How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engines

How To Rank Your Website In Search Engines

Today we are going to tell you how you can improve keyword ranking or how to rank our website in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is most asking question among blogger and not even in blogger but all website owner ask this that “how to improve the search engine ranking?”

Every blogger need to improve their search ranking in the search engine. Blog owner also feels motivated with higher ranking in the search engine. With the help of this post, I am going to describe some tips and tricks which are helpful in improve keyword ranking. Before starting these tips, I have a suggestion for your blog that you should check your keyword position before starting to implement these techniques to improve keyword ranking in search engines. You can check it manually or by many tools.

How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engine

How To Improve Keyword Ranking In Search Engine

So before wasting more time, we are coming to our topic which is how to improve the keyword ranking in search engine.

How To Increase Your Website Ranking in Search Results

As the question is very big to answer that how to improve your website ranking in search results. I have decided to answer this question in two parts in which one part will helpful improving your website internally it is known as On-page SEO Techniques and second part will boost your website externally which is known as Off-page SEO Techniques.

In the first part, we will discuss about On-Page SEO techniques -:

Tip 1st -: Add niche Keyword to Your Blog Post and Media

As I earlier post about this topic that how you can add niche keywords to your blog post, so it is very important to improve the search ranking of our post. You should not add your keywords in such a way that it look as a keyword stuffing for user and search engine. Today again I want to tell you that you can add related keywords too in your blog post as it increase the search value of your blog post and you will get more and more traffic from search engines but remember one thing that search engine is very smart these days and can identify your cheap keyword stuffing so you should avoid stuffing of your keywords.

Suggestion From the owners :

1. As I personally think that you should maintain a 2% to 3% of your keyword placement in the content of your website. It include all the related keywords too as we can’t under-estimate the power of search engine.

2. When placing your keyword try to put it in first paragraph and last paragraph both.

3. You should also try to put a image in the content and when you writing the alt tag of that image then you can place your keyword in the alt tag and name of the image too. Generally when a picture capture then it is by default with some number like image001, DCIM0011 etc. but you should rename it with keyword friendly name.

Recommend :- You can check our post which is about how to place the keyword in the blog post.

Tip 2nd -: Internal Linking

I have done many posts which describe many things about internal linking like meaning and benefits, effective internal linking etc. But when we talk about search engine ranking improvement then it became more effective when you work with internal linking and do it effectively. It is the only source which can give you a safest backlink for your blog and website as you know very well how your website is working and how it is performing day by day in search engine. You can also check many benefits of internal linking on our previous posts.

Suggestion From the Mirchi Bloggers :

1. While making internal linking take care of the related post linking only. It means if you are linking one post to another then those two posts must be related with each other. Don’t try to make irrelevant contents. You should not link the post about adsense with your travel related content.

2. Do not include only new posts means if you are writing a post then you should add some links of new posts and some links of old posts in the blog. Try to use some different-2 anchor texts.

3. Don’t include so much internal linking suddenly in any post which is ranking or vice versa means don’t link the page suddenly which is losing its rank in search engine. It can harm your website and it can lose the ranking.

Tips 3# Write an Eye-catchy title tag

I have written a complete post which told you how to write an eye-catchy title tag and which precautions you can take while writing an eye-catchy title tag. But now I am going to tell you a quick review about title tag.

Suggestion And Tips From Us :

1. Try to make a keyword friendly title tag and add some targeted keywords only. It means if you want to target “Make money online with your blog” then try to write full text as title tag instead of “make money online” only.

2. You can use some psychological and actionable words like updated, step by step guide, content e-book etc for more ranking. These words are preferred by search engine most.

3. You should keep your title tag in upto 57 character many person says to me that this limit is upto 60 words but I personally think that it is upto 57 words so you should keep your title tag in between 57 character including your domain. In the search engine it shows in 512 pixel but many time it decrease in 57 words only. So you should try to limit your title tag in 57 characters.

Now we are going to read some Off page Techniques for improving Keyword position or website ranking in search engines.

