Useful and Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015

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Till the date I start my blog, I got so many requests for writing some SEO tips for the New Year 2015. So I am writing this for my some active blogger and love to rank their blog post with SEO. Today we are going to introduce you Trending SEO tips of 2015.

What is Useful And Trending SEO

Trending SEO is term used for those SEO methods or news which is working or in news these days like these days SEO news is coming that Mobile friendly websites have lots of potentials that means SEO trending is mobile portable with some hash tags.

Useful And Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015

Useful And Trending SEO Tips Of year 2015

Many blogger take it lightly but it’s not like any game. You need to work hard for getting on top in search engine, just some backlink and some post is not enough for become on top of the search engines. So now we are going to tell you some techniques of trending SEO in the year 2015. Here we are having some following -:

Using Social Media

Social media is one of the major factor about which many person knows that Social signals never dead, but you have to take care while using it. Social sharing means the numbers of sharing by the people if they like them. If you think about me I personally recommend many of my mirchi blogger that they should make a social profile on some big social media network and share your post on regular basis. It will give you tons of traffic and social points.

Some search engines and their bots use some kind of artificial intelligence for the effective and powerful protocols and algorithms. And your blog links and post got some tremendous sharing then bots of search engines get some trust over your blog which will give you a plus point and give you some rank too. You can work on facebook, twitter and many other.

Long-Tail Keyword and Latent Semantic Indexing (LT & LSI)

I think every blogger understand about the Long tail keywords and Latest Semantic Indexing and well aware about how to use them properly for your blog and how to increase blog traffic and ranking in search engines. May be you don’t know all these facts then I will soon do a blog post for all of you about these techniques.

Now coming back to those who know all these facts then you can get your blog and its posts optimize by these techniques of Long-tail Keywords (LT keywords) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Doesn’t do keyword stuffing just add some LT and LSI keywords at the end of your post but just remember one thing that it should be related with the Title of the blog post.

Website should be Mobile Friendly

It is also one of the major factors which I have already told you in meaning of Trending of Seo. It means whenever you make a design or develops your website then you should make it with such feature that it open in every type of interface like mobile, tablet, Desktop computer, laptop and in every type of resolutions.

As every people of the world have phone and one out of 5 people has smartphone and one out of every seventeen people has their own tablet which they use regularly which is increasing regularly. It is clearly indicates that in some future time mobile and tablet will use more and more these devices then your blog should be more user interface portable means it should be open in every mobile and resolutions.

If you made your blog for money earning then it became more important that your website will be friendly for every type of interface. One of the major factor which you will love that Search engines like Google also love those blog which has all interface friendship and you can earning unlimited with your blog which is mobile friendly.

Google recently launched a testing tool which doesn’t have official name but it usually test your website for mobile friendly nature. Check this mobile-friendly tool of Google.

Url Should Be SEO-Friendly

This is also a key factor to become in news from search engines and users. It will make you in trends. It also gets some higher rank in seo and get one extra point from others. When they click on Url of the webpage, You will love it too. You will also see the option in various blogs so that you can customize it as according to the post. Parmalink is also an option for this.

Final Words.

So now I am closing this topic for now. I can suggest you only one thing that you should write for users instead of any bot, spider of search engines. I will also regularly update this post.

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