Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving ?

Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving – Some Facts and Techniques

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Hey guys, I have generally seen that many person spend lots of time on the blog commenting but their most of the comments don’t get approve. Today we are going to discuss “why your blog comments not approving”.

Blog commenting is known as one of the best way to increase the backlink from niche website. If you comment over United State based blogs then you can also increase united state traffic too. Many people use it for taking a backlink for their own blog as it gives so many backlink without doing so much effort just you need to search a niche blog and comment over it with your blog link. It doesn’t only increase in your backlink but also helpful in improving your traffic.

Blog commenting has its own value so you should not do it only for backlink purpose. When you give a valuable comment on the post then you will surely get some traffic, attention and backlink too. As more attention from various blog reader will give you a surely get a new user to your blog. So ultimately it will increase user engagement, interaction and many more.

Why your blog comments not approving ?

Why your blog comments not approving ?

But this is the major issue that your blog comments are not approving so you should follow some guidelines which will surely give your blog comment approved from the blog owners. Here are some tips which you can get rid of the problem and you will get the answer of question “Why Your Blog Comments Not Approving”.

Avoid Niche Keywords in Name Field

Blog owners always love such type of comment which is real in nature like given by real people and actually express the feeling after reading the post. But many people while commenting on any other’s blog use such a name which doesn’t represent a real person. I personally have seen many person giving name like “blogging tips”, “Seo tips”, “precaution with google adsense” “duplicate content”, “Weight loss” etc. It is quite obvious that this name can’t be the name of any real person.

As per my opinion and on my blog, when I see the keywords as a name, I rarely read that comments which has a keyword in name. And not even me, many blogger do this that’s why you should avoid keyword in name field.

Solution -: You should not use keywords on name field. Many people use their blog name after @MirchiBlogger means Soma@mirchiblogger but I don’t think it is a good practice for commenting. Some blog owners don’t allow this type of name or keyword too.

Anchor Text In Comments

It may be possible that you comment on the post which is quite similar to your blog post. So you should not give the link of that post link on the web blog on which you are commenting. If you are regular commenter then only you can give that related post link otherwise you should avoid to give anchor text in your blog post.

Many blog owner delete that type of comments which contain anchor text even without reading as most of the blog owner don’t like those type of comment which contain anchor text. If you are a regular comment giver on any blog or you have a good connection with blog owner then you can put a link in comment but don’t make it your habbit.

Avoid One Line Comments

I really experience that a lot that many blogger don’t allow one line comments as many of my comments disapprove due to one line. So when you are commenting on any blog we should avoid one line comment too. Many blog comments which is quite common are generally not accepted by many of the blogger like

“You’re awesome”

“I recommend this blog to my brother”

“Great post. Thanks for sharing”

“Thanks for the Post” etc.

Generally many blogger don’t like these comments as this type of comments decrease in the quality of the blog post.

Solution -: If you want to comment on any blog you should try to write 2 to 3 lines. I think it is not a bad comment that you write “Thanks for sharing, great post” but we thought it is very common among any comments so blog owner generally think that it is robot produce comment.

Offensive and Illegal Comments

It is also giving a negative impact to the moderator or owner of blog, when s/he saw an offensive and illegal comment over her/his blog post.

But on the other side it is not bad thing when you disagree with any post like. When I see about myself I also like to know that which of my blog post you don’t like. And I appreciate it too. It is not means that I allow any abusive or any slag words or any personal attacks and when I see this type of attacks from any person, I just simply delete his all comments without reading them too.

Solution -: When you give any negative comment over any blog then don’t be so rude you can be polite and with a strong reason, you can say it to him.

Comments without a Gravatar

Many blog owners don’t delete comments when it doesn’t show any Gravatar but when a plugin name Akismet run over blog, it mark some valuable comments as spam which don’t have Gravatar.

It goes less chance to approve when your comment goes to spam as many blog owners look at the spam with a bird eye-view. So it reduces your chance to approve in comment.

Solution -: You can set a gravatar as it increase your chance to approve and adding a Gravatar is just a 2-3 minutes work so you can do it easily. It will not only build a brand and relationship but also increase traffic.

Final Words

If you are following many techniques and making your comment over any blog then your comment will surely get approval. I will suggest you that you can read comment policy of any particular blog if your comment is not approving even if you follow my all techniques and tips.

You can also advise us some suggestions by which we can understand why your blog comments not approving. Your valuable comments are always welcome to our blog.

April 6, 2015 at 5:29 am

I think one should read the article first before commenting & if your wish is just to comment for getting a link at least read the main points like Heading, Sub Heads etc to comment accordingly. This make your chances very high to get your comment(s) approved.

I think genuine content is also matter a lot for most of the times. But i must say that you given a very correct approach. Thank you so much for such awesome post.

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