words plus for web 2.0 for article source.

Example: Website C > Website B > Website A > Seo Target Website

Remember:-  The ratio of main anchor text ratio should be less than 5% and if you use more than it, you need to diversify your keywords anchor text. If you are not familiar with anchor text and keyword strategies, you should follow my previous article about 100% Working Keyword And Content Strategies to Rank 1st on Google. (Must Read to Know the percentage of all keywords anchor text ratio)

Till now we have learnt about types of backlinks, how to monitor the backlinks and what are tier backlinks etc but does u know that how much time should be taken to create backlink? What should be strategy to get index in Google?

Drip feed index:-

See whether you are creating manual backlinks or backlinks for software, you need to knows that blasts of backlinks is 90% of the rankings game but that process is time-consuming, tedious and difficult to get right. With Drip Feed Links you create one or more projects, specify your keywords and backlinks, then relax while all of the hard work is done for you! They should carefully and slowly build blog comment, rapid indexers, image comments, guest books and trackbacks backlinks, dripped out at the exact speed you need to avoid the Google Sandbox and still get killer ranking results.

You can get 500 free backlinks from ahrefs but I am recommending SEO SPYGLASS PAID SOFTWARE for creating backlinks managed with Backlink Monitor and find out long tail keywords for anchor text from platinum long tail pro tool.

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Nice post regarding backlink strategys. I am gonna start working on these tips. Hope they will help to get more traffic.
Thanks for sharing.

June 12, 2015 at 9:52 am

Thanks Sonam for such a wonderful post really helpful for me

May 5, 2018 at 8:55 am

Please should i do do follow back link or tier back link .. which one is better

You can go for tier link building

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