12 Best And Advance Tips To Choose A Best Domain Name

12 Best And Advance Tips To Choose A Best Domain Name

Every blogger or any other online owners who want to work online need a domain name for their work. It will become their web-address which is use by him for showing their efficiency. He can make their blog on that web domain and place it on the web hosting, then it will become accessible by the readers. When you want to make money online it need a domain.

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I was also reading many articles about how to choose a best domain name and then only I finalized my domain name as Mirchi Blogger and working continuously on this domain. I have read a report over internet which says 84000 domains are registered daily on internet and it is officially announced by whoishostingthis.

12 Best And Advance Tips To Choose A Best Domain Name

12 Best And Advance Tips To Choose A Best Domain Name

Now we also want to give the answer of the million rupees question which is many blogger ask “how to choose the best domain name” for those you can follow these 12 tips and techniques and it will be really helpful for your search of domain name.

  1. Choose 5 Key Words

This is very first idea which I use generally that if I need to choose a name of domain then I think 5 words related to niche of blog. I mean if I am going to make a blog for seo and smo then I choose blog, blogger, SEO, SMO, blogging and then co-relate them with the appropriate words. Look at my blog name I choose personally these some keywords with these 5 words and add my word Mirchi with this. It gives me an appropriate name for my blog and a wonderful thing will become that it was available. I immediately book that.

According to me it is the best and advance tips to choose a best domain name for our business and can carry our website and blog.

  1. Don’t Try To Get Exact Match Domain

It is an important thing which is Google itself says that you should not worry about the exact match domains means we should not care about the exact match domains. There is old age when google and other search engines gives preference to exact match domain but this is new time when google don’t give such value to that type of domain. If you want ranking and fully optimization then you should have to work great on that. It doesn’t make any difference as it is exact match or not.

I personally feel that exact match makes a little difference in ranking but it only works if you have a quality work on your website and blog. You should not so much focus on exact match domain as it comes under a good practice to choose a best and advance name of domain.

  1. Try To Make A Brand

It is also important to make our own brand when you take any domains which are not related to any word like a blog name Shout Me Loud which don’t have meaning according to any blogging words but when he (Harsh Agarwal, Owner of Shout Me Loud) start with blogging then choose a different brand name and work awesome and his blog become a milestone in blogging industry. When you going to know how to choose best domain name, you should take care about branding purpose.

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  1. Make Some Suffix And Prefixes

This is method you can use when you don’t get your desire domain name. You can use some suffix and prefix too which you can take from your mother tongue which can be Hindi or Tamil or Urdu words like Sulekha, Cardekho, Shaadi.com etc. You should take care as it is one of the best and advance tips to choose a best domain name.

  1. Try To Use Simple English

If a domain is not like once remember word then a user will not come again to your domain. I mean your domain name must have such words which is easy to remember. It will not only helpful in increasing returning users but also make them regular on your blog. You can “fashionworld” instead of “fashioninworldoffantacyheachache”

  1. Try to add single number but avoid hyphens

It is good method too for choosing best domain name that you can use single number like 2, 3 and 4 which gives a good impact over users like you can use travel2world instead of traveltoworld. As it is most eye-catch the number 2 for the website. User remember the numbers but forget hyphens and he became confuse like you can use “Bestgoogletechniques” instead of “best-google-techniques” as sometime I feel user become confuse with this facts.

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  1. Try to get proper care of Copyright Name and domains

I see that many words in the online world are copyrighted so we should aware with these words and make our blog according to these words and avoid them in our domain. I mean many blogger know that “TATA” word is copyrighted and we can’t use it a commercial purpose.

When you are big fan of Samsung then you can’t use your domain name with Samsung and they can sue you for this when you become famous. This is also one the best tips you should understand from 12 best and advance tips to choose a best domain name.

  1. Don’t Modify already known Names

It is my personal suggestions that please don’t use any word which is keyword from already establish blog. Like you should not copy words like a popular blog “search engine land” you will see on the internet then you should not copy any word like land from this.

As I think it is harmful for our blog instead of make good presence for blogging it can damage our blog value too.

  1. Avoid web 2.0 domains

Always use such spelling and name as it is pronounced means when we are saying blogger then it should be blogger not any other spelling. I explain this with an example which is popular website which is written like “Tumblr” but when we spell it then it will become “Tumbler” so you should avoid these types of names. You should also avoid close spelling words too.

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  1. Check Social Media User Name Availability

You should also check your desire name which you want to book as domain name. If it is already book then you should avoid them as it will not become a good impact for your blogger that your domain is already booked by someone else. It will not be good feeling when you book a domain and it will not available on Facebook and Twitter. You should check them for sure as it is known as one of the best techniques you should follow from 12 best and advance tips to choose a best domain name.

  1. Always take a Top level Domain (TLD)

Always try to book a top level domain (TLD) because they have a capacity that they can rank at any country level. I mean that you can rank your top level domain in any country but if you take any country level name then it will be difficult to rank at other country.

  1. Avoid Long Names

You should avoid the long name as it will be difficult to rank the pages of long domain. When we see to search engine site then we found that they rank have word limit for any ranking so it become very tough to rank long URLs. For example suppose your domain name is of 25 characters. Now add more 45 characters of the post URL. So, your total link has eaten up to 70 to 75 characters of the 140 character limit and it will not become a good practice as per SEO purpose.

Do You Two More Minutes

You can use a tool like Instant Domain Search for checking the domain availability. You can instantly check domain name. You can also use Godaddy too for checking. You can also check websites for purchasing cheap domains.

Over To You Final Words

I have share many tips for you by which you can check some domains and take your appropriate name. You can use these 12 best and advance tips to choose a best domain name.

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