How to Choose Long Tail Keywords for Your Blog

Long Tail Keywords Meaning

Long tail keywords are not an authorized term but among many of the SEO experts it is known as a term for keywords which have bunch of words. It means when you say “Content Marketing” then it will be a keyword but when you say “strategies for content marketing work” then it will be a long tail keyword means a phrase which is combination of more than 3 words is known as Long Tail Keywords. It is known as a much longer in length and bigger than any broad keyword.

Long tail keywords are very helpful in targeting more and more traffic which is also from your niche. It is not easy to target some high competitive but makes easy to target low competitive and get some traffic for a starter. With an improved searching of competition and traffic on a particular keyword can give you more and more quality traffic which become easier with Long Tail keywords. So now a question arises that how you can find long tail keywords which are also related with your business and blog.

How To Choose Long Tail Keywords For Your Blog

How To Choose Long Tail Keywords For Your Blog

Now coming back to our original question which is to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website?

  1. Check Google Webmaster Of Your Website

This is the one of the best tools which is used to evaluate the performance of our website in a particular search engine means if you are checking in Google webmaster tools then it will tell you the performance of your website in Google search engine. One more very interesting factor you can know that this is absolutely free of cost lifetime. You can add your website and blog to Google webmaster tools and verify your blog. After adding you have to wait for some days and then you can go to left hand side check on “search traffic” then go to “search queries”. In the search queries, you will able to see those terms by which your website is searching and receiving impression. You will get an idea by reading them thoroughly and get to know by which keywords your website is coming in search engines. By which you can focus on those keywords and target them again too.It is very helpful so that you get to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website.

  1. Use Google Autocomplete Feature

This is also one of the good methods which are used by many peoples. You will love this method as Google gives many suggestions to those who search on their search engine. These suggestion are comes from the millions of searches made over the Google search engine and working on real time. Google automatically gives some suggestion to the user who start typing any word over the box of search engine. You can also ask any question to Google and see how the search engine suggest you many suggestion related to your search. This can be a wonderful tool for choosing long tail keyword for your blog. These keywords will give you lots of traffic too for your blog which is also helpful in making money online with your blog.

  1. Try to know customers mind

This is also a wonderful technique which you can consider as the customer or user of our website is the only those to whom we are maintaining the blog. You can add the frequently asked questions too in your website and blog. You can add those questions which you think that every user asking about them. If you hear them from many of the users then it will create a good chance that many people come to you for some good answer. Finding some good questions technique can be good way and helpful in choosing long tail keywords for your blog and website. You can make your content marketing strategy and target them for your users.

  1. Brand yourself in the mind of Users

In the real world, if someone asks then I would say that this will be technique which will make you to choose long tail keyword to your blog. You should make your website and blog according to user and then you will see a magic that they will automatically tell you which keyword is in their mind and what they are looking for. They will automatically make you aware that you should write about this type of topic and it will helpful to know how to choose long tail keywords for your blog and website.

  1. Search Term Running is beneficial

This is method which needs a cost by finding many search terms or long tail keywords. In this method search campaigns run in Google Adwords (a paid product which run in search engine and shows paid results over the organic results). It is run over many search engines like Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Google etc. you can find a bulk of keywords by which your website is showing among users. It will give you an idea for which you can target your website among many users which is effectively work as long tail keywords. You can choose these long tail keywords for your blog and website. You come to know the Google Adword Support Guide to know more about how to choose long tail keywords.

Final Words -:

You will get those long tail keywords by many of the above said process and you will love your blog when you choose long tail keywords for your blog and website and target them among your content. Your target may be a good technique for making your blog traffic from various search engines friendly and give you big traffic from even United states too. This can’t be conclusion but will give you a good start for choosing the keyword. As in the starting of our post I told you that this is not a term which describe in internet marketing but it is evaluated by many seo experts.

I can only say this if you target long tail keywords in your blog then you can rank in seo without any backlink. And after following this post you can also get lots of ranking in search engine. Enjoy Blogging and be a professional blogger.

Great post!! For any website, we need to know certain tips and you have shared tips on it.Thank you very much for discussing sharing interesting’s very helpful to me .
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