Top Best 5 Tools For Checking Duplicate Content

Top 5 Content Duplicacy Checking Tools

Best Content Checking Tools

It will be very hard to except that when you done very hard work on website content and some one copy that content. It can also affect your seo ranking factors in search engines. In the internet world, this is the major issue that how you prevent your data from theft. Many persons who have content writer of his own also want to check their own data whether it is duplicate or not.

As you all know that in a website content is the soul of content is the king in a website. A person who is in the world of internet or having any website related work knows the importance of the content. You also know that Google algorithm also target that website which doesn’t have good content. You should have a good and quality content if you want to run in long run or in short run. Panda and penguin updates of Google always penalize those websites. You can get to know how to recover from Google Penalties too.

We are now going to tell you top 5 tools for checking duplicate content. There are many duplicate content checker tools which is available in the internet world which is not only finding the duplicate content but also evaluate many criteria about the content. There are many paid and free too. You should also focus on content strategies.

Top Best 5 Content Duplicate Checking Tools -:

  1. PlugSpotter -:

This is one of the Best duplicate Content Checking Tool in the internet world. Anyone can check their duplicate content in this website. Just put your website url in the website and it will check your url’s data for duplicate data. If there is no data is duplicate the it will show “0% of matched content” and shows a thump sign too.

  1. Copyscape -:

This tool is same as PlugSpotter and known as Best duplicate content checking tool till now. As like plugspotter, it also allows anyone to check duplicate content of the Url which you have feed in the website. Its free version allows only limited number of urls per month to check the content of your website. You can purchase a premium account for longer time and another urls. You have to pay approx. 5 cents per searched Url. But in the internet world it is more reliable for searching the duplicate content.

  1. Dupli Checker

This is the tool or online free software for duplicate content checking. It provides a box for checking duplicate content where you can add your content and search for duplicity. If it finds not any duplicate content then it will show a green bar indicating “No Plagiarism Detected!”. You can also add text file or you can also select a text or docs file for time saving which have your content and it will tell you about the duplicate content. You can also search “Free Download Plagiarism Detection Software”.

  1. Plagiarism

It is a very simple checking tool. I think it has a most unique features, one of them is it support approx. 190 different languages which refine our search too. You can enter your url or you can enter your text in the text box or you can also add your text file here for checking your duplicate content. You can take advantage of this website if you want to target multiple country and you want to check your website and blog in multiple language speakers. For Avoiding Content duplicate, you need to make a proper content marketing strategies and try to understand all the benefits of the these.

  1. Plagium

As we discussed earlier plagiarism comes with many features and this checking tool has some different aspect and quality work. This Plagium is online duplicate checking tools and also a free version is available. You can paste your text here and it will tell you about the duplicate content in that text. This website provide you a special feature too for content checking that you can choose the category of content like News, web, Social network Etc. You can also get many advance features which you can check according to like relevancy, pages in option, language and many more. You can also check by Url and Files but you have sign up for these features.

May 28, 2015 at 10:58 am

I didn’t know about Dupli Checker and PlugSpotter. I will research more!
But anyway, isn’t suppose to disappear the duplicate content issue long time ago?

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