How To Increase Or Get Referral Traffic To Your Blog And Website

How To Get Or Increase Referral Traffic To Your Website And Blog

Today we will let to know how to drive and increase referral traffic to your blog. Many people say that referral traffic is an easy task, some says that it’s very difficult but according to me it’s an easy task when you try hard for it. It became an easy task when you plan a good strategy to achieve it from various referrals but before planning you will not able to achieve more traffic.

When we talk about the traffic, we get to know that we receive various type of traffic like social traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic and referral traffic. Many people have done lots of experiment over organic traffic and social traffic and you have read a lot about these two types of traffic while on the other side you have very less control over direct traffic. So now today we will discuss how you can drive and increase referral traffic to your blog. Many methods can be applied to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website

how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website

But before getting known about the referral traffic, we should properly know about what the referral traffic is and why it is important for our blog.

What are referral traffic and its importance?

As its name suggest, referral traffic is that traffic which is come from other website which can be any blog, social network, directory, question & answer sites, forums or any kind of third party site. In the simple words, we can understand that if the visitors come from some other website except search engines then it will be consider as referral traffic. Now it’s better understand that what is referral traffic.

Now I explain it in a better way with a proper example just see. When your website link is placed on your website by many methods like blog commenting, forum posting, guest post etc. it means when you add your link to some sites they vote for you or they refer your website to their visitors. If they come to your blog or website then it will consider as referral traffic for your website. There are many method by which you can get to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

It’s very important for your blog as referral traffic give you more explorers among related visitors. It means referral traffic is only consider with related niche users who come to other post and come to you after reading your thoughts on any other website in the form on blog commenting, posting in forum, posting like effective guest posting etc.

How To Increase Or Get Referral Traffic To Your Blog And Website – Best Ways

In this competitive world there are lots of website and blog who are performing in the same niche of your website and blog so you should not worry about the referral website choosing. You can choose any website which is ranking and working continuously in the same field of your website and blog. You can get many website from where you can get traffic from United states. There are various ways which can implement for referral traffic like forums, social bookmarking, Youtube, directories, blog commenting etc.

Referral Traffic From Other Websites And Blog

  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best method, I should say because if you are posting your blog post on any website and they are giving you a single link in return then it will be your long term result till your post is on their blog and website and it will continuously give you link strength. But choosing an authority blog is must before placing your guest post on any blog. If you get any backlink from them then you will surely see the improvement of your blog and it is helpful in seo of your blog without so much backlink.

Before placing your guest blog post, you should remember some precautions and keep in your mind some very important points like

  1. Blog should be related niche of your blog.
  2. You should get a link back from the blog.
  3. You should only link the related blog post link with that guest post.
  4. Make sure that blog is getting good traffic from the search engine and have good domain and page authority as it is helpful in increasing your own blog domain authority.
  5. You should add niche keywords in that post which you are going to publish in some other blog. Guest post is always helpful to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.
  1. Forum Posting And Drive More Referral Traffic

It is also became a wonderful source for you that you can get lots of traffic from just engaging with lots of users of any forum. It is long run method which will give you benefits during a very long time till the forum is alive. Many times I use the forum to spread my some of friend’s websites but for my own websites and blogs, I rarely use these high PR and high authority forums. And after using them a lot, I can say that forums are very methods for taking a lots of visitors for your blog and websites. Knowing Forum posting is equal to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

Before working with forums, you should take care many points with many precautions.

  1. Complete your profile first on the forum in which you can include your introduction, social accounts, website or blog, your profession and work experience, your email address and other things so that anyone can get to know about you very easily.
  2. Try to stay active in the communities and questions of the forums because an active profile gets more and more visitors.
  3. Try to use signature column too with your website link.
  4. Try to give answers all the question of your niche and interact with other persons in personal messages.
  5. Try to spread your knowledge with other but stays in brief only and don’t try to say stories.
  1. Blog Commenting

It is easiest way in my point of view to get benefit of getting a quick backlink from any niche blog. This is the very easy and popular way to build a good relationship with bloggers and readers and also helpful in getting a quick backlink with quick ranking from other blogs too. You can get not only traffic but also a lot of backlink. But there are many precautions before writing comment as everyone is not able to get benefits from them. If you are not receiving any good results then you are not doing something good. Blog commenting is awesome method to know and work on how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

Commenting is long term process which gives long lasting benefits. Blog comment is also not a quick process to give results. It’s not a short term process too.

