How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

Today we will learn how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog. You will be happy to see a new e-mail from your affiliate network “Affiliate Sale has done – You have earned a new commission” but when you don’t received this type of e-mail then you feel bad about the network as you are working continuously but not receiving any good commission. It’s not only decreases your motivation to work with that network but also decrease your motivation to work as blogger too. You will feel great if you get any sales and got some commission from the networks.

How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

I feel very happy to see this kind of emails like “Affiliate Sale – You have earned a new commission”. I generally make money online with affiliate marketing while I sleep at night. If you have not made any sales yet then I understand what feeling you feel about that you are working hard on the affiliate marketing and you are not getting any sales.

I am working with affiliate networks from last one year and experience a lot with many activities for generating some sales and getting commission. If you are working with affiliate and not getting any sales yet then you don’t worry about the sales as I feel and experience a lot and today I am going to share some tips to increase your affiliate sales from your blog. Today I am going to share some tips about how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog by which you can really get advantage. These tips are also helpful for those who are working with affiliate networks and not getting so many leads and sales, they can increase their sales through these tips.

We are going to describe you 9 tips on which you work and get to know how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog. These tips and techniques are as follows:

  1. Choose a right Product Of Affiliate

According to me, this is very important for anyone who wants to start their work and make money online with affiliate sales. You should choose the right product of affiliate marketing before starting the promotion of that product and writing any article with it. You should choose only a product which should be related with your niche. It can be understand by a simple example like a health related blog don’t have affiliate product like web hosting and any software related affiliate so we have to carefully choose our product for affiliate marketing.

If you don’t choose the product of related niche then I many time experience that it will get less sales as compare to choose a right niche. We are giving you some tips to choose a right product of affiliate product.

  1. Try to take an overview of your competitor’s blog, those blog will be one of the very first guide to know what strategy they are following on their blog. You can get to know what product or services they are promoting on their blog and website. Competitor’s guide is very helpful to know how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.
  2. You can take help with google too because for finding right and effective products of affiliate marketing, it is now a days become more effective. If you have technology related blog then you can search the term like “Tech related affiliate products”, it will surely help you to search how to make your first affiliate sale from the blog
  3. You can join some other networks like Cj(commission junction), vcommission, click bank etc too for finding a good and relevant promotional products for promotion.
  4. You can also build some connection and can discuss with them but always try to discuss with experts, and be like you are a new bie in front of them.

Once you have selected the right product, you should also research about it in the reviews and queries too so that you can get to know more about that product and services more. But I generally suggest using it before promotion. Choosing a right product is always helpful in starting your sales and let to know how to start with your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

  1. You can use “how to” and “list of” Posts

After select the product which we want to promote you should write the post which should be related with the product we want to promote. This is also an interesting point which you can consider while writing the post for it. Containing these words has a good popularity among the user as they always search with the words list and how to. Post start with how to and list of is very affective as you can see the title of our blog “how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog” it is also start with how to.

We can understand it with an example that if we are going to promote the any offer from affiliate about hostgator about the creating a website with hostgator then I use this suggestion tool and get some results like below image.

How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

You can pick any of them for making your campaign like “how to create a website through hostgator” so you can get some related terms too with your particular terms and can choose from various option but google search only give u result only for most popular results. In that case, you can take help of the characteristics of the product you are going to sale.

You can take my example I just want to work with a plugin which is very necessary for affiliate marketers named as Author Review Plugin but many of my friend who are new and even the experts don’t know about it so I just use some of my mind and when I write the eye-catchy title tag then I don’t mention the plugin name in your blog and I have just written the problem and I got the huge traffic. It will become a win-2 situation for me.

  1. Give Own Reference With Box/Button

You can give your own reference with call to action box/button. Call to action use to encourage your readers to make an action for your readers. You can add an action box or call to action box in the blog post. You can add it in the end or middle of the blog post. You should use the only that affiliate product which must be highly related with your content. Many blogger are using these boxes with their blog posts. For getting more user attention, you can also use Hellobar on the header of the blog post or your blog. You can give the reference box as it is helpful in know how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

  1. Write The Review Post

Writing a review post is one the amazing method for getting your first affiliate sales, but always remember don’t write a review post only for getting a affiliate sales, but you can expet some or many sales from the review posts. My affiliate sales experience says that affilaite sales are always attract with a solid reviews of the product. Many time we use promotional speech but we should always write you own words because user who are reading the review will always attract your simplicity not your hard core spellings. You should write a good review in your own words.

I use some tips for my sales which I am giving you a breif explainion to you.

  1. Try to write in your words
  2. Mention and share your personal experience of the product.
  3. Try to mention every cons and pros of the targeting services/product and find right niche.
  4. Try to give add niche keywords like all problem, review, price etc for more traffic and take benefit of seo..
  5. Try to give the rating and a solid reasons for using and not using.
  6. You can also give promo offer like cashback by which any user can get a discount over the product.

