How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog – An Overview

Bounce Rate – An Overview and how to reduce it

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Bounce rate becoming a big problem because Google change many concept in bounce rate as now you need to have such an audience who continuously engage over your website pages and do any activity over it. In the previous age, we all know just about exit rate and many blogger think that bounce rate is a good example of previous exist exit rate but it is completely a misconception. You can properly analysis your bounce rate in the analytics account, and can get to know about bounce rate which is always showing in the front page of Analytics account and you can also analysis by Alexa ranking too. Now before starting how you can improve your bounce rate, we are going to tell you what bounce rate is and what to analysis in bounce rate.

How to reduce bounce rate of your blog

How to reduce bounce rate of your blog

What is Bounce Rate of any blog or website ?

Bounce rate is basically a rate calculated on the basis of visitor come to your website and exit from that without doing any proper engagement. It can be by any means like dislike your blog design, dislike the content and dislike your page speed and many other factors. If after opening of your blog and website and without engaging in the blog, he exit from the website or blog then it will increase your bounce rate.

Different-2 niche websites has different-2 bounce rates. When we talk about informative website or blog then your blog’s bounce rate must be below 40%. If you are making service giving website then it must be 60% to 70%. But on an average it should be 60 to 70 for normal websites.

How to reduce Bounce rate of Our Blog and website – Some Quick Tips

  1. Try to ask any question for visitor in the last of the blog post like if you are writing about How To Create Google Adsense Account then after writing you complete blog post you can ask a question like you can ask that which method you use for approving the Google Adsense account.
  2. Your blog must be written and explained in very simple language. Your blog language can be of any language may be can be English, hindi or any local language.
  3. You should properly use all the error pages and those all must have all of your popular posts.
  4. You can also use related post widget in your blog so that when a visitor come to any niche like SEO post then he will also able to see all the related post which is related with SEO.
  5. You can request to your visitor that leave a comment also whether you like our post or not. but before making comment box you should give comment giving option with you.
  6. You Blog design must be a professional design.
  7. Update your blog post regularly with the latest updates of Google Algorithm and penalties like Google Panda, Google Penguin etc so that it rank higher and give more strength to your post.
  8. You should write an explained and deep analysis of any topic but it should not be monotonous. So you should write to the point of that topic. Don’t try to write long stories.
  9. You can do a promise to give a reward to your reader so that they attract towards your blog and website.
  10. You should use an eye-catchy title tag of your blog post.
  11. Try to optimize your images which should be opened quickly so that your page load time gives a good user experience.
  12. You must use breadcrumbs structure and a user friendly navigation or menu bar.

Some Essential Tips to do to which you get to know how to reduce bounce rate of your blog

  1. Don’t try to use any pop-ups, automatically clicked ads and automated clickable and opened Urls because it can give a negative signal to your users. I suggest you to use only banner ads for your website and try to make ads free to your home page.
  2. Try to use calls to action.
  3. Try to add niche keyword in blog post but don’t try to stuffing and make your blog post interesting with beautiful and eye-catchy work.
  4. Try to give a tag name “target=_blank” so that your every link will open in new tab only. It will improve your bounce rate and increase page views too and give you boost your page rank too.
  5. Always give a content related with your title means if you are giving a title named “Techniques and methods of Google Adsense” then your content should not be about “Content marketing strategy”. It must be related as user loves related content only.
  6. Try to link related post to your older posts.

Final Words -:

I think today you learn a lot which will helpful in working with your blog and blogger. You will now able to improve and you are now know how to reduce bounce rate of your blog easily. If you want to ask any questions more question regarding bounce rate then you can ask in comment box.

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