How To Do Effective Internal Link Building For Your Blog

Effective Internal Link Building On Blog And Website

Internal Link Building is one of the best technique of Search engine optimization(SEO) which is helpful in connecting various posts in one single means you can give links of various post in a single post. It is helpful for user to connect with various posts and if he wants to know about that then he can click on the link and can go to that post.

Effective Internal Link Building On Blog And Website

Effective Internal Link Building On Blog And Website

Today I am going to tell you how you can do an effective link building in your blog and what are requirement for doing this.

1. Linking of Sibling Pages

Linking of sibling pages is very important for every blog and website as I practically feel and experience that linking of sibling pages makes a good impact from the website or blog towards search engines and users. Sibling pages are those pages which are related with one niche means if you talking about Adsense then niche blog will Precautions to apply with google adsense or techniques and methods of Google Adsense instead of how to create backlinks in SEO. It is known as a best practice too for effective internal link building methods.

In general ways, I can say this as if we are making a link on Car garage blog post then you should not link the travel related blog post.

2. Good and quantity content is needed

For effective link building you should have a good and quantity content in your blog. Your website must have so many pages in your search engine which is effectively have more potential to link the page with each other and you can link some very quality pages of your website in the search engine. It will become helpless when you have few posts which all have different topics so you should have some quality posts in your website so that you can link each post with each other.

So you should write some posts which is more than few so that you can link post with each other by different – 2 keywords.

3. Link The High Page Rank or Page Value Pages to Less Popular Pages Or Post

If you think that one of your blog post and page is not ranking or poorly performing then you can link that page with the high page rank pages with high authority. For this purpose you can use a best tool which I usually use for my websites that’s is a Open Site Explorer Tool.

Here we has some steps for this

  1. Go to open site explorer.
  2. Type the domain name URL in the box of the website and click ok.
  3. Now click on the “top pages” button to find some top page with high page rank and authority.
  4. It will give you some top pages according to Page Authority and sort them. You can search some of the weak page authority and then you can link them with the high authority pages.

4. Link Post With Pages Or Vice Versa

In wordpress, when we compare between post and page, you will not find any difference in appearance. But both (Pages and Posts) are different and have very different value in a blog. When you make a about me page, it form a page value but when you write a daily article it will be counted as a post. In this point of Effective internal link building, You should try to link between a blog post and page so that when a user read a blog post he will get to know about us page and he can go to that or vice versa.

It is helpful to switch between those and known as one of the good technique of effective internal link building techniques. Internal link pass the link juice to other pages and it will helpful to give a way to Google to travel in your blog.

For Example -: I also linked my about page at many blog post when I found a more related and convenient place on my blog. I also work to use them at different – 2 places of other pages too. Many people provide many services, they can give their quotation page link on that page, it will not only helpful to get a link from user and also a chance to come in the eyes of search engines.

Similarly you link your hot post and slow performing blog post on any page like about us or contact us.

5. Try to use anchor text properly

We also recommend you to use proper anchor text so that user and search engines can give you a proper value because it is very important for you and your blog. When we talk about the internal linking, it become most important that your any link must not be dead or improper linked. You anchor text must be on the text which it will be appear on the linked post.

For Example -: If you making a link on the word “Adsense Application’s Precautions” then you have to link that word’s link to the post which is giving the information of Adsense precaution instead of affiliate precautions. I mean only this that if you making any link then you should focus on the link text and linked post must be properly related with each other.

Here I want to mention one of the good practices for search engines that you should avoid using exact match means if you are going to link the post about 10 best alternative of Google Adsense, then you should avoid the similar text and you can give a word “adsense alternatives”.

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6. Do-Follow The Internal Links

When you make an effective link building this is very important factor which you should take care that you’re all internal links should be do-follow by nature.

I remember that time of year 2005 when search engine collectively pass this proposal of no-follow and do-follow to website then lots of people don’t care about the link attribute but now a days it’s going too much viral among all the website owners and social media and people really care about these links. And you should also take care about the link attribute.

Tools Which Is Really Helpful In Link Building

In this post, We are also including some tools which is really helpful for doing the effective internal link building. For building the effective link building, you need some tools and plugins when you using wordpress. Remember only one thing, you can start with these plugins if you are in a starting phase of a big website or blog. You don’t need them if you are making a small blog. You can use many plugins in wordpress, some of them which I prefer are describing today.

  1. No Follow Plugin -: This is a plugin which has significant effect. With this plugin, you can convert your links in no-follow and do-follow.
  2. Internal Link Building Plugin -: Internal Link building plugin is the tool which is helpful in making effective internal link building. You can add keywords with any specific URL and those will attach together. By this way you can add those words on any blog post which is you want to index. If you are adding any third party links then you can also add no-follow.
  3. Internal Linking For posts Scheduled -: if you have scheduled some posts on any time and you want to link internally to them then this is the simple plugin you can use for internal linking.

Do You Have 2 More Minutes

Today we have told you many techniques which you must follow for effective internal link building techniques. Internal linking is not only give a positive impact over users but it also gives so good impact on search engines. If you effectively work over your internal linking then your website will get more quality traffic and you will be a great blogger among blogger community.

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