How To Increase Your website And Blog Traffic

How To Increase Your website And Blog Traffic

Hello Mirchors! This is one of the most important question among blogger that how to increase organic and quality website and blog traffic on their own blog. It’s true that it not an easy task to get organic traffic and gets higher in ranking. You can also read how to increase United State Traffic

Today I am sharing my own experience with all of you Mirchi Readers so that you can fully optimize your blog and make profit. You will able to increase organic website and blog traffic. So instead of wasting so much time, we should come on our main topic by which you get to know how to increase website and blog traffic.

How To Increase Website And Blog Traffic

How To Increase Website And Blog Traffic

1. Increase Your Social Presence -:

Social media is known as to give lots of traffic to your blog and website. You can get tons of traffic from social media if you effectively manage your campaign over it. You should only be active over social media websites like Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and effectively manage your content which you are going to post over social media and making it eye-catchy so that user cant remain un-clicked over that link. Increase in social media presence can increase website and blog traffic.

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2. Edit Your Old Posts And Contents

Every search engine and user loves fresh content on the blog which they are reading but you should not ignore the previous written blog-post. You should also update your older posts as technology and time not just remain same over the time and you should update them regularly. I mean if you are making blog about SEO then seo will not remain same over the years so you should update already written old blog-post. Your edition in the older posts can increase website and blog traffic.

It will also be loved by Google and other search engine and other normal readers as your blog is always updated regularly and time to time. You can add them to increase their importance in search engines and for improving their SEO score (You can use SEOPressor which is a plugin of seo).

3. Link With Popular Posts

You can link your post with some popular posts which is also helpful in increase number of traffic. As when you link you blog post with other popular then those post which is not so popular will get more explore from user and then search will give more importance. It will helpful for that particular post but also helpful for your least popular post and you will increase organic and quality website and blog traffic.

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4. Promote as much as you can

It became no matter for your blog post if they don’t have any reader it will be useless whether that post is quality or not. If you want to be more professional blogger then you should make a proper strategy for that blog. According to me, If you spend your 30% of your time in writing the quality blog then you must spend your 70% of time in promoting. Promotion can increase your website and blog traffic.

After writing some of your blog posts, try to post that on some places where ever you can. It will be helpful in increase organic and quality website and blog traffic. You will not only get traffic but also helpful in getting search ranking. It will give you more subscribers, loyal and regular readers and some follower too.

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5. Try to Maintain Blog Quality

Everyone needs quality work and they need a blog which has some quality so you should maintain the quality or your blog post. It is helpful in increase organic and quality website and blog traffic. Writing quality post is not enough for users and search engine but you should also maintain your posts of your blog. Maintenance means updating the existing posts and taking care the performance of the blog and improves the quality day by day.

Figure out the user issues

You should try to figure out the problems which the user facing from your blog. There can be many problems like bad design, unable to see the user needy content etc. from your blog. If user feeling these issue then you should surely resolve them as soon as possible. Try to look your blog as per the user prospective too.

One more thing you should understand while you are going to work on some methods of increase in traffic that increasing number in traffic is not important as it should be some quality traffic. Number is really don’t matter, you should increase your quality visitors and readers.

With these techniques and suggestion you are now able to increase your website and blog traffic which you are handling.

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April 6, 2015 at 2:55 am

Great post!! For any website we need to know certain tips and you have shared tips on it.Thank you very much for discussing sharing interesting tips.
thank u

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