Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties

Top 12 Reasons How to recover from the Google penalties like panda and penguin

Google regularly launch many updates from over many protocol and algorithms like Google panda and Penguins etc. These updates work on various aspects of any website and their backlinks as well. Google checks all these aspects like spamming etc. and immediately penalize them if they found any wrong thing on and with any website. These penalize can be high according to illegal activities of the website and blog.

On any major algorithm change, Google announce the query impact like 2.3%, 4.2% in US-Search queries, which comes with the big costly for many users when they penalize by search engines. Today we will let you know how to recover from the Google Penalties like Panda and Penguin and get to know why you are not recovering from Google Penalties.

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties Like Panda And Penguin

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From The Google Penalties Like Panda And Penguin

Top 12 Reasons How To Recover From Google Penalties

I found many web blogs and website owners who have stopped their articles posting on their blog and websites. And it is understandable that they are running their blog and it is penalize by search engines, you can also see their blog post quality. But without wasting any time, we are going to discuss our main point for which I have started this post. Today we are going to discuss that we why many people don’t recover from Google Penalties and how to recover from them.

Before discussing the main point try to understand which is the main problem comes in the way which create problem in recovering from goggle penalties. According to me there are many issues which you can see like internal link as inbound and outbound link except traffic and page views.

Let us consider (I am sorry firstly) that your blog or website has been penalized by any of the update or algorithm of search engines. Now what is the first thing what will u check and will you stop the writing any further articles, and search a lot over the internet for better recovery option.

But according to me, this is the bad idea for recovering from any penalty and you should continue your post to posting over website. If you stop posting then you can loose your regular reader who are reading your blog for updated news. This is the first thing you should consider that your regular reader comes to your blog only for some new and unique content but when you stopped the content posting, they will not come again and avoid your blog.

Many blogger and blog owner invite content or pay for unique contents from different-2 publishers. So if you want to recover your blog from and Google algorithms and penalties. So you should always give your work to some professionals.

Now coming back to the some main point you should follow for recovering your blog from Google penalties.

  1. Paid Link -:

Many blogger are smart while doing the work as they keep all the paid link record in a excel worksheet and regularly or on a time period check them manually. They keep record for their period of work means they also record the time of the period for which time they purchase. It means when you record the time of the post, you should also record the time of the link means you purchase for 1 year or life time.

So when your site is panelized then you can check these links whether you posted your link on any website which is panelize so you can easily detect that weak point of your blog in respect to backlink.

  1. Manual Cleaning

Most of us don’t understand the importance of manual cleaning of the backlinks which comes automatically. We can use the disavow tool of the Google webmaster tool.

As we all know webmaster tool of Google is very important according to check our web presence and we disavow tool is very good tool in the webmaster. You can make a list of links which is bad links of the website or those links which can harm our website and submit that in the webmaster. I personally seen that it is not so quick to clean our bad links, it takes approx. 4 to 12 month to clean all the spammy links.

You can work on

  1. Google Reconsideration Request -:

If your site is panelized then you can go with the Google reconsideration request for its own. When your site is panelized and you get a warning from Google that your site is panelized for unnatural link then you can give a manual request to Google which is known as reconsideration request.

Before giving this request, you should take care of this that your website is penalized by unnatural link otherwise before knowing the fact, submission of this type of request may cause a double penalty over your blog and website.

  1. Avoid General And Irrelevant Guest Post

You should avoid the irrelevant blog post because these will not give you ranking and can harm you. When any (Google and other search engine) roll over your website and blog, they always loves to crawl related guest post, but when they found irrelevant blog post search engine may confuse about the niche of your blog. It may decrease the ranking of your blog.

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  1. Disavow all the bad links or related link

You should also check your backlink from different website. If you have any bad link from any website which is not related with your website then you should disavow that link. Firstly you should check all the links which is detected by many of the platforms like Backlinkwatch or google webmaster then you should consider whather that website or link is related with your website or not.

If your link is related with your website then you can leave it but if you found that your that link is not related with your blog then you should surely disavow that link. You can made some backlink too on high authority website for this you can also spend some money. It will not only increase your website capability but also increase ranking in various search engines.

