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Save Your Blog From Reaching The Online Grave And Give It a Presence In Online World Of Blogger

Why Blogs Fail – Common Mistakes That Lead Blogs To Self-Destruction

Bloggers are passionate beings and passion dies without proper appreciation. As a Blogger you give your best working for hours together to make great posts and the next thing you expect is Appreciation. In Blogging appreciation comes in the form Traffic, Comments and Money. Without appreciation you just can’t give your best. I’ve seen Blogs started with great enthusiasm, posting great content daily just to reach an online grave within a year just due to lack of appreciation.

Give It a Presence In Online World Of Blogger

Save Your Blog From Reaching The Online Grave

Here are some of the common mistakes that take you to a self-destruction path while trying to become a successful Blogger.

1. Understanding Your Blog

The core difference in high revenue successful Blogs and Blogs that fail understands the concept of Business. Most Bloggers try to make a Business out of their Blogs that is the first sign of failure. The successful Blogs have a Business for their Blogs. I’ve seen people start Blogs just because they found certain niche interesting or somebody else was doing it and earning four figure amounts. Don’t do that it’s bound to fail.

Find what needs will the Blog serve, both yours as well as your readers. List goals that should be achieve by the Blog for you as well as your readers. Blogs that don’t serve mutual needs fail.

2. Not Showing Your Personality

Show yourself in your writing and presentation skills. Develop your Blogging voice and captivate your readers. There are thousands of Blogs and millions of Articles on every topic, so try to give a fresh perspective in every post.

Share your personal experiences to make them understand the topic. Use strong arguments to put your point through. Entertain your readers with some humor and they will come for more.

Posting Tip:

Read all your posts word to word before you publish. Correct any grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes, making it a pleasant experience for your visitors.

3. Writing like Product Manuals

Don’t do this even if you are a Technology Blog. Write in plain English. Nobody reads product manuals till they are in problem with the product. Simplicity is the key. Cut the crap; remove the extra sentences and those bombastic words. Make it a pleasant experience for the reader. Don’t just write for the word count. Use Headings, Sub-headings and see which part can be made into a different post.

Even I made this mistake in my initial Blogging days. The day I saw my mistake I made 6 posts from one single post. Go through your earlier post and you would be surprised to see how many extra posts and visitors you’ve lost.

4. Don’t Know Who You’re Writing For

Mistaking the Audience is a common mistake Bloggers do. Understand what the reader is looking for in the post before writing every post. I would advise writing 10 Points about what readers want before you start. Be on the topic and lose focus.

I’ve seen articles that start with marketing tips as their heading and eventually reach topics of Sales by the finish.

5. Lack of research

While you focus on writing and publishing posts, you may forget to research the topic. Stale conclusion due to lack of research destroys any Authority you may have built in your particular niche. Research very well to give 100% to a particular post and that vibration will pass on to your readers.

6. Not Promoting The Blog

Not promoting your content effectively leads to less traffic or no traffic. Traffic has a long term effect on your posting psyche and determining whether your Blogs fails or succeeds. For successful Bloggers Traffic is an appreciation of all the hard-work they have done. If you don’t have traffic and comments you will eventually lose the interest in posting quality content leading your Blog to the Online Grave. Get traffic to your Blog by effectively promoting your Blog both online and offline.

7. Monetizing Your Blog Too Early

This is the biggest mistake Bloggers do when they start their own Blogs. I’ve seen Bloggers rejoice when they get their Adsense account approved. Focus on quality content. Do not push Ads and Affiliate links on your readers for the first few months.

Ad Banners and Affiliate links will take the readers focus away from your content and leads them to some other page leaving your Blog. A visitor to your Blog who might have read 4 articles of your blog was just pushed away by some Ad or link. Build on traffic and getting more Page-views per user before trying any monetizing strategies, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have traffic and want monetizing tips, read Top Ten Ways For Earn Money, Consumer Survey Earning, Adsense Earning, Youtube And Many More.

8. Posting for Google – Don’t Post for SEO

Writing posts filled with keywords just to attract a better search ranking does not work long term. It turns visitors away as Post are boring with repeated keywords without any exact value. It won’t take long before search engines punish you. Recent search engine updates like Google Panda update shows results which have more quality content for the visitor. The days of just Keywords are long gone by.

Another mistake Bloggers do to get better rankings is posting daily just to make the Blog look full of content. As explained about search engine updates, this is not going to help. Give quality content to your readers and your traffic shall improve your search rankings. By this you can save your blog from reaching the online grave and give it a presence in online world of blogger

Help Me Write Better

Though I have taken care to include the most common mistakes that make Blogs fail, I may have lost some. Kindly suggest any ideas you think should be included in this post.

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