How And When To Apply On Page Techniques For SEO

On Page Seo – How To Do And When To Do 

Search engine optimization or SEO means optimize website in various search engines. It is a method or technique by which you can rank your website and blog in various search engines like yahoo, google, Bing, duckduckgo, yandex etc.

This technique basically depend on two factor of optimization which I known as on-page SEO technique and off page SEO technique. On page is work on the own website which we want to rank in search engine but off page basically work on the third party websites and to generate some quality traffic and value to our website from them. It may include social media networks, social bookmarking, directory submission, press release, blog commenting etc.

On Page Techniques For SEO

On Page Techniques For SEO

Today we are going to discuss with some ways so that you get to know how and when to do on-page seo. First of all we will understand what on-page SEO is.

What is on page SEO -:

First of all we will understand the meaning of on-page seo. This is major question before discussing any point that what is on page seo. So on page seo is a type of seo which is performed over our own website which we want to process for seo, it refers to all the techniques and methods which is used to rank our website in SERPS. It includes Meta tags, permalinks, sitemaps, keyword density, links, internal linking, image optimization and many more.

On-page seo plays an important role as on page techniques are limited to our own website only. In on page technique, you are limited to your own website. Every work is in your own website and blog and remains in your own hand which you can change as and whenever you want. It is less time consuming.

Importance of On Page SEO

On page seo can be evaluating on this basis that if you have thousands of backlinks for your website and blog but you have not corrected your on-page then you will not rank anymore in any search engine. That’s why every seo expert prepares for on-page before off-page technique.

On page is so much important as you can rank your website without off-page activities like seo without backlink in search engine on the basic of it but you can’t rank it only on the basis of off page seo. That’s why you should firstly learn about the on-page seo and then off page seo.

How To Work In On Page SEO

While making a perfect website which is on page optimize should care some of the major points which will help them to rank higher in search engine. These are some of the basic thing which you need to know and continue till the blog post published over your blog.

Today I am here to mention some points in front of you all Mirchors………!!!!

  1. Keyword Density

On page SEO starts from adding niche keywords in the blog post and it starts with keyword density as any search engine like Google need keywords in your website and blog. Any search engine will not able to give you rank if you don’t have keywords in your website or page content. So adding keywords and long tail keywords is very important. But the question is arise that what will be their density.

Keyword density refers to the percentage of keywords in the main content of the blog post or page. The ideal keyword density is 2% to 3%. So you should maintain the percentage of keywords in your web content so that you can higher your web ranking in search engines. But you should also remember if you don’t maintain the keyword density in on page technique means you increase it from 2% to 5% then you can be penalize by the search engines like Google too. So maintain it carefully because if you are penalize by any algorithm (Google Panda Update or Penguin or various others updates).

You can read how to recover from Google Penalties

If you are working with any open source like wordpress which has a good connectivity with database and have good maintenance of database can have some better options for on page seo. You can use plugins in these systems means in wordpress for seo you can use all in one seo pack and seo by yoast for better SEO of your website or blog. You just need to add keyword in title tag and everywhere to make it eye-catchy and seo friendly.

If you are using blogger and other free tools then you should have to add it manually and you can should write eye-catchy keyword friendly title tag and add a keyword in first paragraph and add it in last paragraph with adding in H1 and H2 tag in your blog post content. A proper keyword density comes in a good on page techniques for seo.

  1. Permalinks

Permalinks are the links which plays an important while you want to improve your page rank and improve your search ranking in search engines. Search engines normally read them and if they are keyword friendly then you get a good ranking in search engines. You just need to make them short and try to limit in 50 to 60 characters only because more than that Google don’t show them.

Making a permalink is also a good responsibility while you are doing an on page technique. Making an effective and keyword friendly permalink is always making our on-page strategy effective in the eyes of search engines.

  1. Images Optimization

While working on the techniques of on page optimization, you should take care of every image as they play a major role in on page SEO of any page. You should fill all the details of any image of any post. Two things are most important for image optimization which is alt and title tag. These two tags must be fully filled while you are doing image optimization in on page activity.

These two must be keyword friendly and you should also put your main keyword in the alt tag of the blog post.

  1. Meta Tags of the Blog Post

It is most important and first part which you should have to write for doing on page seo of the blog post. This plays a most happening factor to which Google and other search engine check firstly while they go to any site. In these tag, description tag is also comes while your blog post rank in the search engine like Google.

You have to write Meta tags like Meta descriptions (which should contain a short description of the post), Meta title (Contains title of the blog post), Meta keywords (contains keywords of the post but this tag is normally ignored by Google but other can read), Language tag (It describe the language of your website and post) and some other too.

  1. Internal Linking

I should not explain this topic as I have already made many blog posts over it like

  1. Meaning and Benefit of Internal Linking
  2. How to do effective Internal linking and more

You should also focus on that every internal link must have a do-follow link instead of no-follow link so that link juice must be flow in your blog and its various post. You can read about no follow click here.

Final Words

Some Other Methods are also there which you can check in on page SEO technique but these topics are most important while for ranking in search engine and doing an effective on page strategies for SEO. You will definitely notice more traffic and ranking. You can use these on page techniques for SEO and be a professional blogger with Mirchi Blogger.

Hi Ashwani, Thanks for this informative post. I want to suggest you that please update your blog post because in current SEO trends Social engagement is more and more advantage for boosting authority/trust apart from your all listed point. Review ones…

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