How To Sell Your Photos Online In India With Shutterstock

In the online world of computer, it now becomes so easy to make money online by various things. We have earlier discussed many ways like Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and many other ways. But if you are a professional photographer or love to do photography and like to take some amazing pictures of this world then you can also have various options to earn unlimited money online. In this article we will discuss various ways to know how to sell your photos online in india with shutterstock and tell you what you must learn before selling the photos online and make money online.

In this method, if you are a professional photo editor or you can draw some perfect images which can become useful to various audiences then you can earn unlimited money by various platforms of the internet. Today we will discuss about shutterstock which specially work for images and provide a great way for selling photos online and make money online.

How To Sell Your Photos Online In India With Shutterstock

How To Sell Your Photos Online In India With Shutterstock

There are many agencies over internet that sells your creativity and lots of other works in the form of photos over internet and provide you a handsome amount of money with just a little commission. I found many too in which some good and some bad but today I am going to share some important things so that you can earn money online with shutterstock. So without wasting more time, we are going to start our concept how to sell your photos online in india with shutterstock.

Steps To How To Sell Your Photos Online In India With Shutterstock

  1. Copyrighted and Copied issues for selling the images

You must properly assure that the photo you are going to sell on shutterstock or any other platform for make money online should not be copyrighted or any copied. Make sure properly about that photo that it is created by you or if it is created by some other then you have all the right to use it. Some Newbie blogger just start selling photos for fun without knowing how to sell your photos online in india, but this is not fun to sell photos because if you upload any copyrighted image then you can be sued by the owners and it can destroy your career in the selling.

For starting you career in a genuine way, you have to take HD camera and capture the nature in your way and then you have to upload them. It will give you some valuable pictures which you can upload on various platforms and sell to various persons to make money online.

  1. Choose A best Agency For Selling

Before posting you unique photos to any website, you should choose your agency or website very carefully as this is the basic step for selling the photos. Before choosing them, you can read some reviews about that agency and if you found it genuine and high paying then you can proceed. We generally recommend shutterstock as I am also using it from a long time and selling some of my creativity. I recommend it also for its wide range of buyers means it has many buyer which regularly visit over it and you will also get many feature too over it. You can also upload your image in many formats too like Jpeg, png, gif too. You can promote your image by adding 1 minute video too.

For alternate ways, you can make money online by selling your pictures over,, GettyImages or Corbis too for more and more sale. You can make your own website too for selling your image but before making you have to search the right niche and can proceed with your blog. But in that phase you have to optimize images for wordpress too.

  1. Register with that Agency

After choosing the right agency, you have to make your profile on that website with the registration process. You have to register on these websites like ShutterStock with email and password and your first name and last name. You should try to complete it before proceed means you should fill all the profile detail before uploading your images like website, your social media profiles, your ids, your payment details etc. You have to add your id proof too in your profile when you are going for signup.

Just sign up and going in and register first on the website and then confirm your email id and after confirm click on image at the very first box and upload the scanned copy of your id proof and also upload your recent post. Shutter also help in knowing that how to sell your photos online in india with shutterstock.

  1. Requirement of an Network like shutterstock for selling images online 

Many networks like shutterstock has many requirement to be fulfill regarding the uploading the image on their website. You should aware of these requirements before uploading your image over the shutterstock like image agencies. When we talk about the shutterstock, it only accepts the image which should be less than 4 MB. For filling any requirement over shutterstock

  1. Accepted the Image Whats next?

If you uploaded your unique photo over any image agency like Shutterstock then it will surely accept your images. Now it’s your turn started now because uploading is not enough for real work starting. Try to capture more photos and try to make more innovative photos and upload them regularly. Your photos will be sold continuously if you upload regularly. If you images is accepted by shutterstock then there will not as great as it is for better start in knowing how to sell your photos online in india with shutterstock.

It is always recommended that don’t become foolish and never stop uploading if some photo accepted by shutterstock.

You can read how to make money online with YouTube.

  1. If Rejected by Shutterstock ?

It is generally a problem with the shutterstock type networks that they try to maintain the quality of images so for maintaining the quality they reject many images to upload. If some of your images rejected by shutterstock then don’t worry about it as you have many alternate options too where you can upload your unique and quality images and can promote it.

  1. Promote your photos for selling as much as you can

There are many photos even millions of photos are selling daily then why can’t your photos be sold. Selling photos online is normally depending on promotion of your photos. If you also want to sell your photos online then you should properly promote them over various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Reditt, Linkedin etc and many more.

Promotion of your photos can be very great over various social media platforms. Promotion can boost your sales and your profit. So try to promote them regularly by various ways too like paid campaign, affiliate networks etc. You can know how to sell your photos online in India with shutterstock.

What kind Of images have more number of sales?

There is much kind of images which have many sales over the shutterstock but you should only use those type of image on which you can regularly upload the images. Suppose you best in making the images like portfolio of any person for modeling etc. and you see that baby image has more sales then you should not come in uploading the baby images.

For SEO and online promotion too it is very important that you should choose only that niche which is according to your niche. You should also try to add your niche keyword in the post with description and with eye-catchy and attractive title tag. Now we are try to tell you some niche which have more sales on shutterstock.

  1. Portrait Photos -:

    portrait photos has more sales according to other niche photos. Many people selling some type of portrait and making money online unlimited. You can upload some portrait of your near and dears which can be captured of public too.

  2. Miscellenous Types -:

    You can also boost your sales as these items are having more sales like tabletop Photos, Travel, Illustration which is in vector, Landscape, 3D Images and rendered etc.

Final Words -:

There are many ways to earn money over internet and make a huge amount of money but the need is only to execute them. You can also share you techniques for online earning and make money. You can promote your images over various Social Medias and share with your friends and families. If you like this post on how to sell your photos online in india with shutterstock then you can write a comment too.

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