Remember only one thing don’t write a review post only for search engine, write your post for users who can also buy them. You can also use that product about which you writing your review because if you use that product manually then you can able to write every pros and cons of the product/services. If you want to write a review then you can also tell it the owner of the product and can ask for a trail copy so that you can use it. Witing a good review will helpful in understanding and let to know how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

  1. Add Affiliate Links In the Post

This is also a important point for every blogger who are eager to get his first affiliate sale that he can also include affiliate link on the blog post which we are writing. You can also add the link of affiliate network in your blog post. We always work on the affilate review product link instead of product landing page link. We should always give a link to our product review page but with this we have to give the affiliate marketing network link too. It will divert customer to the network page by two method in which one is direct from this post and one via product review post. I always use both the links of affiliate and my review link together so that I get maximum traffic. Adding a good affiliate link will increase the chance to understand how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

Adding Affiliate Link For Starting Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

Adding Affiliate Link For Starting Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale In India From The Blog

  1. Promote via Email And Subscription List

You can also promote your review page and product via your strong email list because many people don’t don’t your website regularly but they check their mail box regularly even multiple times in a day. So it will be quite beneficial for you that you can promote your brand to which you are promotion started.

Email list can be build by the subscription box of your website and blog. You can add this box in your website sidebar and you will get a lot of emails through this. Email list and its promotion also very helpful in long term and you can start it even with a single email list. Mailchimp, Aweber and Google feedburner also help to make email list and can send them multiple emails for your new posts. Email and subsription list are proper so you can expect start with your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

  1. Try Banners in header and sidebar

While you are working on your blog and unable to do your fist affiliate sales this is one of your best startegy which you can follow and can make your first affiliate sale in a very less time and earn unlimited with continuous sales. You can add some a banners which is related with your blog. Remember one thing in your mind that never use two competitior in a same blog post means if you are writing a post about the hosting with hostgator then use the banner and sidebar only for hostgator not bluehost. It will always confuse the user which product is best for purchase and it will also not give you your first affiliate sale. Always try to use banner in a page which is quite related not competitors. Banner with affiliate link is very helpful and give some experience in how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

  1. Give Cashback And Special Offer

This is the easiest way which is always attract many customers and user who are reading because everyone need some discount on their purchase and if you provide any coupon code and and special offers like cashback then they will surely can purchase that product via your coupon code. A human has mantality that if he get something cheaper then the market price then if he need a little then he can surely purchase that.

When any person see some coupon and special offer then they surely search for that offer in the search engine and if they like it then purchase it. It will become your win-win situation that they get their discount and you will get commission on that.

Sometime you will also get huge sale which will be continuous by nature if your coupon code become viral among users or over search engine and you will get continuous sales too. This is also a method by which many coupon website earning thousands of money daily. Lots of blogger who are working on their own blog and it ranking highly don’t write posts about the coupon codes but with my many blogs I analysis that there are lots of sales you can do with you’re a single code without losing your website ranking and value. It is helpful in knowing how to do your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog

We have some tips to write some coupon post on the blog.

  1. Try to write some post title which is eye-catchy and trending which should be simple.
  2. Try to write a simple description with your title.
  3. Share and give the latest coupon code on the top and end of the blog post.
  4. You can also encourge other persons who is visiting at your blog to click on the copoun code. You can also use DRP coupon plugin too for some new encouragement.
  5. You can also share links over social media networks too so that people can get to know about your post.

If you think that how you will get the codes of the coupon then you can read continuously after this. Many affiliate networks give you opportunity to create a coupon code with customization. You can also talk with product owners to give you a custome coupon code for your readers. You can also generate special codes too on the special offers like black Friday, birthdays, Any festival like diwali, eid and any cyber Monday etc. These special offers can also share on your blog post and home pages etc.

  1. Use Different Product

You can also promote other products after use but there is not necessary to use every product. But I have a suggestion to you that you should only use those product which have same niche type like you are writing hostgator review then only use hosting related tools. Don’t use any health related products over hosting related products and services. Don’t only limited with lots of product or small number of product. You can also promote popular products too.

Final Words

Today I have shared many ways by which you will surely get your first affiliate sales. You can share your experience too with us if you have already get your first sales that how much efford you have done for getting that. One more suggestion, I can give that affiliate marketing needs time its not a magic stick by which you get instant sale. You will never get a quick success on your marketing success of affiliate. Now you can properly understand and learned a lot about how to start your first affiliate marketing sale in India from the blog.

If you like our post then you can surely share this post over various social media platform. I got my first sale in first 7 month so you should be focus over your goal and target and you will surely get success.

i want to start affiliate marketing it is very helpful post for me Thanks for sharing with us keep up it
Have a nice week ahead.

October 1, 2015 at 6:04 pm

great article ,thanks for sharing

naveen dagar
May 7, 2016 at 2:10 am

usefull information bro thnx for sharing

July 21, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Wow.. Very detailed article you have shared on How To Start Your First Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing one thing that can make you millionaire if it can be done properly.. You have mentioned process by which any one can start affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing.

Really a great post and all the points are great for affiliate marketing and of immense help for newbie blogger

September 2, 2016 at 3:40 am

Affiliate Marketing is one the best and quickest way to make money online, after adsense. Am a full time indian blogger, but never tried any affiliate product. Reason searching for the best niche which suitable to my knowledge. Now, am starting a fresh new blog complete on affiliate marketing on web hostings. The tips are really helpful will surely implement to promote the referral banners in my blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


I am wajahat ali from Pakistan, I am doing SEO from long time. Just jump in to affiliate marketing, but in Pakistan there is no batter payment methods can people can use to buy products. SO I want to do international affiliate marketing. have you any ideas ?

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