How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO

WordPress Images Optimization – For SEO And Unlimited Traffic

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Today you will learn about optimization of wordpress Images. This is very important question which is generally asked that how to optimize wordpress images for Traffic and SEO. Images always give an attractive look to our blog post so that maximum users can attract towards our blog post. Sometime your images perform well in search engine then the text written over your blog and its posts. That’s why a great post always needs a great image. That’s why every blogger use images you can take our example too we include many screenshots in our blog post.

How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO

How to Optimize WordPress Images for Traffic and SEO

Images are as important as our Meta tags like eye-catchy title tag, description tag and others. You can’t deny the importance of Images as it is very important to improve the user experience. Many search engine update are also recommend the website owners or bloggers to use an optimized images in your blog.

Ohhhhhhhh…..what is this word coming from our discussing which is named as “optimization”. You can optimize the website or blog for seo but today you will let to know how to optimize wordpress Images for traffic and seo.

Without wasting our time, we are going to start our article about the optimization of wordpress images for search engine. Here are many concepts which you can do to make your images search engine friendly which I am going to explain you step by step. They are as follows:

  1. Try to Give Related Name Of The Image

Many people upload the image just after download it from the internet. Means if you download any image from the internet, then try to give it a proper name which should be much related to your blog post. Most of the blogger use “image001.jpg” etc name for their images but we should avoid those names because it not looks like professional and related name. A related name will helpful in optimizing wordpress images for traffic and seo.

For example if you are making an image for SEO and paste a girl pic in that image then it should be with the name of seo instead of girl. You also use hyphens instead of blank spaces. Always try to give related name or add related keyword in the name of image as like we add niche keyword in the blog content.

  1. Reduce the file size of the image

This is first point you should do for optimization of the images. You have to reduce the file size of the images as it reduces the speed of your web page and it will be harmful for your reader and SEO. If your page load in less time than it will harm your search engine ranking and reduce the user experience of your website. Page speed and load time make a bad impression among user as no one want to wait for the images to load and if it take too much time then user hit the back button and get out from your website.

Actually when we discuss with the wordpress option and internal working then we come to know that wordpress firstly load the original image then resize it with the defined image size in HTML and CSS which can be large or small. For this any browser have to load large image first and then resize it in small size, so it take a huge time and increase the load time of the page.

Solution -: For solution, you have to optimize the image before placing it in the blog post. It has so many software for compressing the size of the images without compromising it’s quality. If you have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop then you can compress your image with photoshop web option. I use photoshop for compress and editing of our images. File size reduction is very important to know while we are going to understand how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo.

You can use many softwares like “JPEGmini”, “JPEG Image compression”, “ACDsee Photo Manager software” etc. which is available for download on your pc. These softwares is hard to understand in first look but when you start working with these then you will easily handle them. I use jpegmini and ACDsee photo manager too. You can download them and use it offline on your laptop or pc. You also have many options to compress the image online too.

  1. Add proper tags like Alt

When you are going to add any image in your blog post then you have to add all the tags properly on your image. It is most important to add all the tags like alt and title tag when we look for the SEO prospective.

We can recognize any just by seeing it but when we talk about search engine then their way of working is very different. Search engine is a machine and in this age when search engine unable to recognize any image only after reading it then search engines takes help of the tag which they added with the image tag. Most of the search engines are just text based and unable to understand the image. All the tags like “ALT” and “Title” help the search engine bot to identify the image and its name.

Pictures take too much time to load but if they don’t load then it shows the alt tag instead of images. But if the images don’t have all the tag over the image and due to blank spaces, user will not understand what the image all about.

  1. Image Formats Makes An Impact.

If you want to maintain the quality of the image and the website load time then you have taken care of the image format too because a single image become various sizes when it convert its format into various formats. Image format is very important for understanding how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo. We are going to discuss some common formats for uses like

Jpeg – Used when we are working to add a photograph

Png – This format commonly used for some pictures in which you don’t want to show some portion like background. In this format we use banner, logos etc.

Gif – This format is use for banners which have animation etc.

  1. Add A Caption Too

Caption makes more attractive to the images. So try to add a relevant caption to the image. Adding a caption is also a part to know how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo.

Final Words

Now you have properly understood how to optimize wordpress images for traffic and seo. Many people who wish to make money online from his blog then it will become your key of success because many affiliate networks and even Google Adsense need a fast opening blog and website which has a very fast speed in opening. For a better page speed you need to consider about the optimization of your images so that you can increase your page speed.

If you follow above steps then you will certainly get a very good page speed and get a better user experience. It will increase your blog visibility among user and search engines. If you like our blog then you can share us among your various social networks. Thank you.

Apart from image optimization, I would suggest using of CSS effects instead of images, for shadowing and other visual effects. This would reduce the page content size very much, improve SEO of your website and thus bring more traffic to your website. Also, it would be much better for your WordPress website, if you use WordPress hosting from SEO point of view.

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