  1. Submission

Don’t make too much backlinks as sometime we become so smart and make our blog life in danger. Many time we just put our blog links in some of the bad directories and some other website which is in blacklist of the search engine. It make us also backlisted among all search engine.

Due to these entire things we can get panelized by search engine so we have to do proper investigation about the blog and website to which we are going put our article. It should be proper optimized, high ranked, properly maintained etc.

  1. Footer And Blogrolls Links -:

If you taking link from any site like in the footer many website designer companies give their link of their website. Google generally hates these type of links as they are lack of relevancy and give a negative user experience too. Google and other search engine normally don’t like these types of links but if you have to give these links then you should mention them as a “no-follow” link.

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  1. Bad and insufficient content

There was a time when search engines don’t check the content too much but in this time it is very hard to give a quality and unique content to which search engine like. As the search engine is very smart now a days and check each and every aspect of website and its content. Search engines hate bad and insufficient content of your website and they can panelize website pages and whole of website. You will be loved by search engine and social networks if you write quality and good content.

  1. Avoid Spam Commenting

For a better blogging experience, you should avoid the spam comments of your website which is arriving and arrived already. You should delete all the comments which is looking spam and not related with your blog post.

You can also get benefit from comment marketing too. Many blogger also using this method smartly and working regularly on these techniques. But you should avoid the spamming of comments as search engine hates the comment spamming and give your blog name in black list. We give some techniques on the comment marketing like

  1. Try to engage the user in the blog and give multiple comment on single blog post.
  2. Give multiple comments.
  3. You can also insert links in comment.
  4. You can engage in some long conversion which may be useful or not.
  5. Comment which is done for backlink. Don’t try to approve them.

These are some tips which don’t give you any harm from Google and can tell you how to recover from Google penalties.

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  1. No Links of High Quality

If your blog is not getting quality links (do-follow and no-follow) then search engine will not give such importance to your blog. If your blog and website is penalized then you should make some high quality backlinks for your blog as it will be helpful for your blog for recovery. This is known as one the best tools you can use for recover from the Google penalties.

  1. Bad Neighborhood

If your site is linked with dangerous site or bad or illegal site or banned site then you will never supposed to recover from the Google penalties. Many times I have seen that many blogs are connected with many spam forums and blogs which are giving links to website and give so many links which become spam when they penalize. So if the Google detect our website in such linking then it will not permissible from that site.

  1. No Social Engagement

Social media not penalize so easily to any website or any links. So you can do many activities over social media and if your website and blog is not linked with social media then it is always consider that your website is low authority according to Google. You should have big influence over different social media network for your website and blog.

So when you website and blog is penalize by Google algorithms then you can increase your social influence and can get ranking back. You can easily recover from Google penalties.

Final Word Of Two Words -:

Don’t worries about the loss occur on the traffic and ranking after Google penalties you will get that back soon? If you follow these steps which is really helps you a lot from comeback recover from the google penalties. Internal link and other working techniques will help you a lot. And now please share this post over your various social networks and feel free to ask any thing which comes in your mind in the comment box.

August 2, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Hiii Blogger, Really nice and useful Information. Every blogger should consider this things to get good rank in google.

August 7, 2015 at 11:47 am

Well, First of all, it’s not an easy task to get to know, whether our blog is penalized or not, unless, we are experience. I faced the same problem, when i started my career, that time, one of my blog got penalized due to low quality content, but I continued working on it, without knowing that it was penalized, but with experience, I recovered that blog perfect and it started ranking well on Google after the recent Panda Refresh. But, One thing I should say, recovering from Panda or Penguin can take some time, considering how much low quality content we have on our site, so it took few months for me. So, I will advice to all those who are looking recover their blog Google penalty, work smartly and keep patience. It’s the best way to do so. Btw, a very well written Post. Cheers.

bro i have bought a domain ( can you please help in checking that it is penalized or not.. because it is not getting indexed in google.

October 21, 2016 at 3:58 am

its very bad to get into penalty of google. it cracks all your efforts into a shit. i also experienced it with one of the best domain i had.

November 8, 2017 at 8:38 am

Its a bod news for everyone when google add plenty to you. After reading this post Now I am able to get out of google penalties. Keep posting this types of article I really love it.

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