How To Apply With BuySellAds (BSA) – Precautions And Methods

How To Apply With BuySellAds (BSA) – A complete guide

Buy sell ads don’t need any introduction as in a very small period of time, it got its highest peak. To be a successful publisher of buysellads, many blogger and webmasters do a toughest job but after their so much effort, they are unable to get the account from them. BSA moderators rarely approve the account as they got thousands of requests daily.

Let me very clear that it is not an easy task to get the account from them as they always give their account after a proper checking of the website quality and performance. Buysellads has very restricted policy which must be following by all the publishers before getting approval from the moderators as they check it properly and deeply analysis that website. These are the same reasons due to which many of the blogger and publishers who have a very quality blog left the blogging and moved to many of other alternatives. As the competition is going hard and harder day by day so it’s becoming harder for taking an approved account.

Today we are going to discuss some methods and precaution which you should take in mind before apply for buysellads and get approval.

What is BuySellAds?

Buysellads don’t need any introduction in the field of advertisement or affiliate marketing because in a very small period of time, it becomes so much popular. It is founded in the year of 2008 and gains a huge fan following till 2013 and now its most demanding platform among blogger and website owners. As other ads agencies, it also performs a big role between publishers and advertisers and earns commission. But advertiser and publishers love this network as both of them have completely freedom for ads showing with high profit. As a publisher, you must have a professional and good quality content website as their needs for a blog is very high. They have their own quality standard and never break them.

Minimum requirement to apply with BuySellAds(BSA)

According to many blogger and publisher, who is observing BuySellAds(BSA) from a long time told us many requirement for applying to this network but as per my opinion, I short list some basic requirement which I observed too. Today we are going to tell you some basic or minimum requirements which you should follow before applying to their ads.

  1. You Blog must be at TLD (Top Level Domain) as they don’t accept .blogspot or free domain like .tk or any subdomains. You can purchase cheap domain from here too.
  2. When you want to get approval from BuySellAds, you need to have 50,000 page impressions means these impression must be on the all pages of the particular website or blog. It means you have to get a high number of website traffic on your website and blog. you can also increase traffic from united state.
  3. Third requirement is on the base of uniqueness of the visitor of your blog. When you are finding the right way for how to apply with then you must have such blog which must have at least 1000 unique visitors and it should not less than these number every day.
  4. A professional design template need lots more attention so you should be ready for your design and developed your website well. They need some awesome designed template.
  5. Don’t make your blog a house of ads because they not only decrease the speed of loading time the blog but also decrease the impression in the eyes of moderators.
  6. Your blog must not have any illegal or banned or porn type content, video, images etc.
  7. You blog and website does not have any error or any loading issue like poor loading time, internal error or any error in internal linking structure etc.
  8. You should also check your website for unique content too. You can check duplicate content in your website and then replace them with the original content.

Steps of Apply With BuySellAds

Now we have seen the minimum requirement of Buysellads, which you must have in your blog and website before sending application to BuySellAds. Now I have shortlisted some of the steps which you can follow while filling the application form of BuySellAds. Let me tell you how to apply with buysellads(BSA).

Step Ist -: Ensure To Fulfill Their Basic Criteria

Ensure that your blog fulfill all the basic requirement for BuySellAds because it is our prior task to ensure while we are going to know how to apply with BuySellAds(BSA). Due to very strict policies of BSA, they never compromise with any blog who don’t fulfill their criteria.

Step 2nd -: Apply and register Your Free Account

In this second step, you have to apply for a free account on the website by just clicking on sign-up button. Remember only one thing while you are filling the details in the form that you should try to fill all the detail correctly like your First and last name, Email address etc.

BuySellAds Free Account

BuySellAds Free Account

Now just click on “I Agree” check box and complete your registration. It will agree all the terms of the BuySellAds but I recommend you to read all the terms carefully which is helpful to you to understand about their basic principles. And press “Create An Account” Button. It will send you a verification mail on your mail box.

Step 3rd -:Apply The BuySellAds Publisher Account

After completion the BSA account registration, you have to apply for your publisher account by entering the email address and password. You have to select the small publisher and process the next step where you have to fill the all the details about our website. You should take care some precaution while you are filling information for publisher account. It is very important in the whole when you getting to know how to apply with BuySellAds.

BuySellAds Free Publisher Account

BuySellAds Free Publisher Account

There precautions are as follows -:

  1. Website Title -:

    This field is very important as you have to fill only 27 characters. You have to fill your full and informative title in this field. In this small small limit of character, I generally recommend that you write your title without spaces means when you write “Mirchi Blogger” write only “mirchiblogger” it will save 1 character.

  2. Website URL -:

    This is the field which is for the url of the home page of your website. You should not include http:// or https:// with your domain name.

  3. Website Description -:

    This is the description of the website and without a limit means you can write as many character as you want in description tag. I was reading a survey of BuySellAds over internet and it says that there are 20% applications rejected due to description tag so make your website a good and attractive and unique description of the web page of this tag. I recommend everyone to write a full professionally as it is important factor for the approval which must be related to niche of your blog.

  4. Selection of proper Channel -:

    Most of the blogger feel laziness while they are selecting the channel of the blog niche. When we see its working effect, then I think that it’s a most powerful selection as I feel that moderator check it specially and they make their most of the mind after seeing this. So you should carefully select this option. You can select business and marketing option if your blog niche is all about teaching of make money online or adsense earning etc. and you should go for technology channel when your blog is all about devices and mobiles or laptops.

  5. Average Monthly Impressions -:

    It is also an important point as I have already told you about that they need 50,000 monthly searches before approval. So your website will have more than that.

Now it’s a turn from BuysellAds Moderators who will check your website and the application which you submitted but I can assure you that if you write all the things professionally then I am sure you will surely get approval. But if you are rejected then don’t feel bad, you have another chance in next six to eight month after your rejection.

Do you have 2 more minutes

Hello Mirchor! It have no doubt about that BuySellAds is very big network and establish their own identity in network marketing. But your earning can never stop from rejection of their application. You can also choose Google Adsense, Affiliate networks and many other methods of making money online.

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