5 Tips To Get Unlimited Traffic From United States On Blog

How To Get Unlimited Blog Traffic From United States

Traffic is the only motive for every blogger but when we earn from our blog then it will become more important question then “how to get United States traffic to your blog”. As everyone know that USA traffic on your blog, gives more cost per click as compare to other country clicks.

Everyone wants to get huge traffic from United States and I practically try these techniques for getting some huge traffic from there and today I want to tell you. Every online earner who is working with Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing wants traffic from United States because if they click and get some purchases then the owner of website gets high amounts from the networks in comparison to India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Nigeria etc.

How To Get Unlimited Blog Traffic From United States

How To Get Unlimited Blog Traffic From United States

Tips and Techniques to get unlimited traffic from United States.

1. Submit the blog to USA directories

First of all, I am going to tell you a unique method for getting unlimited United States of America traffic on your blog. You can submit your blog to USA based web directories, as these directories has lots of traffic and they can give you some quality traffic for your blog. But while submitting your blog to Directories, you should keep in mind that you must not be new as it will decrease your user experience and you will not get much traffic but still you can try those.

2. Try More Social Media

Social media plays an important role for getting unlimited traffic from United States of America. It’s also important when you are very new in blogging field. If you affectively use your social media profile then you can get tons of traffic from social media. One of the major advantages is this that it is very easy to paste a link over any social media and get a link. So you can make some strategies for making a huge posting over social media. You can add some USA Facebook group in your profile and post your content with USA based hash-tags. It will helpful for your trending your topic and getting some huge traffic from United States.

3. Try To Write Topics Related To USA Audience

In the blogging age, it is important for every blogger to write some unique and quality content as Google and other search engines Love new and fresh content. Now we talk about content related with USA then you will automatically get more and more traffic by United States. You can choose any niche like news portal, travel destinations of American Cities, USA entertainment industry, USA health as it have high potential to get huge traffic from the United States. You should also take care about the blog title which should be rich by USA friendly keywords.

4. Try To Get .US domain for your blog

It is also an important factor for getting ranking in search engines like Google that you get a domain name according to country level. It is a secret about search engines that they rank higher and give priority to country level domains, so instead of TLD you can purchase a country level domain. Here if we want to get unlimited traffic from United State then you can purchase an .US domain. Don’t worry if you have Top Level Domain (TLD) then you get United States traffic but if you have country level domain then you surely get a high number than any other domains.

5. Videos Makes Positive Impact

It is also a good point to get unlimited traffic from United that you make some interesting videos about the niche of your blog. I mean if you have blog about child caring then you can make some videos about their bathing, feeding and some other caring. It makes a great impact over the audience that they love to view video. People normally love to see the videos instead of reading the content.

You can upload your video to you tube and give a link over your website. You can also give the full video on your own website but for this you need more hosting space and more bandwidth with speed from hosting provider. It will love by Google and other search engines.

Final Words

Now finally we want to say this that there is no rocket science to get unlimited traffic from United States of America, but with these techniques you can easily get more and more traffic from USA. Also keep in mind, if you having some earning platforms on your blog like Google Adsense or any other affiliate program then you can get some huge amount from them too and can earn unlimited.

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