Off Page SEO Techniques For Website Ranking

Tip 4# Share In Social Media Networks

Everyone know the power of social media networks, that how they can perform and how they can make or destroy any brand in this world. But it is always a controversy in the issue that search engine rank those websites of not which have good social sharing or not. You surely can improve your ranking in SERP through social media. You can get maximum related traffic from the search engine which can give you more domain authority and helpful in social shares. Crazy thing is this that you can freely promote your website and blog over social media.

Valuable Tips For You -:

1. There is many tools in the market which can automatically share your blog post among all the search engine when you published them. I never used any but many of my friends who are on very top of the blogging are regularly using them. You can use them too.

2. You should also use social shares post with your every blog post, it allow visitors to share your content. If it look bad for your blog to use all the networks buttons then you can use main 5-6 networks only like facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, Pinterest etc.

3. You can also share with many social bookmarking sites which can give more and more re-shares and referral traffic too. You can use Triberr for building some relationships. I generally think and hear that if you want good position in SERP then you need good link backup.

Tip 5# Commenting Over various Niche Blog Through Blog Commenting

This is a wonderful part which many blogger love to do as this is wonderful to make comment over various niche blogs. You can also find some blogs which is already enabled Keywordluv and Commentluv which can enable you to put a link too. Before comment you should also read some guideline too of the blog. If your blog comment is not approving then you can follow some techniques too by which your comment will approve soon just click here for approving your blog comments. If you comment on various niche blog for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

Some Techniques From Owners -:

1. Don’t try to put any spammy or irrelevant comment over any blog. You should put a niche blog post so that it can improve search ranking of your blog.

2. Try to give indexed with Google as faster by Blog commenting. It is secret which you can know only on our blog. After publish your any blog post, try to check same keyword which you want to target in search engine. If you post is not showing it means your blog-post is not indexed, then you can do work for indexing.

Then you can search for top 5 blogs and check whether their post content is relevant for your post or not. You can also check whether other commenting on that post or not and is that website enable the Commentluv and Keywordluv enables blog. Then you can give comment over it and you should also give your latest blog-post link only instead of home page. But you just take care to know which type of backlink you found means whether you getting no-follow or do-follow link.

Tip 6# Guest Blog Posting

Guest blogging is good technique for taking a quality backlink. Some people say that it is going dead but it is misconception as guest blogging never goes die. But from the year 2014 it is reducing over blogs. But you should read guest post guidelines before posting any content on any website or blog because every blog has a different guideline for guest posting. Guest blogging is very useful for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

Tip 7# Make A Proper Content

When you create any content over any other website for making any backlink or for any work of off-page technique then you should give it a new look. Do you ever seen Shinchan or Zoo-zoo cartoon. They wear same costume in every cartoon serial. What you realize from these cartoon, they present different in every cartoon serial. So you also do same thing with your content which you create over any third party website. Presenting content is very necessary for improving keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines.

You should a proper content strategy for your backlinks technique which will be helpful in making your blog a quality blog among users.

Advice for your Content Marketing Strategy For A Different Process -:

1. For making a better content strategy, you can convert you post into a attractive and eye-catchy video which you can upload at Youtube and give a link to your blog post. It will attract lots of users towards your website. You can also earn with Youtube.

2. You can also make a power point presentation too which should contain very few slides. It will give you more and more customers attention. You can upload it at slideshare and lots of customer will approach you through slideshare.

With these tactics, you can also use many other factors for improve keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines. These tips are not necessary every time but when you want to improve your keyword positioning in search engines then these methods become more necessary.

1. Mobile Friendly Website

2. Increase the page speed of your website

3. Updated Posts

4. Follow Link Building Strategies

5. Try to target Long Tail keywords

6. Try to write easy language but should be correct in grammar and spelling.

Final Words -:

Following these tips and techniques make you to improve keyword ranking in search engine and helpful in rank your website in search engines. You can follow all these and it will give a boost in ranking.

Rahul Joshi
May 6, 2015 at 3:02 am

Wow i like your blog and its post about how to improve keyword ranking in search engines like google and yahoo. It actually helped me to know more deep about keywords and helpful to know more and more about the ranking factors of keywords with these info. Actually i am looking these information over many sites but feeling disappoint. Appreciate it and i will bookmark you blog too.

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