How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo

Hello Mirchors (Mirchi Readers), Today I am going to discuss with you a most important topic which is the mostly asked questions among bloggers that “how to add niche keywords in your blog post for better search engine optimization(SEO)”.

Today we are going to discuss niche keyword placement in our post because it is most important for any post to rank in search engines. If your blog post is rich with keywords then your post will rank higher and it will get huge amount of traffic which will be completely organic. When you have written a blog post then what is the use for this post if it is not getting targeted and huge traffic. So for getting some quality and getting organic traffic, you must write the blog and add niche keyword in your blog post.

How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo

How To Add Niche Keywords In Blog Post For Seo

Today I am going to give you some techniques by which you can write seo optimized article for search engines and add niche keyword in your blog post and tell you where you should add the keyword in your blog post.

Title Of Your Blog Post

This is the one of the most important place which Google see at first when it come to your blog and gives a value if it is effectively written. So it becomes important to give your keyword in the title of the blog post. As I experience search engines loves the effective title of the blog and give preference too. So it is most important to write effective title tag of the blog post and adding niche keywords in blog post. It will give you huge traffic from the search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing Etc.

Put The Keywords In Beginning And Ending

It is also make a difference when you add niche keywords in blog post for better SEO in beginning and ending of the main content blog. You can add keywords in starting and ending paragraph too. This is the two sections which you should always remember while writing your blog post first is first paragraph and second is last paragraph where you have to add your niche keywords. Better optimized blog post gives you increase traffic and high page ranking both.

You can add more targeted words in the first and last paragraph of the blog. But remember one thing that those keywords must not look like a crowded means a reader who comes on the post should not feel monotonous by your blog post.

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Rich Keyword Friendly Image Alt Tag, Title And Name Attribute

It is also become more important if you have image in your blog post then you can add your niche keywords in the blog post. As every blogger knows that image makes your blog post more attractive and eye-catchy so when you add the image in your post then you can add keywords in the Alt, Title tag and name attribute of that image. One more thing you should focus that your image name must not have white spaces. You can use hyphen(-) instead of white space. First write a keyword rich name of that image, then upload in the blog post and give an attractive and keyword friendly alt tag and title tag.

Add Keyword in Post’s URL or Permalink

Permalink becomes the URL of that particular blog post so you should write your keywords in the permalink of the post. This is known as the killed location to add niche keyword in your blog post as if you want to fully optimize your blog post then you have to add your keywords in the permalinks. If you added your keywords in the blog permalinks then you will get full advantage from that post. It’s good to add niche keyword in blog post URL or permalink.

You can set it as default then it will automatically make the URL of that blog post from your post title. For setting up you can go in setting option of your wordpress blog and choose the permalink option and click Ok. Now it will automatically generate permalink of the blog post.

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Add Niche Keywords in Blog Post Labels

You can use blog post labels or tags for two main purpose first one is categorization of your blog post and second one is for optimization and giving keywords in the blog-post. You can get full benefit of labels if you use them for fully. You can rename them if you are not getting full benefit from them. You can add niche keyword in blog post labels too.

Post Comment Must Have Keywords

Every blogger has opened comment section for commenting from users. So you should try to add keywords in the comment which is rich by keywords so that it can increase the visibility of your blog post in the search engine. Many people comment in response of the user questions but they don’t know how to use those comments effectively for your post. Some people think that they always get the benefit from leaving their blog link but they can use these comments effectively too. I also noticed that on Mirchi Blogger many people comment like great post ! I like it, thanks for sharing information or my brother like it I will recommend him etc. but these posts has no effective and can affect your blog too.

Blog Post Links

You can insert the link in you blog post but those all links should be relevant to that blog post as user love those post and click on the relevant posts for knowing more about that. You will love the user engagements too while you feel that all users are clicking on the relevant link on your blog post. If readers miss any bog post then he will get to know by your blog post and he can get back to that post.

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Final Words From Me

I hope these tips for adding keywords in your blog post will help you a lot while working on optimization of your blog. You can not only get organic traffic but also can improve the ranking of your website and blog. So follow the tips of how to add niche keywords in blog post for effective seo and get traffic and ranking. You can also give your feedback in comment box. Like Us On Facebook.

Very nice article really very useful and effective for all specially for beginners.

June 6, 2015 at 1:23 am

I am sure this post has touched all the internet people, its really really nice post on building up new web site and add niche keywords.

How to apply for google adsense account for my all 3 blogs and 2 websites ?

June 19, 2015 at 7:58 pm

You can search in the blog. You will lots of answers in the blog.

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