Google Consumer Surveys – Monetize Your Website And Blog

Google Consumer Surveys – A new Google Product to monetize your Website

If we consider about the money making through a blog then we are just limited with Google Adsense, Adsense alternative and some techniques of Affiliate marketing etc. but there are many other ways which you can adopt when you think about money making. These are those methods which strike your mind immediately when you think about online money making through blog as they are most popular methods among blogger.

Today we are going to tell you a new way which is given by the Google itself for bloggers to make money online with their blogs which is introduced as “Google Consumer Surveys”. You can also sign up as publisher in Survey as its open now. Today we are going to tell you some more information about the “Google Consumer Survey” and there methods and how it works

What are the “Google Consumer Surveys” ?

Various blogger are just depending on the Google Adsense, Adsense alternative and affiliate marketing but with this Survey method you can monetize your blog posts and content. You can use these surveys on your premium content and it will display to user only when he fill that micro-survey. It means you can bound the user to fill the consumer survey before they see the premium content of your website. If user fills those survey only that will give you all that premium content.

Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys

About The Consumer Survey Questions

Surveys are just prepared by the experts and market researchers of the Google for gaining the maximum insight of the business and fulfill the requirement of market leader about the business. Publisher loves to get the user experience and try to separately identify the quality content of the website.

Estimated Earning With Surveys

The revenue of the survey is divided among the publisher and Google. As per the official statement and other expert says that it is divided among the publisher and Google equally. Your large traffic of the website will be able to generate more revenue. You can earn approx. 0.05$ for single question. If you have 100K per month and if we get proportion that your survey will fill by 20% visitors then you can get approx. $1000/month. You can get US traffic too on your website and blog.

User also has options to skip the survey or can give extra or additional answer of questions those can be extra 9 questions. User who don’t want to give answer then he can simply click on “No Thanks” too.

Sign Up Process for Publishers

You can sign up with Google Consumer Survey as a publisher if you eligible with some terms like

  1. You must be 18+ years old.
  2. You must have an active Adsense account which should be a good standing and reputed, you must not require adding your Adsense ads on your website. Your Adsense account is only use for payment receive.
  3. A good and active website with some great traffic is needed for approving the ads.
  4. You website should never be spammy and lack of quality content. You can check duplicate content too.

Professional team will check your website content and site’s performance with all other factors and after that they give you approval and rejection in 7 to 10 working days. If they find that your website is able to maintain the quality standard like internal linking and all other of the google policies then only they will approve you. Check the Website for sign-up just click here for website if you are publisher.

Integration of Google Consumers Survey On Your Website ?

As I have already said to you that Publisher or site owners is always responsible for the user experience as they can control that too. They himself integrate the code provided by the Google for Consumer Survey on that part of the website which he think will get maximum clicks and he can maximize his revenue. Publisher can remove the code too any time if he think that survey code and ads adversely behave on the website and decreasing the website ranking in search engines. There are many other questions are arises too which you should know before applying to survey. Just read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Supported Countries For Google Consumer Survey

In its starting age, its only accept the publishers of USA, UK And Canada only but may be soon they will allow other countries to start this program in their website.

You can also apply and share your view have you applied with this and what possibilities you are seeing in coming future.

March 21, 2015 at 11:57 am

Thanks for the information.

When will it can be used by Indian Websites ?

Any News on It?

March 21, 2015 at 5:50 pm

There is no such news from Google official websites about till when Google Consumer Survey comes for Indian websites
but as we assume that it may come in india till 2016 starting or mid.

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