How To Make Strategy For Social Media To Increase Traffic

How To Make Good Strategy For Social Media To Increase Traffic

Today we are going to tell you how you can increase your social media presence for your website and try to tell you how I can increase my social media presence too. In future, I will create more posts for my blog about the social media according to NLB (Next Level Blogging) by which you will surely take some advantage too.

As every internet marketing experts knows that Social media is becoming one of the major source to get some quality traffic to your website and one of the major factor over internet. But we have to keep in our mind about the bounce rate that we need some quality traffic from social media as they can engage in our website otherwise they can only increase the bounce Rate of our website and according to search engines it’s not only harmful in engagement but also can decrease your website ranking. We need more engagement for our website otherwise the traffic from social media is not such quality which we need.

Today we are going to tell you some effective ways to build Great Social Media Strategy for increasing social media presence and traffic.

How To Make Good Strategy For Social Media To Increase Traffic

Good Strategy For Social Media To Increase Traffic

Social media is one of the major factors which work on the mixture of community and blogging, and if we have guts then we can receive some traffic from the social media. And if we made a good strategy then we can daily and originally make some great traffic from the social media.

  1. Be On Time

This is one the major factor or we can say key factor which can give you more exposer. Many blogger has so many social media ids and they use it for some random posts over the time on social media. You can also try this technique for posting the content.

  • As per my thinking and I observe that from 5 P.M. to 7 P.m. is good time of posting and get some quality traffic too but this apply on eastern areas. But if you want other area traffic then you can post your content after sunset or before some minutes of the sunset.
  1. Create Your Own Community

In general category community, there are many person but when you talk about quality then it is so less from the numbers. So you should make a community of high quality with only related or niche people so that it can increase the followers of you website. We can not only make our voice but also helpful for some quality effort over website. I am going to share a case study of

  • In the community, when they share a post over their community then everyone like and share that and they get around 1.5K approx. mostly. It shows the popularity of their post and tell that everyone like their Facebook post too.
  1. Post Title Must Be Attractive

This is a fact which I observe our-selves in my blog as many people don’t like boring and very long titles. Title should be eye catchy and understandable only at one quick view. User doesn’t give attention to those posts it means that your hours of hard work go in the Recycle Bin.

  1. Choose Social Media Network

There are many social media networks which you can see over Wikipedia Social Media Network List. Also you can find may social network where you can find many options which you will love as a blogger for your niche. You can create a good community on social networks. You will also love to create the name of business on those networks even if you slowly work on all of them.

  • We have normally hear that Facebook is best and rest is only ****. No doubt that Facebook social media Network is good among social media But I suggest all the blogger who is blogging that you should use every social media network as you will get different type of people in different social networks. You can also use Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit etc too with Facebook.

Do You 2 More Minute…..

At last I am just want to give you a golden rule of social media that you should use social media as much as you can but stop using for only link building. You should give some quality posts with quality work. It will surely increase your social media presence and increase the website traffic.

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