Top 5 Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning

Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning

We are going to tell you best and top 5 cost per click(CPC) and pay per click(PPC) which is known as india’s top 5 ad network for online earning with click base program over internet.

Best Pay per Click and cost per click (PPC/CPC) Networks :-

While over internet many person ask me about the best PPC and CPC Networks over the internet which pays higher. In the internet world many person have fear with their previous experience and they want some genuine company which actually pays.

Today we will study some PPC/CPC networks which not only pays higher amount but also highest payout in the digital world. CPC refers to cost per click and PPC refers to pay per click. If you have any blog or website then you can apply for these networks. After a review over your website and blog, they approve you for their account. Website owners can earn a lot from these networks if they follow their guideline and protocols on their website. Now a day Pay per click (PPC) and cost per click (CPC) are very effective as direct advertisement is very difficult to get from the companies.

Top 5 Best Ppc And Cpc Ads Network For Online Earning

Top 5 Best Ppc And Cpc Ads Network For Online Earning

You can apply for those online earning networks if you have some good amount of traffic with some good quality traffic. Now without wasting more time, i am going to tell you best networks of CPC and PPC.

Best Pay per click and Cost per click (PPC/CPC) Networks

Here are some of the Top 5 Best PPC And CPC Ads Network For Online Earning mentioned you can check it :-

  1. Google Adsense:-

Google Adsense is one of the best and high paying CPC/PPC network in the world. Blogger generally loves to apply and get approve from Google Adsense. If your website has some quality and organic traffic with some good quality posts then you can apply for Google Adsense. Google adsense has many advertisers who pay regularly to the Google. You can also take care of some precaution before apply to the account in google adsense.

You have to write unique content and avoid copying any content from any website over internet. You can check the duplicate content of your website too.

After deducting a certain percentage of revenue, they pay us the rest of the amount. Google is a bid based network which pays us according to CPC and RPM networks. Google shows the ads according to the content of the website. It has display and search network which shows ads according to website and advertiser. You can visit for some tips of success in Adsense.

Google Terms as per their policies-

  1. Minimum 6 months age of the domain
  2. Should not be ad friendly website.
  3. Good and quality content
  4. Should not be insufficient content.

About Google Adsense –

  1. Highest CPC rates as compare to other
  2. Display and search network
  3. Shows ads as per content of website
  4. User friendly interface
  5. Minimum 100$ payout
  6. Responsive ads
  7. Payment via check, Pay pal, Wire transfer


According to me, is one of the best CPC and PPC network and known as a wonderful Google ad program alternative. is also known as highest paying ad network and comes under the top 10 highest paying website in CPC/PPC. Media Ads is a contextual ads service which provide you search ads and only in text format. is combined venture of Yahoo and Bing. In my personal view, I always prefer you as I thing that it is wonderful and great competitor of Google Adsense ads program. There is some Restriction for applying this account which have to keep in mind for starting the earning with Media.Net which is as follows -:

  1. Blog and Website should be 6 Month old.
  2. No display Ads
  3. Blog and Website must have U.S. traffic.
  4. Necessary traffic will be high traffic.
  5. Good Quality Content.

Advantage of

  1. Best alternative of Google Adsense
  2. Less inquiry then Media.Net
  3. Net and Google Adsense can be run on same website.
  4. Show only well targeted
  5. 250$ is minimum payout.
  1. Infolinks

Now a day’s Infolinks is known as the best alternative which we can choose for CPC/PPC earnings. This is the platform which provides you earning on the basis of pay per click (PPC). When you apply for Infolinks they manually check your website and after review they provide you a account details on your registered mail id. They show their ads on the content which you given on your website and display them as a link. They put the link on the content of the website content and when user click over the link made by Infolinks then he will redirect to link page. They normally check the content of your website and approve you approx. maximum 24 hours.

They give you a code which you can place in your website and when your site will be live it will start earning. You can add these tags into your body tag and it will show ads on the page of your website.

Important Information about Infolinks

  1. Average account approval restriction.
  2. If you have a content base website then you easily get that.
  3. You get many tag cloud which you can add in your site.
  4. Minimum Payout Is approx. 50$.
  5. You can give your pay pal id and wire transfer.
  1. Bidvertiser -:

According to me if when we talk about the age then I think that bidvertiser is very old company which is paying a very high CPC and PPC. When you are disappoint with and google adsense then you can apply for Bid-vertiser as it can easily provide you an account and pays you a high amount. But we can tell you as Bid-vertiser don’t have so many advertisers like and google adsense so it doesn’t pay like Google and yahoo but after that it pays a good amount. Its CPC can go approx. 0.02$ to 2$.

Here is some information about Bidvertiser

Easily approval

You can apply if you are disappointed with And Google Adsense

Less restriction

Good pay out

Payout at only 10$ via check and paypal

  1. Chitika -:

I think it is one the most popular website in CPC and PPC as it’s also pays a good amount of money and it can be a best alternative of It also provides contextual text ads. When you apply for a account and they approve you then they give you a code which you can put in your website and then the ads will display automatically.

Tips for Chitika Ads

  1. Very less restriction likes bidvertiser and pays higher amount with it.
  2. You can add your code with Adsense and code on same website.
  3. Its payout is less then Google but after that it’s a competing with all major ad networks.
  4. Minimum Payout is 10$ too as per bidvertiser.

I have mentioned some ad networks here which you can use for monetize your blog. You can opt them according to you. I am mentioning some others too

  1. Clicksor

  2. Exit Junction

  3. Tribal Fusion

  4. Sitescout

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