How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months – Google PR Secrets Revealed

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Today I am going to reveal a secret to know “how to boost page rank” in only 3 month of hard work with some techniques and methods. As everybody knows for any website or blog, it becomes a dream to increase the page rank in very quick period of time.

It is most required factor for every blogger to rank their website and blog in this Google page rank. Page rank check many factor of any website and work accordingly like site and its pages authority, traffic, site reputation, internal linking, website performance, demand, any type of penalties by google, Backlink from reputed websites etc.

What is Page Rank ?

According to my thinking page rank is rank of overall performance of any website in the particular search engine means how a website perform and earn reputation in search engine become its Page Rank. It can be decided by voting too.

Today I will tell you how to boose Pagerank within 3 months of time and how it is possible for blog and how to implement these methods and process on our blog.

how to boost the google page rank

how to boost the google page rank

How to Boost PageRank within 3 Months:

You should follow all the techniques and methods on your blog so that you can get maximum page rank on your blog. Today we are going to tell you some secrets which is also known as some guideline by which you can improve you page rank within 3 months.

High Quality And Unique Content

This is the first and last thing actually because for a website, quality content with uniqueness is like a king. It became so much important because many site will give you backlinks too when you provide high quality content and information. It means people link to your blog and website and let everyone to know about your quality work. Good and eye catchy title is also important with your quality content. you can make content strategies too.

You can get to know about content marketing click here.

You will be wondering to know which factor is responsible for this. But yes this is fact as if you really have good content in your website, people love to give you some backlink too and the SEO juice will flow to your website. It will never be make any difference whether you have any short content or long content.

After writing the content, you should also check your content whether it is duplicate or not, whether you written a good content or not.

Blog Commenting

If you want to get good page rank and have your blog in wordpress then your wish can be completed in very less effort. You can just search some niche blog and comment on them frequently. It is more useful to explore your blog among the other blog readers. You should not mind whether you are getting do follow or no follow. But any type of content will be more useful for you to get some better explore. It is also helpful in getting some high quality backlink too so don’t miss this chance and boost the page rank in 3 months only.

Using High PR Sites

If you has any website which is of the high page rank then you can get a backlink. A high Page rank website can give a high quality backlink with some passing link juice. It will become more helpful for your website and blog because the link juice from the high PR website will give more strength for your website but you should take care about only one thing that the backlink from the site should be from the niche website only. It means when you taking the backlink from any website then you should take care that it should be from a related or niche website only otherwise it will become useless for you.

High Quality Directory Submission

This is also a good part which has many questions in the blogger’s mind which is unanswered yet. Today we are going to discuss this part too because it is also helpful in increase page rank. Many people ask is submission in high Pagerank (PR) directory helpful or not, is do-follow directory helpful or high PR directory helpful. In my point of view and experience, I feel high pr directory does a lot for getting a high link juice and drive a good quality traffic and backlink both.

You should search a good quality and trusted directory and then only submit your blog in the list of that directory. It become a difficult task to search a trusted and high quality directory. You can submit your blog in atleast 20 to 25 directories and you should also focus whether your blog are getting spammy link or taking quality link. I think you can also submit in some tusted directory like yahoo directory and dmoz etc.

Guest Blog Post/ Article

This is also form a very important role because when you get to know how to boost your page rank, you should take care many factors. It is also an important factor that you write a blog post for a high PR website and blog and link your blog post with it. But with writing a guest post and giving link to your own blog try to look a factor that you should link that post with the niche post of your blog. It means if you writing about precaution and methods of google adsense then you should only link it with tips for success in google adsense which is quite related with the guest post.

Some of the blog owners change the links of guest post from do-follow to no-follow. It is against the rules of guest blogging and when we talk about ethics we should know that these type of activities are against the ethics of Google Guest Posts.

Balance Your Do-follow And No-follow Attribute

This is a very important part which is normally not known by many blogger and website owners. In many google updates, it is comes in the eyes of many experts that you should balance your links quantity and type like you should maintain a proper ration between do-follow and no-follow which should be properly implemented between lots of quality internal linking. You can also give do-follow link to your internal links which is related to the niche blog post in which you are linking. When we talk about the no-follow links then don’t try to give any backlink to any spammy site just try to get from link from some reputed site which may be no-follow.

Now comes on main point which we are discussing that we should maintain the link ratio of the blog which you are taking from many website means you have to maintain a ratio in do-follow and no-follow. I generally feel when we talk about ideal ratio between do-follow and no-follow is like 70:30 among all links.

Good Server And Top Level Domain

Make sure that your server and domain is good enough to get boost your page rank within 3 months. You domain should be a top level domain and it doesn’t matter from which domain seller you have purchase or whether you purchase cheap or not but your domain must be TLD. Same as domain, your hosting must also good and it provider have a value. I personally experience, if your server provider is not good or spam hosting provider then your website will never grow and get page rank authority this is my promise to you.

Try to remove google penalties

You should also take that which google update is rolling out in the present age and whether your website is effecting or not. When you checking about whether your website is effecting with any penalties or not then you should check deeply and if you found that you are penalize with any Google algorithms like panda and penguin then you should try to recover from the google penalties.

Last Words

Today we discuss many factors which are helpful in boost the page rank in 3 month. You should take care of these facts and techniques and if you follow then you will surely get a quick improve in page rank in a very small period of time. You can also share our blog to your near and dear ones who loves blogging with Mirchi Blogger.

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