Seo Basics For Beginners For Traffic & Website Ranking

Basics of Seo For Beginners For Traffic And Website Ranking

Today we are going to tell you many techniques by which you can let you know some basics of Seo by which you can boost some online presence over internet and helpful in boosting the traffic and website ranking in search engines. Only writing a good content over your blog is not sufficient but you should also focus on seo. We are going to tell you some basic of seo for beginners for traffic and website ranking in various search engines.

seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking

seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking

What is seo?

SEO is a short form of search engine optimization and as its name suggest, it is process of optimizing you website in various search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. if we understand it in simple words then we can say this it is continuous process of improving the website as per user and search engine so that it can comes in the reach of user. We always work for some keyword which will rank in search engine over the period and give us a good traffic which very according to keywords.

There are two techniques by which we optimize our website which is known as two part of seo of the website.

  1. Onpage Seo Techniques
  2. Offpage Seo Techniques

Now we are going to start on page seo technique but I have already written it which you can read here already but after that I give you a brief overview about both the techniques

  1. On Page Optimization

Meaning -: Onpage optimization means those activities which is only affect our page internally it can be by the way of coding, design or look, development etc. means we do some certain changes in our website and its pages so that it can be more friendly according to user and search engine so that we become popular in the eyes of search engine and user.

There are many other activities on which you can work in on-page activities of our web and blog pages and posts. We have shortlisted some of the very unique and affective techniques which are as follows -:

Trending and eye-catchy Title Tag – 

I have written a very post about it you can check here.

Heading tags –

You can also properly use the heading tag like H1, H2, And H3 in the blog post. Don’t stuff too many headings in the post. You can also use bold and italic tag with headings.

Description Tag –

Write a related and most niche friendly description of every page of your website and blog. You can find some good tips for description tag by clicking here.

Keyword Density –

You should maintain the density of your targeted keywords too which should be 2 to 4% according to total words. I always suggest my students and partners working with me can use the keyword in title, description, first paragraph and last paragraph so that search engine easily can rank your keyword. It is most important factor of on page techniques .

Keyword Friendly Url –

You should also add the keyword in the url of the blog post and pages so that if the crawler come to your website then it can easily understand about the niche of your blog post. Stop using blanck spaces in url too.

Sitemap and robots.txt –

You should add the sitemap and robots files for the website so that search engine can properly crawl all the web pages at once and get to know which it should not work and which is available for crawling.

Internal Linking –

I have already written many post about the internal linking like meaning and benefits of internal linking, effective link building and many more. You can learn many internal linking ways by which you can properly manage your blog’s internal linking.

  1. Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization perform a very big role in seo work. While doing link building, we only use off page optimization techniques.

Meanings -: Off page techniques is some kind of methods by which we make our company a big brand. As per my opinion, off page doesn’t last only adding some links from different sites but it is compete method which we should follow step by step.

Many experts just think the off page technique is just work for making thousands of backlink from various website but it is not like that we have to make some quality backlink in backlink of our website as now a days various search engine are more advance and effective towards their search results like google launches Google, Bing, yahoo etc. we create some links is pointing is very good. I has selected and shortlisted some off page techniques which will very useful for you.

  • Directory Submission

Directory submission is also a good method by which you can easily get thousands of backlink from multiple websites. By directory search engine can easily locate your website and blog. Directory has some type like paid, reciprocals and free so you should choose appropriate method which suit you more. Directory submission is most important factor which comes in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

  • Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking site are those site which can give you the opportunity to add content of your website with the link so that it generate a good backlink for your targeting keywords and make good keyword ranking in search engine. Social Bookmarking is most important factor which comes in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

  • Article Submission

This is article submission website and blog where you can post your own written content according to their blog and website content and in written you also get some do-follow and no-follow backlinks too. If they like then they publish the guest post over their network and give you 1 single backlink from bio and article body. There are lots of websites where you can publish lots of your content and can get high quality backlink and thousands of traffic from them. Use only high PR and DA website for some quality backlinks. Article submission gives good quality backlink so we add it in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

  • Forum Posting

This is known and very popular technique for getting a good traffic from various websites which has a huge traffic. You will be amazed to know this fact that forum sites has lakh of traffic daily on their website and blog and lakhs of questions daily posted over these sites. You can now imagine how much traffic you can get from these websites only just after posting your website link over these websites and can get together with persons. Forum Posting comes in important factor which comes in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

  • Question And Answer Sites

This is also like forum but it has a small difference from forum sites that in this type of website you can’t discuss any specific topic. These websites and blogs are just for question any specific and get your answer only. You can’t discuss any topic over these sites but I must these type of websites have a huge fan followers who use them daily too. You can also drop your website link with your answer for reference. You should not use it only for website traffic but it has a special use for spread awareness. Question answer site is also a important factor which comes in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

You can drop your website link for reference purpose only but believe me you will get a huge website ranking and can improve website traffic too. You can take example of Yahoo Answers too.

  • Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also one of the wonderful method for getting traffic but you will get some traffic of your niche website holders and readers. It’s going too much necessary that you drop some comments on your niche websites and blogs so that when people read your comments then they will surely visit your website and blog. One of the main advantage of this type of blogs comments that you can get high number of traffic which is also related with your niche means you will get only targeted traffic. Blog commenting is also give some targeting backlink so we included in important factor so you can know some seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking. You can read why your comments is not approving.

  • Press Release

Press Release has a very wide traffic generation method by which you can generate huge traffic. You can think about the press release as it works same like online newspaper or e-newspaper where you can submit your story too. You just need to write only unique content for posting over press release. Press release is also an important factor which comes in seo basics for beginners for traffic and website ranking.

  • Web 2.0

This is also a good method for taking some high quality backlink from high quality websites. You just need to make content marketing strategy and publish on any high quality free blog by you like, blogger, weebly, tumblr etc. Your content must be high quality to post over so that google regularly hit over these blogs and fetch content and rank as soon as possible. Your great high quality content and content marketing strategy will boost your blog in search engine.

Over To You

You can take help from these seo techniques for ranking your blog and get high amount of traffic. You will love to use all of them, and all of these are completely white hat so don’t you worry about hitting you website from any update of the Google and any other search engines.

Thanks Ashwani for this refresher on SEO
It is very easy form of writing for a newbie like me.
Thanks again!

Nice post
I like it through.
thanks for these tips.

May 16, 2016 at 2:19 am

Thanks for providing informative blog post..! 🙂

August 28, 2016 at 8:13 am

Wow Ashwani,

Really a good article on Seo Basics For Beginners For Traffic & Website Ranking. Its really helpful for beginners to learn about SEO.
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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