10 Techniques And Methods For Successful Google Adsense

10 Tips For Some Successful Earning With Google Adsense To Make Money Online

Google Adsense is a wonderful platform for making money online in internet world. Google adsense has so many strict regulations and policies so it’s not an easy task for earning online with Google Adsense. As Google changes algorithms time to time, and now it’s become a difficult task to apply all the algorithms and follow them in our website and after that earn with them. But if you have a good knowledge of all the algorithms then it helps you to rank your website higher and generating the income from this. Overall if you work in a genuine way then we can say that Google Adsense is good option to earn.

10 Techniques And Methods For Successful Google Adsense

10 Techniques And Methods For Successful Google Adsense

Today we are going to discuss 10 tips and tricks for successful earning of Google Adsense.

1. Try to make multiple Website

For increasing your website earning, you can just create multiple website. In case if you want to multiply your website earning, you can hold multiple website which generate different-2 field of peoples and interest. It’s a hard task for maintain multiple sites but if you maintain those then it will be a great earning source for you because it will attract multiple customers from multiple fields.

It will be also helpful for the continuous earning opportunity in case if one of the website is penalized. Let suppose you 5 website running on different topics like one on travel, one on education, one on tech support, one on health and last one on recipes. If an algorithm hit one of your website then the earning will not stop and other websites will helpful for earning.

2.Separate Subject has Separate Website

You should focus on any separate topic for a separate website means you should focus only one topic per website. It will not only engage one type of customers but also helpful to identify your website for search engine. Search engine loves that’s type of website which covers all aspects of one topic like if we are going to make a website on loan then we should focus only on loan topics it should not contain any topics related with travel or any other field but you can explore the loan topic like personal loans, business loans, car loans etc.

3.Website should be according to Interest.

It’s always a great to have a website which is based on your interest as this type of website is always a great to update regularly. Many people create a website about which they even don’t know anything and after only a little time passed they are unable to update that site. It will not be a strategy for making such type of website. You should create a website which is suitable to update by you. It is most important that you should add such type of topics which is quite interesting too.

4.Don’t try to put Google Adsense ads on newly formed website

When you create a website, first you should focus on the website which becomes complete first. A ready site makes a good impact over search engines and users. After completion of this website, you can start creating its backlinks which must be quality. Only then you should place your ads over it. If your site is new then you should avoid Adsense ads over this. If your site is incomplete then it’s become more chances that your site shows irrelevant ads and its decrease your website’s user experience.

5.Avoid using images after ads

Google policy don’t allow you to ad over images. It’s also look good that Google Ads don’t come with images. As per the latest news it’s a good norm to use but Google policy don’t allow this. And in the long run, Google can ban your website due to this type of practice. And if your ads or Google account got banned it’s very hard to approve again.

6.Try to place the right image

You should maintain the ratio of images and ads on your page. If you feel it’s going too much than you should place the image on the optimal side. Ads have a chances to click which is places above the fold but you should check it will not be so high.

7. Ads should not be on affiliate sites.

If you are the owner of affiliate site then you should avoid placing your Google Adsense ads on that type of website. As according to Google policy you should avoid affiliate site for maximization of profit. Everybody knows that affiliate sites give you maximum profit but Google policies are against to add your ads over these sites.

8.Regular Updated Site

Google and other search engine loves those sites which are regular updated. If you create a website which is not updated from a long time then you should avoid using Google Adsense Ads over this website. As the user also loves new information and updates and also wants to visit such site and if your website gone in sleep mode then evens a regular visitor will stop to come on that website. It will stop your website traffic and regular earning.

9. Ads should be Complimentary

Ads which are showing over your website should be optimal and complimentary according to your website. A good website’s ads should have a measurement of 336*280 as they are also recommended by the Google too. You should also avoid the too large or too small ads over your website can also decrease your user experience and you can also face any penalties from search engine.

10. Aware about Google Updates and Algorithm

You should also aware with the Google Search engine updates and algorithms because these algorithms can also impact over your website. If they impact on your website then you should follow the norms of the Google algorithm system otherwise search engines can throw out your website from their index and it will be very harmful for your website.

May 4, 2015 at 7:33 pm

I love your materials. subscribe to me also.

Is it OK to put ADS below post title? Is it right according to AdSense policy? Thanks for the information.

May 9, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Adsense dont have any guideline to place the ad unit under post title, so you can place it there too. But make sure the number of ads on a single page should not exceed the maximum number of ads on a page.

December 13, 2016 at 6:42 am

Often visit your blog, this post arose some new ideas to Adsense bloggers. Since from 2 months my Adsense income was dropped will try your points. Liked all the points. Keep share your knowledge.

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