What Is Social Media Optimization Or Smo And Its Techniques

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO) – How To Do SMO techniques

Social Media don’t need any introduction these days as when you need a huge traffic, social media and your network is always helpful. Social media is one of the big sources of getting huge traffic for your quality blog posts and website. Social media is quite popular because it is very easy to work with lots of your followers and friends. You can some profiles over facebook, Google+, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest etc. and post your blog posts there it will surely give you lots of traffic. When we talk about smo v/s seo then we will find both are same in respect of driving traffic and making some leads on the website.

What Is Smo Or Social Media Optimization And Its Techniques

What Is Smo Or Social Media Optimization And Its Techniques

I search on various topics about which we get lots of information over many website but while we need some tips of social media optimization (SMO) then I rarely found some good articles over this so I decided to write an article on what is social media optimization (SMO) – how to do smo for getting huge traffic. This article on social media optimization will be helpful in getting huge traffic and you will also get some good tips on that how you can effectively do smo for your website. Now without wasting more time we are coming on our topic that what is smo and why to do that.

What is social media optimization ?

While the word starting from the mouth of Rohit Bhargava in 2006 which is internet marketing expert, become more popular than search engine optimization.

When we talk about optimization, we come know that getting more popular or get a good rank of your profile in social media is known as social media optimization. It means in a single line we can say that gaining a more popularity and ranking in the social media become its optimization so that you get more and more exposer in social media from peoples.

Why you need social media optimization?

When we talk about the social media then it is more important to know that why we need the optimization from the social media and what is the need of social media optimization. For this I have shortlisted some reasons that why we need these social media optimization.

  1. From 2013, social media become more powerful and reputed in comparison of search engine.
  2. It is very easy as compare to search engine optimization.
  3. Social media has regular and constant visitor according to search engine.
  4. Social media optimization is now become very needy for any website and blog.
  5. From many days, many companies introduce many concept of social media following and sharing button so after adding them many person attract towards them.
  6. Personally when I use social media then I can say that most of my traffic part comes from social media optimization.
  7. Today facebook and Pinterest are working very good and give lots of visitor on your website and blog. You can optimize your blog through Google + too.

How To do Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Many Smo experts follow some shortlisted method given by Smo leaders which is seven unique methods and helpful in optimization of your website and blog in the social media. So here are those methods which we have heard and working continuously for more popularity among social media. Here are those seven real – smo techniques by which you can get to know how to do social media optimization are as follow -:

  1. Engagement -: Get mode engagement from the friends of your profile and the friends of friends. You can get work on their status updated to share them and ask same to do with them.
  2. Leadership -: Make such profile which builds your leadership among your friends and all. Any good practice in a positive way can’t affect your profile and harm you. Always be a thought person having leader quality and present same to your friend list. Always stand for helping others.
  3. Reputation -: Always stand for other to help them it will build your reputation and helpful to build a reliable qualified source. Your reputation works high for social media optimization.
  4. Authority -: Make your own authority and it will make you notable which is not only helpful in expertise but also you will get more social media likes and friends.
  5. Social -: Try to add more friends and be more social with them but be sure that all of those will be working on same niche. It will make you more social among social media.
  6. Media -: You can also take help of media platforms which can maximize the influence. You can do more and more experiments with different -2 media platforms and leter you can choose the best.
  7. Optimization -: You profile performance also make impact so you should improve the all aspects of your profile like technical and other to be more optimization in social media.

Constant Tips For Social media optimization -: You should frequently update your profile with the latest links and trends. You can use Hash(#) tag with the important words so that everyone can search you by them. You should regularly update the status of facebook profile and pages with you latest updates.

Best Social Media Platforms For Social Media Plateforms

  1. Facebook -: Facebook don’t need any introduction as everyone know how much popular it is and how it is leading on the entire social media platform. Today when we talk about the visitors and user engagement, it is number one in social media. You can get tons of visitors from facebook groups, pages, notes, invites, apps and paid facebook marketing and much more.
  2. Pinterest -: Pinterest has leading social media network which comes in number second in social media marketing. You can thousands of visitors from pinterest only just by sharing your photos only. According to its last survey people are getting huge traffic from the pinterest photos only.
  3. Twitter -: Twitter’s structure is well developed and user friendly so that you can get thousands of traffic from it if you work affectively. You can give Hash(#) tag for more exposers. It is free to use and can work with more enjoyment and pleasure.
  4. Reditt -: Reditt is such a platform in which if you work wisely then you can get lakhs of traffic in some minutes only with a do-follow backlink but you just work wisely for working on this platform. Reditt is free to use for personal and professional use.
  5. Google Plus –: If you like to do some work on various social media platforms then you should surely work on Google + as it will improve your ranking in search engine too. It has a positive effect on search engine ranking too which we have experienced personally too may be it is due to that Google plus is product of Google itself. You can get to know how to increase Google Plus followers.
  6. Other Social media Platform –: You can also use some other platforms too like dig, delicious, Technorati, Linkedin, Tumblr, My space etc.

Over To You

We have discussed today that what is smo and how to do social media optimization (smo) and why it is important for our website and blog. How we can generate maximum traffic from social media network it will become easier task for you to rank your website over social media platform and gain more engagement over social media. You will love this method as it is an easy way to get more and more traffic to generate some awesome and big revenue from the webpages.

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