How To Analysis Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy For Beating Them In SERP

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There are many tools in the industry by which you can analysis competitor’s methods, techniques in the market because there are lots of competitive markets so lots of tools evaluating day by day. Today you will let to know how to analysis your competitors SEO strategy to beat them in search engine results (SER). You always work for competition to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Your competitors are from same market and same mindset so if they can rank then why you can’t rank higher.

how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp

how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp

If you follow the same strategy then you can also rank your website in various search engines. So today I will tell you how you can get to know their strategy so that you can also follow the strategy which they are following so that you can take advantage too.

You can also check SEO without Backlink too.

Now without wasting more time, we are going to discuss how you can check their strategy and how you can see those websites with your expert SEO eyes.

Be an expert while looking at the user website

I put this first because I think it is very important to become and feel like an expert while you are going to look at your competitor’s website because without analysis of your competitor’s website you can’t make a strategy of your own blog and website. You can see these points -:

  1. Bold words

This is the first key which I am going to tell you that you firstly seeing the post consider bold words in the blog post. Blogger usually bold the words for user quick action and for the search engines. The search engines give preference those words which are in the bold of your blog post. In the old age of seo, it is used by many of the website owners and bloggers for ranking but now a days, search engine is enough smart and easily recognize all these.

But when you try to understand the competitor analysis then you should analysis all the bold words of the blog post. It will become you strategy to know how your competitor’s strategy.

  1. Look for those word for which affiliate ads running

You can also look for the words for which the affiliate marketing ads are running in your competitors’ website. If the ads are appearing over your competitor’s website then it highlight some words like underlined, anchor text etc. If you found some words like this then it will definitely those words for which the words are mainly focused by those blog owners. So try to hold those keywords or long tail keywords for your website.

  1. Try to spy in various sector of blog

Just take a separate sheet and copy some main points like Title, URL, anchor texts and content repetition. Look for a word which is repeating in these all again and again with synonyms. These words will definitely will be those words for which the competitor working in the blog post. Normally a blogger who have knowledge of seo include their keywords in these.

  1. Spy on Source Code

Now check out the source code of the blog post by just pressing the Ctrl + U and it will open in the separate tab of your web browser. Now open search bar with CTRL+F just check some few tags of the source code and you will definitely able to check all to see all the keywords.

  • Keyword tag

In the keyword tag which can be seen be seen by writing keyword in search bar. It will show you meta tag of keyword and it will show you on which keyword the blogger focusing and working in the blog post. Just check the keywords writing in keyword tag as these are definitely those words on which the blog owner working continuously.

  • Description Tag

In the description tag, you will let to know a short brief description of your blog post. You should properly check this tag as you will find the targeted keyword in this tag too so that you can also write that keyword for further process and you will effectively let to know on which keywords your competitor is working. You will come to know how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in SERP.

  • H1 Tag

You should also take care of the H1 tag of the blog post for which you are analysis your competitor’s strategy of SEO. An effective H1 tag which is full of keywords can be the better source of to know that what your competitor’s strategy is. It will make your blog an inspiration for you to analysis better the strategy. Sometime h1 tag automatically gets on eye-catchy title tag by default.

  • Content

Now it’s a turn of the page content then for checking the density and other factors, you can copy the whole words in the any text editor tools and check the content. If you found some words are repeating many time in the content with the ratio of 2% from all the content (You can count the words for knowing the ratio). Then you can make sure that Google is giving the priority to that word or words. And if you follow this trick of keyword density and put your niche keywords in your blog post then surely you will get good ranking.

  • Alt Tags

You can also look the alt tag of the embedded images. These words are those words for which the various search engines are search engines are working. For alt tag you can see the source code of that particular page and search for alt tag.

If you are unable to find the alt tag then for knowing the alt tag you can turn off the image loading in your browser. And then open that blog page and it will show you all the alt tag instead of image loading.

Last Words -:

Now you are able to understand how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp. You can use them for on-page seo and make it better in the eyes of search engines and users. If you effectively work in competitor’s analysis then you will never fail in the ranking of search engines.

You can effectively work on your analysis by these methods which I just told you in this blog post. You can not only make your blog post effective but also get more and more attention to your blog post. You can effectively able to understand how to analysis your competitor’s seo strategy for beating them in serp.

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