How To Do Effective SEO Without Backlinks In 2015

How To Do SEO Without Backlinks In 2015

Hello Mirchors! Everyone knows that Seo is most important for every blog and website for search engine ranking. According to many seo-experts and market leading, SEO is not dead, but you have to do some alternate things for better ranking and better organic traffic.

In the normal seo, backlink plays an important role for better ranking in search engines like Google. You need to have some very high quality do-follow backlinks which is known as one of the best way for seo optimization. But Google is smart enough now in checking your website and knows that which methods and techniques you are following. You can’t hide your website from Google. You will able to do seo without backlinks.

Many blogger eagerly want to know this fact that “how their competitor’s blog post comes on Google’s first page” or at the bottom of the search engine’s searching area or “how their searching terms comes in the suggestion of the search engine”. Many questions arise in your mind. Many people search many search term in google regularly like “Is Seo possible without backlinks?”, “how to get in top in google search engine”, “how to beat my competitor’s post without doing seo”, “how to increase my blog traffic without seo” and many more. So today we are going to give you our answers.

How To Do SEO Without Backlinks In 2015

How To Do SEO Without Backlinks In 2015

Today we are going to reveal the secret of how you can do seo without backlinks in 2015.

5 Tips to do SEO without having backlinks

There are many ways and methods for doing an effective and search engine friendly SEO and that all you can do without any quality backlink.

1. Add Some Keywords In your Blog post

In seo, everything goes with keywords, so it’s known as the basic thing to optimize the blog post. If you write a content which is high quality but rich with low competition keywords, then it will increase your chance for ranking higher.

You need to keep in mind some basic things while embedding the keywords in your blog posts which are as follows -:

  1. Add only relative keywords
  2. Try to add keywords in end and beginning.
  3. Try to add keyword in title of the post
  4. Keywords density must be 2 to 4 % but you should make it less than 3%.
  5. Try to add primary keywords in Meta tags too.
  6. Long tail keywords give more results. You can use them.

You should also take help of keywords research tools too because it is more important to search more relative and quality keywords before adding them in your blog post. You can use Google Keyword Planner tools and Long tail pro, but I recommend that you should use Google keyword planner tool which is free of cost and gives accurate results as it is provided by the Google itself. This is good method for doing search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015.

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  1. Write Only After Proper Search or Quality Content For SEO

I generally prefer that you should write only after proper search and try to answer those questions which is generally comes in the mind of the bloggers because people need real and quality information about they search. You should also choose such title which is related to their problems and questions then it will be more chance to get high rank in the search engine like Google. Proper keyword research is good technique to do search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015.

Key points for Write a Perfect Post

  1. Write only to the point
  2. Blogger and other people need information so write some quality posts and give them the answer of their questions.
  3. Try to write post more then 500+ words only.
  4. Add links of your older post into some new post.
  5. Say some user friendly words like hi, hello, hey, what’s going on, how are you etc.
  1. Increase The Speed Of Blog

According to me, speed factor is factor which Google and other search engines love a lot. You will get a very good response if your website has a very less loading time. I personally feel that if your blog and its post have a very less time to load then you will get some quicker response from the search engine as bots and users loves those blogs. I think increase in the speed of blog works a lot to do search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015.

I explain you with an example -:

Suppose! Your blog is ranking on first page on any specific keyword. When user click on first 10 results and if any of the links taking 20 seconds to open then user will not stay on that. But if your blog is taking 5 second load time then it will become more chance for you that user stay on your page and user also visit 2-3 pages more on your website and blog.

You can increase the speed of your blog too with some tips which are as follows -:

  1. Avoid adding high number of scripts like Java, Ajax etc.
  2. Use themes and template which is faster.
  3. Avoid too much plugins.
  4. Purchase a high quality and high speed server.
  5. Use CDN for faster loading.

You should keep this in your mind that as the technology changes day by day so the user also want that they open only those websites which opened in neon-seconds. And if you are able to boost the speed of the blog then it will be helpful to increase in visitor flow again and again.

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  1. Use Social Media

No one can deny the power of social media, as you can get tons of traffic from social media networks. If you are getting traffic from these networks then search engines will love you for sure and give u more indexing in their SERP. In social media, it will get Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc are the major networks you can use. Using Social media technique is a good for search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015.

Now we are going to explain them one by one.

  1. Google Plus Social Network -: After a long time, google which is popular in search engine launched its social network which is now known as google+. You can make your plus profile and post your content for better linking to your website.
  2. Linkedin Social Network -: Linkedin is a powerful search engine when you want to target some professional people. It will be helpful for real individuals. If you added your blog on linkedin then it will be better for a great backlinks from a social network.
  3. Twitter Social Network -: twitter has its own name in micro social networking sites, which is as much popular as no one can beat it. Twitter is really helpful in optimization in search engines.
  4. Facebook Social Network -: Facebook don’t need its introduction as everyone knows that how much popular it is and how much effective it can be for linking and getting a quality backlinks with tons of traffic.
  5. With these networks you will get many others too which has many traffic too like reddit,, stumbleupon and others.
  6. WordPress Seo Without Backlink

You can also do seo by many alternate ways in word-press. But today we are going to tell you some effective ways for SEO. If you have wordpress blog then you can use these tips for increasing your search engine presence. Many blogger which is approx. 70%, use wordpress for their website.

In blogging with wordpress, WP SEO by Yoast plugin is very good plugin for wordpress blog. You can use this plugin for giving some attribute to the blog post like metas, index attribute and no-attribute. For doing search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015, it’s become very important for using plugins in wordpress.

Finally -:

With the good backlink you can get good ranking it is normally known by every blogger, website owner, seo experts and everyone who is working in digital field. But if you have good content over your website then you will get good website traffic and great ranking in search engine. You just add unique posts in your website. With these methods you can do search engine optimization (seo) without backlinks in 2015.

I really like the idea of using social media to promote great content. This seems to be a very good strategy for link building and getting social signals to your website.

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