Process of Blog Commenting

Commenting is only beneficial when your comments on some real blog with high authority and ranked. For blog commenting to need to do some process or steps -:

  1. Try to search some real blogs before commenting which must be some high authority and highly ranked. It doesn’t mean that you comment only on high ranked, you can comment on some reputed and ranked blog too.
  2. Only comment on continue updated blog. It means you should comment only on those blogs which is updating continuously.
  3. Try to see the quality of blog post and their comments both because it is very important for all the blog owners to respond to every comment whether it is good or adverse.
  4. If you found all these quality with the blog then you can comment on these type of blog but remember to write a good and quality comment as it is very necessary to being approved by the blogger. It should also kept in the mind that you should write only the about the blog post which the blogger has done not about any other niche. Don’t just write 1 sentence like “Good post”, “I like it”, “Amazing post, I will recommend your blog post”, “Thanks for the information” etc. You should also consider why you blog comments are not getting approved.
  5. You should write the multiple comments on various post, as it is always helpful to get more and more blog and website traffic.

Note -: If you found some blogs provides very interesting blog post and related with your niche then you also subscribe their email list too. You can check their email whether they are promoting any affiliate product or not. Whether are they working for any sales of any product with their email list or to subscribers? You should take care of all these things so that you come to know how they are using the data of emails.

  1. Superb Way to Gain some traffic and explorer

This is the thief idea which I use for getting some overview from the expert blogger. It is mostly use by me and first time I am disclosing this idea especially to my Mirchors (Mirchi Users). In this method it doesn’t give instant results but when you are blogger, you should understand that every tip don’t give instant results to you. It will help you to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

When you create some high quality content and include all the proper aspects like the meaning, covering topic, problem and all the solution available which you can mention in the topic. Don’t worry about the length but avoid stories. Try to include all points of the niche of the article whichever is needed.

Now publish the article on your blog and now the main work is started. You should now contact with the other blogger and try to make a relation with them and try to say them to visit that post and ask some suggestion from them.

May be it can happen that some person visit and some not, it will be ok that may be some blogger is busy with their own work. You can also ask them to give their some valuable feedback too with this post. It will not only give you some visitor referral visitor to your blog but also will get some valuable feedback from some experts. It have one more advantage that if they got impress with your blog and its posts then they will recommend your blog post to their own readers. And as they have some quality visitors then you will also get quality visitors with some good exposes. It will help you to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

You can get to know some social media techniques.

5.YouTube – Referral Traffic

It is one the great method which can give thousands of traffic as now days it is the biggest video sharing sites which is used by millions of users on daily basis worldwide where you can see lots of video freely and can share your own video too freely. It will help you to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

Many people are regularly uploading their videos over this website and getting lots of traffic daily. You just need to make your channel and upload your videos freely over it. If your video goes viral then you will get thousands of video worldwide and also get a backlink too for your webpage. If you are not able to make the video then you can give this work to your employee or you can give this work freelance like Odesk and Elance. You can earn with Youtube too.

Some Other Methods For Getting Referral Traffic

There are some other ways which is also recommended by many visitors like forums, question answers websites, video website like dailymotion etc and many more. Which you can use for your referral traffic too. Some of them are as follows -:

  1. Infographics -:

    Infographics are the best method which is going viral these days as it becomes one of the best sources for infographic. It is quite expensive but very powerful method which gives you lots of traffic. Even if you are expert in making infographic, but it takes too much time to make a wonderful graphic of Infographic as you just don’t need to design a inforgraphic but also you have to think what is niche and content of that post. Now a days infographic is very important to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

  2. Social Book-Marking -:

    There are lots of website which allow you add your link to those websites. But be aware of these website as they allow lots of links so you need to check first whether it should not be panelized from search engines like google. It will help you to know how to Increase or get referral traffic to your blog & website.

  3. Content Curation -:

    It is also a good method but have many difficulties so be aware before using them but if you effectively done these techniques then you will get a very good traffic quantity and quality and also get a quality backlink too. You can curate the content of your website and blog with other blogs too from the World Wide Web or internet by using many softwares etc like and storify etc. You can learn about it from many sites.

Today I have told you many methods of how to drive and increase referral traffic to your blog and how you get better traffic over your blog and website. You are now fully expert in these techniques and can get thousands of traffic over your website and blog. Enjoy your blogging with Mirchi Blogger and enjoy with more Mirchors by posting your guest post with us.

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