Internal Linking – Meaning And Benefits For SEO And User

Internal Linking – Meaning And Benefits In Seo

Internal Linking is best way in these days as per the SEO point of view. Today we will tell you how your internal link building techniques can be helpful for your blog. You should know about the internal linking as this is also helpful in On-page techniques of the blog. This is one of the very important topics of the on page seo as it is one of the major factor by which you can rank your website higher and higher. For knowing the importance of the Internal linking and its effect of seo you can take the example of Wikipedia.

Today we are going to tell you about the internal link building and its importance.

What is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is method of linking between two posts or pages of your blog means by different ways or on different keywords you link two blogs posts and blog pages so that while reading one post user can able to switch on the other post and can know about the related blogs. It will increase the visibility of different posts to user and search engines.

You can connect one post to another with the help of hyperlinks. We strongly suggest everyone to link only the related posts.

You can understand internal linking with this picture as according to me it is perfect example for internal link building on your blog in some of your niche blog posts.

Internal Linking - Meaning And Benefits Of Internal Linking

Internal Linking – Meaning And Benefits

Benefits for effective internal linking

There are many ways by which you can effectively build some quality links which is not only increasing user experience but also helpful in increasing the ranking in search engines. There are many benefits you can get if you do proper link building -:

1. Proper Navigation

Navigation is known as menu bar or a bar which has some menus of the blog. It help for user navigation as when you internally link the post with the other post so that they can easily connect with the other posts and can read them. Some of navigation also has full website brief so that you come to know about your full website overview at a bird eye-view. So you can make internal linking.

2. Relevancy helpful to easily giving information

With the internal linking user also can go the other related post if you properly link your blogs to others? When they found the related information to that blog it is also helpful in search engines too.

Example -: when we talk about earning with Adsense then for related linking I also link my post of alternatives of Google Adsense in that post. It is helpful for those people who are reading my post about the Google and after reading the post they can also read about the alternative of Google Adsense.
Moz is name which you can’t forget while you talk about the search engine optimization. I like a picture which is about internal linking they posted.

Moz Image For Internal Linking

Moz Image For Internal Linking On Mirchi Blogger

3. Decrease The Bounce rate Of Website

Many blogger and website owners think that it internal linking increase the bounce rate but normally I think that internal linking don’t increase the bounce rate but decrease also. Many people think that it increase the bounce rate of any individual page, but if your content is interesting then it will never increase those specific page’s bounce rate.

4. Passing the Juice to link page

When one page give a link to any other page or website or domain then that page pass their link juice to that page or domain. It means if your one page is ranking higher which also has high page rank and authority in search engine then you can place a link to the relevant blog post which is low in ranking, it will helpful to that page which has low ranking. This link will pass the link juice to the specific link which is linked on higher ranking post. Internal linking passes that juice.

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