7 Things To Make Money Online Through Blog And Blogging

7 Things To Keep In Mind For Make Money Online through Blog And Blogging Post

Many blogger are so sure that they can earn money from starting of the blog. They usually avoid hard work but I can suggest you that instead from first day earning, you should work hard on your blog before apply for ads from any blog.

Hard work consists of making quality to your blog instead of making just quantity. You should work on continuously basis till your blog become six month old. It’s enough for monetize your blog in every affiliate networks.

7 Things To Make Money Online Through Blog And Blogging

7 Things To Make Money Online Through Blog And Blogging

Today we are going to share 7 tips to keep in your mind for making money online with your blog. Here we are starting 7 tips which will be helpful for you to monetize your blog.

  1. Strong Search Engine Optimizations

Before going for monetization of your blog and making money online, you should check that every page and content is indexed by Google or not and you are receiving some visits from the search engines like Google, Bing and other. You website or blog content should also be properly optimized and public.

  • You must show your content in such condition that everyone easily find your content.
  • Try to give user and search engine friendly content and their title and other things.
  • Use permalinks instead of un-user friendly URLs.
  • Give all alt, title, description tags to images of the blog post.
  • You can use plugins too and also include some internal linking too for other blog posts.
  1. Keep Updated

You should try to update yourself and your blog. It is always attract more traffic to your blog and website. You should also try to write about the trending topic which you can get from Google, Facebook and some other news website.

Updated blog gets more and more traffic in comparison to other blogs. You can create some posts according to trending topics. You can also work on the topic which is trending and according to niche of your blog.

  1. The Theme And Template Of The Blog

Theme and template of the blog should also perform role of a key element for make money online. A theme for a specific field makes a positive impact over user of the blog.

If you have blog related with any game, application or any other specific work like hospital etc then you can make a theme according to any that niche. You can create a background of the game player if you have game related blog. When you are making a website for hospitals then you can make a background with full of nurses, doctors or any hospital accessory. It will impact a lot for user to understand the niche of your website.

  1. Fresh And Unique Content

When you are writing the content, you should focus on the freshness and uniqueness of the content of the blog. You should not focus on quantity as quantity blog cant give you traffic. Traffic can be generated only by quality blog post. Search engines like Google, Bing give preference to quality blog post.

  1. Use Of Social Media Networks

Social media networks also perform a bigger role when you want to earn money online from your blog as now a days its plays a wonderful role for generating a good amount of traffic with some great quality traffic. It will helpful in making money online and give you more explore from the user which will make more and more money and brand as well.

  1. Try Many Ad networks For Monetization

You should try to make money from different-2 ad networks as it will helpful in maximize your profit. If you depend on any single network then you will not able to get maximum profit but if you try different ad network then you will able to get maximum profit. You should add the ad code where you think that user of your website can click there.

Reason -: Many times I see that many ad networks performs a security check to their publisher account and I realize that they perform this check only to those publisher who are making a good amount of money online from their network. And if they found any illegal happening then they immediately ban your account and forfeited your money. But if you work with many ad network then your earning money is divided in some ad networks and it will helpful to you from avoiding this earning.

  1. Backlinks

Exchanging backlinks can be the better idea for taking backlink. You can also write some guest posts on some related blog as it is also a great method for backlink. But writing interesting content is also a better option to get more traffic and making money online is very good method. You can also create internal linking for your blog post which also makes some positive impact over search engine.

Final Words :-

Finally we can tell you that you should avoid any illegal activity, un-ethical activity which very according to the law of the every country. Two more things you should remember about the blog that you should write for the users not for search engines and there is no shortcut for success, you should work hard for the blog success and get to know how to make money online.

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